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I'm so excited! I've FINALLY made the decision to...

I'm so excited! I've FINALLY made the decision to get my breast augmentation done! It's something that I've thought about for almost ten years, and seriously considered for about the past year. I've spent a ton of time researching the procedure, plastic surgeons, my ideal post-op size, etc... And I've finally set the date with my surgeon!!

Before I dive into my story, here's a little bit of info about me. I'm 23 years old, about 5'7" and around 125-130 pounds. Since I started working out regularly (weightlifting mostly), I've lost some weight and toned up, but the trade off involved losing the small volume of breast tissue that I had in the first place! I went from a 32B to a now somewhat full-ish 32A. I was a gymnast for almost 13 years growing up, so my legs and booty are a bit more muscular -- and when paired with small boobs my bottom half looks much bigger! No bueno, haha!

I had a tough time picking my surgeon to be honest. I live in the Minneapolis area and knew I wanted to go to a local surgeon. However, there are SO many surgeons in the area, and there were a ton of factors that went into deciding. In the end I knew I wanted to have my augmentation done at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery. Dr. Gervais and Dr. Tholen are both amazing plastic surgeons - both incredibly talented, qualified and funny men.

I ended up having consultations with both surgeons (separately), and at first I was convinced I was going to go with Dr. Gervais. My consultation with Dr. Gervais went amazingly - his head nurse is so incredibly sweet, she spent a half hour chatting with me and answering all my questions and concerns before turning on a short informational video while I waited for Dr. Gervais. Once the video was done he came in the room to answer any additional questions, walk me through the procedure and post-op, take my measurements, and answer even more questions before sending me off to try on implants. Dr. Gervais was very very professional, and treated me so kindly and I could tell that he truly cares about his patients. I left feeling very confident in Dr. Gervais, and even scheduled my surgery date that day before leaving the clinic!

My consultation with Dr. Tholen on the other hand, did not go very well at all, to be completely honest. My appointment was at 7:45am during the week (I work 8am-6pm in downtown Minneapolis Monday through Friday) I waited for 30 minutes in the waiting room before being escorted into the consultation room, where his nurse asked if I had any questions before leaving me to wait for Dr. Tholen. I changed into the little robe I was given for my consultation and then waited another 15 minutes before he came into the room - mind you I've waited at least 45 minutes now. Once Dr. Tholen finally came into the room, he greeted me and proceeded to rush through some basic information (I honestly can't remember all that we talked about). Dr. Tholen's assistant seemed a bit snippy and had a bit of an attitude - she left halfway through my consultation, and when she came back she stood in the doorway and annoyingly clicked her pen constantly (mind you she left the door halfway open while I'm still sitting in my open front robe. RUDE!). Dr. Tholen didn't go into as much detail as Dr. Gervais did, and instead when I asked Dr. Tholen about the difference in technique (he supports the use of bands and not wearing bras while Dr. Gervais doesn't use bands and puts his patients in surgical bras immediately post-op), Dr. Tholen seemed to talk down about Dr. Gervais' technique and the quality and commonality of annually checking in on his patients after their procedures. I was pretty surprised by this, and pretty put off by it as well. When I was ushered off to try on the implants, Dr. Tholen's assistant wasn't much help. She first put me in almost 460cc implants, then when I requested something a little bit smaller (those suckers were HUGE!), she dropped me down to 350cc sizers...a bit of a difference. When I asked her for something just a little bit bigger, she sized me up to 400cc's, then said those were the only implants I was able to try on that day (in my consultation with Dr. Gervais, his nurse sized me in at least six different implant sizes - mind you I would be getting the exact same type of implant, incision site, and under the muscle.) Shortly after I put in the last sizers she said my consultation was over and ushered me out into the waiting room after collecting my items.

At the end of the day, I was convinced I was going with Dr. Gervais. I had such an amazing consultation with him, he nurse was absolutely AMAZING, and I liked the look of his results. However... After doing a ton of additional research after the not-so-great consultation with Dr. Tholen, I ended up deciding to go with him. He has ten more years experience than his partner, has more natural looking results (most of his post-op pics are a few years post-op rather than the typical 2-3 months followup). I read a lot of reviews from Gervais' patients saying that his followup care wasn't great (nonexistent for most - one woman said she felt tossed out after her augmentation!) There were a few additional reasons behind my choice, but I am confident in my choice with Dr. Tholen. I've set my surgery date for mid-June, just about a month away from today!!

13 days out?!

I can’t believe it—already 13 days away? I set up a countdown app on my phone and I remember it being 47 days away…and now it’s so close! I’ve started getting more and more nervous—seeing the check go through (I paid in full up front for the extra 3% discount) really made it real! But I’m still mostly excited, I can’t wait to have my dream boobs FINALLY—beautiful, fun, perky and squishy!

