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I am so excited, I finally scheduled my...

I am so excited, I finally scheduled my consultation with the surgeon I found after hours and hours, days and days of searching!! He comes highly recommended and the pictures I have seen are amazing!
I have been considering implants for a long time, I have never had large breasts and I finally just decided to take the plunge and do it! My husband is amazing and he is totally with me on this. He told me I am perfect and beautiful just the way I am but he understands why I want to do it. I am training right now for my first figure competition. The competition is on May 10th and I have been training since November 2012!! Needless to say, with all the working out I have even littler breasts! I just want to fill out clothing and feel good about myself. I am tired of going to Mexico and looking around at all the bodies in the bikinis with the amazing breasts! I have the amazing body and I just want the breasts to match! I love my body with one (well, two!) little exceptions! I only wish I would have considered this sooner!! For some reason I didn't even think about actually doing it until recently. Once I got the idea in my head, it was over! It is happening and it can't happen soon enough! It is all I can think about these days (nice distraction from thinking about all the food I cannot eat right now in my training). I won't be able to schedule the surgery until after my competition on May 10th but I am really hoping it can be shortly after the show!! I absolutely cannot wait!!

How long do the surgeons typically wait between the consultation, preop and actual surgery? I am very new to all of this. I am really hoping for nice and round (but not too round!). I am currently a 36B and I really want to go to 36DD or so. Basically a D but I have read a lot about how to go one size bigger because they shrink! I am 5'7, 134 lbs...

Any tips on how to calm my anxiousness? I just want this surgery to be tomorrow but I will have at least 9 weeks to wait!! UGH!!
What is the high profile, low profile, etc? I am confused by a lot of this. I know what I want them to look like but achieving it is going to be difficult! I suppose after i meet with the surgeon (next Thursday!!! 3/21)!!
I have been reading up a lot on this site and I think it is wonderful. I am very excited to share my experiences on here and have all my questions answered, very cool! Thanks for reading and sorry if I bored you!!!
I will post some before pictures soon (UGH)

Just uploaded a picture of our vacation in Cancun...

Just uploaded a picture of our vacation in Cancun from last month. Sigh, no boobs....I absolutely can't wait! I wish I didn't have to wait until after my competition...

Consult went amazing! Dr Leigh was great! We used...

Consult went amazing! Dr Leigh was great! We used the simulation breast sculptor and wow so cool to see the different sizes on my actual body with my actual breasts!! I am going to post the pics of the pics they have me! He decided I could totally pull off 650/750 cc silicone!!! With my body type he said they will look incredible!! I am going to try to post my pics now...

OK...got the pics added! I love love love that...

OK...got the pics added! I love love love that machine....my actual boobies and he showed me all sorts of different sizes and types. I am so happy with how they "look" and while I know they won't be exact I know they will be close!! He was extremely confident with the size for me. He also said that my figure competition will not stand in the way of setting the date for my surgery!! I will most likely be scheduling the 3rd or 4th week of May...give my body a little time to recover from the competition on May 10th and I will need to arrange a couple of days off work. He told me I won't need much time off with how healthy and strong I am...he was amazing and I cannot wait for this surgery....I am on cloud 9!!!!! Oh yeah, and hubs looks at Dr. and says "she is gonna be rocking"...Dr. smiled and nodded his head and said, "yes, she certainly will be!!" He didn't even budge at the size and he suggested it! Told me I will be a full D and DD in some brands/stores! Exactly what I wanted! WOO HOO!!!!!

May 23rd!!! Oh my!! This is happening!!!

May 23rd!!! Oh my!! This is happening!!!

So I contacted my PS office today with the...

So I contacted my PS office today with the following questions...things I forgot to ask in the consultation:

1. What profile was used in my picture. (We discussed this but I didn't know which one we ended up choosing)

2. What type/brand of silicone implant do you use? Warranty?

3. For the pre op...how will my regular doctor get you the results?

4. Post op...I am out of town and will be staying in a hotel, doctor mentioned he would see me the next day. Will that be scheduled?

1. Allergan Natrelle 45-650/45-700. This is high profile silicone round
2. Warrenty is 10 years, including rupture, surgeon fee, anesthesia and cost of ruptured implant. Implant itself has a lifetime warranty
3. They will send me info to take to my regular doctor for the pre op (must be within a week prior to the surgery) and my regular doctor can fax it directly to them
4. They scheduled the post op for the next day (Friday)...then we can hit the road!!

I know I made the right choice with my PS and the facility...I couldn't be happier and more excited!!!

I was so excited to get all my info in the mail...

I was so excited to get all my info in the mail today. All my pre op and post op information. Hotel is booked and I will be paying in full next week just to get it done and over with. I was very impressed with all the information they sent me. Very informative and very professional! Ugh, I seriously don't know how I am going to make it until May 23rd. I did find out I am going with the Allergan Natrelle Style 45 (ultra high profile), silicone, under muscle 650cc/700cc. My pictures show what they will look like....it seems like they would look HUGE but I think they look great!!

SO, scheduled my pre op doctor appointment with me...

SO, scheduled my pre op doctor appointment with me regular doctor here in my home town. The PS office gave me a sheet with everything that needs to be tested/completed within a week prior to the surgery! So, my doctor appointment is on May 16th with surgery being on the 23rd!! I am really nervous to tell my regular doctor though. She really won't be thrilled...any tips on this or how to approach it? Getting excited...the countdown it on!! 47 days...how will I survive???? I do have to say. I am totally convinced on the size and profile. I know I will not be disappointed!

Well...getting closer to my figure competition...

Well...getting closer to my figure competition (MAY 10TH)! Last check I was at 9 % body fat and only 2 lbs from stage weight. I will lose that and then some in dehydration week! Holy cow, I paid for my surgery earlier this week and just got the receipt in the mail! Woo Hoo...next step is DONE. I guess I can't back out now LOL! Anyway, just wanted to give a little quick update! I have enjoyed reading everyones journeys...can't wait until I am "on the other side"!! LOL!!!!

Well my figure competition is right around the...

Well my figure competition is right around the corner...everything is coming in as it should. I am down to 125 lbs and 9% body fat. My trainer thinks we can get it down to 8%! I think I am going to do well! Only 10 more days to go after MONTHS of training, sacrifices and giving up everything! I am so excited for it to be over then I can focus on my surgery!! Yeah! My grandmother passed away yesterday at the age of 89...very sad. I have a funeral to go to on Friday.
Well anyway...sorry that was rambling and not much about my BA!! Haha, nothing new there...still just waiting! Thank goodness I have a lot of other things to keep my mind occupied! I can't believe in less then a month I will have BOOBS.....so excited!!
Thanks for reading! I hope everyone is doing well!!!

Ok, so the figure competition was AMAZING! It was...

Ok, so the figure competition was AMAZING! It was the biggest show ever in Minnesota with over 230 competitors!! Drumroll....I took FIRST in novice, THIRD in beginner and FIFTH in open!!! I couldn't be happier! It was completely amazing! OK, now the competition hangover has set in....NOW TO FOCUS ON SURGERY! Oh my goodness...I have less then 2 weeks! I have a lot of cramming to do. What do I need to get? I can't find any zip front sports bras and isn't it a waste buying them now? Not knowing what size I will end up! I also emailed the doctor...what about prescriptions?? Am I supposed to get them first? Does the PS prescribe them or regular doctor? I have my pre op on Thursday. I have a sheet i have to have my regular doctor fill out and fax to the PS office...not looking forward to it at all! UGH!


Today was my pre op with my regular doctor...I was very nervous but it went really well. My doctor was great, wished me luck and didn't even try to talk me out of it! I am so happy I could scream...
OK, now what? They didn't prescribe me any meds? Was I supposed to ask? Will PS prescribe them?
So excited...I guess I pack this weekend? I am way behind the ball on this!! LOL!

So Close....Meds will be discussed tomorrow....

OK, so I called my doctor on Friday to be sure they faxed the form for the surgery and they did!! I passed the hemoglobin blood test so I am good to go!
Called PS office and the nurse is going to call me tomorrow (Monday) to let me know about the meds... I would like to get them ahead of time as we need to travel about 2 hours for the surgery, will stay overnight in a hotel an then go for the post op appointment on Friday. Thinking that shouldn't be a problem...wouldn't want to be trying to find a pharmacy in a town we aren't familiar with after the surgery...sounds miserable!!
SO, very nervous...am I going too big?? PS assured me that for my frame I will end up a D/DD...that is what I am going for so gotta trust the professional!!

Meds, Supplies.....UPDATE!