A few updates!
A few weeks ago I had contacted my chosen surgeon, Dr. Tholen, in followup to my consultation and asked some additional questions. After a week of no response I resent the email, hoping to hear from him (I had also called the clinic hoping to talk to Dr. Tholen, but he was in surgery and I was told by the receptionist that he would follow up with me concerning my email. A few days after that, Sarah (the woman who takes care of financing and had also scheduled my surgery) called me to discuss payment, walked me through what to do prior to the augmentation, what to do after the augmentation, etc. I had mentioned to her that I had tried sending Dr. Tholen some questions and that I still hadn’t heard back from him. Sarah told me that email is probably the worst way to contact my surgeon because he receives a TON of emails each and every day (completely understandable.) She passed along my email to him and told me that he would get back to me asap.
Anyway, I ended up going into the clinic the same day Sarah called me to discuss payment. Excitingly, I didn’t have to wait very long at all to talk to Sarah, and paying was super quick, easy, and painless (aside from the part where I had never written a check that large!) While talking to her, Sarah mentioned that Dr. Tholen was just getting out of surgery and might have time to sit with me to answer my questions. I did end up getting to talk to Dr. Tholen and discussed the previous consultation and my frustrations, he was more than happy to thoroughly answer all of my questions, took the time to walk me through the procedure & anything I needed to know prior to surgery day, etc. In total, I got to spend just over a half hour talking to Dr. Tholen, which I am so thankful for. I am extremely confident in my choice to go with him over the other surgeons I have looked at and considered!

Sorry for the long post, I can't hardly handle my excitement!!

Wish Boobs!

I’ve been watching so many YouTube videos of girls talking about their breast augmentation surgery, trying to get an idea of what the first few days are going to be like—everything from pain, pressure, swelling, how high up will the implants sit, etc. to ease my nerves and curiosity.

I’m still trying to decide what the final “look” is that I want! I’m 5’6”, 125 pounds and currently a small 32B. What do you think?!

Have a great weekend!

More wish boob pics!

I think these may be my final wish pics...!

What do you guys think? I want them to look natural, but full, perky and fit my body proportions!

Approx. 12 post op

Hey guys, it's 3:40am right now and I can't sleep, so I thought I'd post an update! Surgery went very well yesterday, and I would say the level of pain has spiked around a 3 or so. I've been trying to stay on top of my meds so that I've maximized my comfort. I've mostly just had discomfort near where my chest meets my armpits. It's almost as if I had a really good chest workout, and the sorenes is only in that area. Implants. So, I sized right before I went in to the OR, and I chose 450cc to be my max size. I talked with my surgeon again before getting surged up and showed him pictures of what I wanted my end result to be, white I wanted to be proportionate to my body type, not over the top boobalicious, but a nice full D cup would be good. After I got out of surgery I asked what sizes I ended up getting... 470cc in the left and 500cc in the right... What?! I'm so worried that they are going to be WAY to huge for me...I know they will decrease in size since they are under the muscle, but I'm so nervous they're going to be way too big... I have my first post-op checkup with my doctor today at 11, so I'm sure I'll get some answers then!

First Full Day Post-Op

Today is my first full day post-op! That also means I had a check up appoint,net with my surgeon, Dr. Tholen. I waited well over an hour to see him unfortunately, but once they called my mom and I back he checked on how I was doing, if I was gaining nipple sensitivity back (a little in the right, the left nipple is still pretty numb), and then showed me how to do my implant displacement exercises. Boy are those uncomfortable, by the way!!

After I got home, I was pretty exhausted, my mom and I ran a few other errands and we were gone for a good majority of the day, so I ended up laying down for a while once we got home. I'm q bit more sore today, but I'm thinking it's due to running around, moving my arms (probably more than I should be), and overalls just not resting enough.

This may be TMI, but I still haven't pooped since Wednesday, and I am SO bloated! Before the surgery I was able to see a good amount of muscle definition in my abs and back, but now, nada. I am also having a LOT of soreness on my stomach, and a little bit in my lower back. Is anyone or has anyone else experienced this soreness? I think my surged said it's due to the fluids and swelling, but MAN is this uncomfortable!

The mere I took earlier are starting to set in I think, and I've just put my band on. If you've ever experienced soreness I. Your stomach or back after a BA, let me know! And if you guys have any idea as to when you think my bloating will go away!

Good night! :)

Day Three Post-Op: The Bloating is REAL!

I had no idea I could balloon up so fast! Dr. Tholen was right when he said not to step on a scale, I don't know how much weight I gained in 24 hours but I sure am curious. It had to have been at least ten pounds—I have a very petite frame, and a small waist with a big booty, and when I looked in the mirror last night before going to bed, I had absolutely no waist, no ab muscle definition (even when I tried flexing!!), nada. Today has been better, the bloating FINALLY went down this evening after drinking tons of water, walking around a bit, and using Arnicare gel.

I'm still a bit sore up top, I have been using the Arnicare gel on my chest to help relieve the tightness. The sides of my breasts feel like they are chafing the insides of my arms, so I also started using the gel on the sides to see if I could reduce any of the swelling. Overall I've been doing well! It was a beautiful weekend so I was able to walk around outside a little bit and hang out in the shade to enjoy the beautiful day!