OK, spoke to the nurse today. They are calling in my prescriptions tomorrow so I wil have them when we travel for the surgery. We are staying overnight in a hotel on Thursday night after the surgery and then we will go to the post op appt on Friday.....then head home!
She didn't say anything about scrubbing with the anti-bacterial soap but I figure I will start that anyway...what can it hurt ? I still have the protan in the crevices of my skin LOL...going to have to scrub and scrub to get that off. I am afraid they might not do the procedure if I have that on me LOL! It was from my competition...painted on layers and layers of tan!!
My friend (who went to the same surgeon as I am going to) has a "zero gravity" chair and I am either going to borrow her or get one. She said you don't have to use your arms at all to get up and it saved her! She said she actually slept in this chair for 2 weeks after surgery! Anyone else heard of this chair? She also told me to bring ice packs to the hotel for after the surgery...another good tip. She is also a fellow figure competitor and told me IF I rest the entire weekend I will be good to go after that...back to work on Tuesday!
I can't believe it is Monday night and my surgery is at NOON on Thursday! Almost there!!!


Just finalizing everything with my packing. I have all my lists out and just bought a 36D sports bra, front closure. I also borrowed a zero gravity chair from a friend who said she couldn't have lived without it after her BA...
Also purchased our food for the weekend, some magazines, bandinis, Meta-mucil, etc...packed up my daughter for her stay with my in-laws and a friend!
Wow, can't believe tomorrow is the big day. Phew, I have a lot of emotions right now. Wish I had something to calm the nerves!
We need to be at the PS office by 11 AM so we are taking off from home around 9 AM...surgery scheduled for 12:30 PM. Yikes!
I have been thinking about all my buddies who went in today! And to my lovelies who are with me tomorrow.....WOW, WE MADE IT!

Just about to go in

See you all on the other side!!
Just about to go in!!!


The night before surgery day....I actually slept pretty well! I drank water up until right before midnight, finalized a bunch of things and then laid down. Was up about 7 AM ti get my daughter to school and we hit the road at 9 AM...arrived to the surgery at just before 11 AM to go over all the final paperwork. Got right in for the pregnancy test, blood pressure and heart rate tests. It was funny, my resting heart rate was 50 and the doctor told me that is one of an olympic athelete and asked if I work out! LOL, I told him yes and about my show and working out 7x per week, lifting and cardio!! They knew it was going to be a breeze for me!
The anestesilogist came in and let me know what was going to happen and that it would take 20 seconds for me to fall asleep after they administered the drugs. He also told me the PS would be giving me a local anestesia for my breast area that will last 3 days...very nice. Also in the iv was fluid and another drug to control naseua. (excuse my misspellings)...
Well...fell asleep and woke up trying to get out of the bed LOL....the nurse ran over to me and told me to lay still, I had oxygen on as well but felt really good.
They rolled me to recovery, called my husband and asked me how I was doing...all I wanted was water and food!! LOL, they gave me some crackers and water. Weird that the only thing that hurt was my arms! I must have had them in a weird position or something so they gave me a pain pill for the arms and then I felt better.
They wheeled me out and we drove back to the hotel, propped me up and watched TV! I only had to take one muscle relaxer before bed and holy man did that knock me out! Those are strong!! Like I was literally melting into the bed. I did take a couple naps throughout the day after the surgery so it was about 10PM when I took the muscle relaxer and slept until about 3:45 AM..not bad! then got up, went to the bathroom (all on my own, not using my arms!) and laid back down until about 5:30 AM...
Now, we are up...haven't taken any pain killers yet today, going to wait for breakfast and then I will take a couple for good measure so I don't start hurting!
I have my post op today at 1 PM...then the girls will be reveiled! I CANNOT WAIT.
I think they are going to be a great size....
I will post pictures after my appointment this afternoon! After the appointment we will be heading home!
Cheers to all my friends who just crossed over! And good luck to those waiting! I waited since MARCH so trust me, I know the waiting game!! It will sneak up on you!


forgot to mention, we stuck with the 650 cc, silicone, under muscle inframarry incision.

Got to see them!!!

Went in for post op. went well they look amazing! Totally high though. He wrapped them back up for another 24 hours! Ugh, will post pics ASAP!!'


Finally was able to get some pics after my shower!

DAY 3...