Back to work tomorrow though! Thankfully I do most of my work on the computer, so I won't need to do any running around or physical labor.

If you had a BA, how long did it take for you to feel "normal" again? When were you able to start sleeping on your back instead of in the upright sitting position?

One Week Post Op!

It's officially been one week and one day since my augmentation—that seems so crazy to me!

This past week has flown by so quickly, and SO much has happened! On Thursday I got my dream boobs, and then Monday I got an amazing job offer and had to submit my resignation at my current job. I'm so sad to be leaving the agency I work at, but this new opportunity is so exciting!

How am I feeling? The bloating went down on the fourth or fifth day (by end of day on Monday I think it was pretty much gone), although I'm still a bit pudgy from not working out regularly. Plus, my diet has not been great by any means or definition, which hasn't helped to my "fuller" look! My armpits are still a bit sore, as are my sides of my boobs.

I definitely think I overdid it a little at work this week... I went back to my desk job on Monday, but the stress of the new job and resigning was way more than I imagined it'd be and caused my back, shoulder, and chest muscles to get super tight. Definitely didn't feel good. I also had to do some filming for work, hauling around equipment and whatnot has probably not helped my case. I'm really looking forward to taking tomorrow easy though and just not do anything.

I'm still pretty high up, I can't wait for my implants to finally drop and look normal!!! Alright I'm about to pass out! Good night everyone!

5 Weeks Post Op Update!

It's been FOREVER since I've posted an update, and a ton has happened since my surgery and my last update!

Let's start out with updated pics! I was just looking through the photos I share a month ago, and HOLY COW has there been a huge change! The girls have finally settled into place (for the most part, I think there's still a little bit of a ways to go) and are getting squishier more and more each and every day!

Second update, I'm officially a 32DD!! What?! I started out at a 32B or so (small be after I had started working out more and more), and 32DD was my ultimate dream size! This also leads me to part two of my second update. During a few of my college summers I worked at Victoria's Secret (I know the female population is pretty divided on the brand, but being smaller chested at the time I absolutely loved it and my discount!) Recently my previous manager at VS transitioned to a store location near where I now live and after a short conversation I now have a part time job at Victoria's, which will definitely help me in restocking my bra collection!

Thirdly, speaking of new jobs, I transitioned full time jobs from an ad agency in downtown Minneapolis to the client side! I now work as a creative at a company that owns one of the largest fitness club franchises in the US (and globally)! Needless to say, there's been a ton of change lately!

As far as the girls go, pain has been at an ultimate minimum and my incisions are slowly healing. They still need to soften up a bit more and settle, but overall they look good! I have about 90-95% sensitivity in my right nipple, but only about 15% in my left nipple. Also, if you could draw a triangle from the tip of my nipple down to either side of my incision for each breast, that is the area of skin I am still unable to feel. My surgeon, Dr. Tholen, told me that it's totally normal and I will regain full feeling within a year or so. I've been using SkinMedica's Scar Recovery Gel since abut one week postop, and I've been using vitamin E oil since about 4 weeks post op. I've already picked up ScarAway Silicon Scar Sheets, but I think I will start using them on Monday...not 100% sure when Dr. Tholen told me to start using them to be honest. I'll be seeing him on Tuesday though so I can double check with him then.

That's all for now! Thank you for reading my super long post, haha :) When did you start softening up and feeling like real boobs again?

Three Month Update! Any Regrets??

I feel like each update always starts out with "oh my gosh X days/weeks/months already?!", but it's true! I can't believe it's been only three months already! My implants have definitely softened up a lot more over the past several weeks, and have fully dropped and settled into place. I'm hoping they don't drop any more than they have, other than to even out—my right breast is slightly lower than the left unfortunately, I'm not sure how well you can see it in the photos.

As far as any concerns, tonight I noticed a hard bump nearby the incision on my right breast, it's half the size of my pinky fingernail. I'm not sure what it is, if it's capsular contracture or something else, but I'm definitely worried about it. Thankfully I have a follow up appointment in a few days so hopefully I will get some positive answers then! I'm really hoping it's nothing bad or serious, especially capsular contracture! :(

As far as my size, I've ended up at 32DDD. This is definitely bigger than I had wanted to be, and when I realized what size I was I will admit I did feel regret over which implants I received. During my final consult, minutes before the augmentation, I re-chose my size to be 450cc but my surgeon increased that size since my muscles would compress the implants. I thought I had communicated to my surgeon that I didn't want to go bigger than 450cc, that I knew they would be compressed. In the end I received 480cc's in my left breast and 520cc's in my right breast my two main concerns with getting larger implants were gravity-getting saggy breasts prematurely. My second concern was clothing-finding bras I liked in my size and clothes that fit appropriately. So far my first concern is still my biggest, and I'm really hoping that my breasts don't drop any more!

Even if they did end up bigger than I had originally wanted, I do absolutely love my breasts and would do the surgery over again rather than go back to my itty bitties haha!

How have you ladies been enjoying your girls? Any idea as to what the hard little lump on my incision could be?? I will be sure to post an update once I figure out what it is.

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