I am feeling pretty good. I am getting some good sleep. I have just been taking my muscle relaxer before bed and that is it (other then the antibiotic). The morning boob thing is not cool. They always seem to be super tight and sore in the morning. Then after I get up and move around a bit they feel better. I also have to do an exercise, put one arm down and use the other one to push the implant up, then do the other side and then do the cleavage. I have to do this 3x per day.
I am just waiting for them to drop. I have a bigger implant in a small area so my PS told me they would be high for a while. I just am impatient! Haha! Well, I guess the hard part is done!! When does everyone have to go back to work?
Also, hard just sitting around, especially after just a couple of weeks ago working out 7 days a week for my figure competition. I am feeling very FAT. I weighed myself before surgery and then yesterday...YEP, up 10 lbs!! I know that is from boobs and bloat - but ugh, I feel sluggish!
We went to see Hangover 3 yesterday and it was hilarious, if all my boobie friends go see it make sure you watch the credits at the end until the VERY end...you will absolutely die when you see it!!
Anyway...happy healing. I hope to shake the BLAHS soon!

Each day gets a little bit better...

Feeling really good today...much less pain but still tight and high.
Now I can understand that feeling of just wanting them to drop and look normal, haha!
I have to go back to work tomorrow...not looking forward to it but I suppose it had to happen sooner or later! Haha...
I hope everyone else is healing well! Have a great Memorial Day!

First day back to work and bruising

Today was my first day back to work...desk job but holy moly the doors at work are heavy! I started to get really sore at about 3 PM but didn't want to take any meds at work. Got home, changed and looked in the mirror and I have some new bruising under my left breast. I didn't have any bruising prior to today and I am very worried. I took some pics and sent them to my PS. I will find out tomorrow if I should be worried. I hope it is normal I just find it weird that it happened on day 5.
I just want to be back to normal...ready for this tightness to be gone!!


OMG...I love my boobs...healing well and just sooooooo happy!!!! Let me know what you think of the new pics....adjusting well!!!!!!
Dr. Leigh personally emailed me today after emailing him pics of bruises....he said the bruises are from the local injections and nothing to worry about. He is awesome...totally awesome!!!!! THE JOB HE DID IS TRULY A MIRACLE!!

OK...trying to post pics...

New pics today...5/29

More pics


Day 9 Post Op - Feeling Great

So besides the soreness from working Tues-Fri this week I am doing really well!
I am feeling much more normal, even today compared to yesterday! The boobies are feeling softer and more like a part of me! I can't even believe how much fun it is to try on clothes!! I still fit in to most of my clothes but now they are filled out (REALLY filled out LOL)!!
I was cleared by PS to walk. Doesn't sound like much but I went for a 30 minute walk yesterday in the beautiful weather and it felt great! One step at a time, literally. He said he won't clear me for anything more until after my next appt. on 6/10 so I a really hoping at that point I will be able to get back to the gym! Limited, of course but it will feel so good!
My bloat is gone and my weight is back to normal! I found out my implants weigh 2.97 lbs total together! So, gotta adjust that scale by 3 lbs! LOL!
I love my boobs...so happy I did this. Should have done it a long time ago! I know I got the right size too which makes it really sweet!!
I have a party to go to today...my BFF's kick off to summer. It is a BBQ/sports/tailgate themed party...going to dig out some sexy Packer gear!!
Have a great weekend lovely ladies! Hope everyone is doing as well as me!! xoxo

More dress up photos!

Oh yeah - and a few more pics!!

Update....2 weeks PO tomorrow!!

I am doing really well!! So far so good with recovery. No more morning boob for me, so awesome! I asked my PS if I could go tanning and he said not until after he checks me at my appointment on Monday, 6/10. I am hoping he will clear me back to the gym on light duty!! So far no one has said anything to me at work, which is a total miracle!! But pretty confident that with my co-workers and how conservative my work is no one has noticed!
Work was rough to start but now I am fully back to normal at work. My mind is back to being focused on work and I think I am totally on the recovery path!
This weekend should be fun...date night with hubby on Friday night!! Also have a BBQ to attend on Sat and Sunday I will be looking forward to my chair!!!

Great Post Op Today!! I Can Workout!!

I had an amazing check in with my PS today!! He cleared me to workout!! I can run as long as long as I have the girls strapped in and I can even do curls but just have to be careful!! He told me I am progressing at warp speed! My incisions are barely noticable! He sat in the room and chatted with us for about 20 minutes about life. He truly is an amazing PS and I picked a WINNER! Next appt is in 3 weeks!

Back to the Gym = Success

Today was my first day back at the gym. Although my PS cleared me at 3 weeks. I have been so busy with work that I hadn't made it back yet. I have to say that after my competition in May and taking the break and giving my body the rest it really needed (after working out INTENSELY 7 days a week prior to my BA) it felt really good! I got right back into it and I really haven't lost much strength in my legs!
Here is what I did:
100 squats (no weights)
100 lunges on plyo box (each leg)
100 ankle bands
50 hyperextensions
100 butt blasters
3x10 bicep curls (OK'd by PS) 15 lbs each arm
3x10 hip adductors
3x10 hip abbductors
**CARDIO: I have been walking a mad amount up until today. PS cleared me to run, however he made me promise I would strap those babies in! I had to wear two sports bras! Haha, I started to run and I made it 10 minutes going VERY slow (6 mph), they started to feel a little burn and I stopped immediately. I walked the rest of the 20 minutes at 8% incline at 4.5 mph.

Felt GREAT! I know it is a slow start but it is a start and I am not sore from it at all!
I have been feeing pretty great lately. I will be at a month tomorrow and they are feeling very natural. They still have dropping to do but I like them the way they are! They are so nice and perky. They are getting really soft now too, so much fun to squish them! Hubby really like to massage them and play with them!! I think he is helping with the softness!
I am so happy I did this...and I am so happy I didn't go smaller! I took more pics and I will post them later. They do not look too big on me and I still don't think anyone has noticed at my work. I dress very conservatively (it is a conservative business so easy to do) and make sure I have my nipple pedals on and I am sure they just think I have a super padded bra.
Love the way my clothes look, I have so much confidence now, this is better then how I dreamed it would be!!!

New Pictures!!

I think I need a new bikini! I don't think they look too big! Honestly, what do you all think? I think I look smaller then a lot of the women on here! Gosh, do we all really have boob greed?! Haha, I do LOVE LOVE them though. I never dreamt they could look this good! Very satisfied!!

Gym Day 2...More Success!

The second day back to the gym was yesterday! Went with hubs and did the same workout from Weds...however, I was able to easily run for 20 min on the treadmill at 6.5 mph! Ok, still slow but felt great! Then walked/ran some for 13 laps on the track with my daughter! I would say that was successful! The girls are feeling GREAT! I couldn't be happier...I love them so much! I did go get a new bikini for the 5th of July...friends of ours rented a pontoon and we will be partying on the lake with 3 other couples. I posted the pic of the new bikini!

Bikini Pic

Oops, here it is.

Ran 3 miles today!

Today was a great day! I was able to get back into doing more crunches and some triceps with the rope! I also ran three miles non-stop with no pain! Success!
I can't believe how much I love the girls! They are getting so soft and are dropping every day. No more pain and they pretty much feel like I have had them forever! My next appt is on Monday with my PS. I am sure he will be pleased!

Hello Hello!!

I haven't been on here forever!! Been so busy with stupid work! Everything is going great! Last appt. with Dr. Leigh went great and he just sent me my before and after pics...WOW, what a difference. I am all settled in and just got measured at VS exactly 3 months post op....duh duh duh.....I am a 36DD in VS! Exactly with Dr. Leigh told me and pretty much a 36D everywhere else LOL! My PS wrote me a personal card (hand written) saying thank you and everything. His follow up has been amazing and every single thing he told me has been spot on. I couldn't be happier and I would go back to him in a heartbeat. I will take some pics and post them later...the girls are incredible -- I didn't even imagine in my mind they would look this good!!!!! Hope all the lovlies are doing well!!!!! Miss you all!! xoxo

Holy Crap! 700 ccs and 6 mo post op! Love my boobies!

I have been so busy with work! It has been insane! I just wanted to catch up and say my whole experience has been amazing! My PS was and is nothing short of amazing! I love my boobs, it is kind of an obsession! LOL! I should post pics because I know a lot of ladies like to see the bigger implants! I started so small. I am now a comfortable 36 DD and my breasts are PERFECT!! Imagine it, 700cc and a 36 DD...I am literally not TOO BIG. Anyone else comfortable enough to explain how much better the sex life is after the implants? My husband would never say it but I know it is true!! Will take/post some new pics soon!

Lots of research and a personal friend referral.

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