Ditch Those Toe-stubbers! 34 Year-old Professional, 2 Bio Babies (Both Breastfed 'Til 15 Months) Minneapolis, MN

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I want to ditch my toe-stubbing padded bras and...

I want to ditch my toe-stubbing padded bras and enjoy having a full chest. I have always been interested in bigger breasts, but never thought I would go through with it! After my second child stopped breast feeding in December 2014, I knew I wanted to find out more. I'm looking forward to my procedure on 03/10/15.

I'm a bit surprised by how quickly I committed to having this procedure. My children are 4 year and 16 months old, and I was initially quite concerned about not being able to pick up my little son since I am the primary care provider to our children outside of daycare. My adopted daughter (who is blessed in the bosom area and is super excited for me) has agreed to sleep over for two weeks until my lifting restrictions expire. However, I know the time will fly by, and as long as someone who loves my kiddos is nearby to help, all is well. And, by having the procedure done now, I'll be able to show the girls off during my vacation in early May (7 weeks post-op) and all summer long. I can cover them up as we await spring! I don't take coincidence lightly, so I'm celebrating the timing as a sign it's meant to be.

I cannot imagine this process without this website! First, Dr. Tholen offered a 10% discount on my service based on the referral from RealSelf (and saving a few bucks never hurts!). Moreover, the reports of others has been extremely reassuring and has provided invaluable direction to me.

Present, soon-to-be past

Here is a photo of my current profile. I'm 5'9", about 165 lbs. I wear a 36b, but I'm sure an A cup would suffice these days. I'm not buying new bras until after my procedure!

Fitting room pics - sizers

These are not super accurate and I don't even know what sizers were from what pic anymore, but these are the pics of me with the sizers in. I tried 3, all within one size of the middle one. The assistant held the sports bra tight against my back while trying them on, explaining the result was more accurate that way given the sub-muscular compaction. Since I was at the office solo, however, these pics don't show that - someone had to take the photo!

Nearly there

I'm 4 days from my surgery. I'm between nervousness and denial. I've been hugging, carrying, and loving on my kids at every opportunity knowing I won't be able to do so much for what will likely feel like quite some time. I'm checking sizes here on other ladies' profiles, trying to get a feel for whether 475 is good for my body. I think it will work out, but at this point I am glad I will try on sizers one last time; I will likely leave it up to Dr. Tholen. I think the shock of going from nada to mucho will be impressive either way.

I'm going to buy some pillows this weekend. Although we have a recliner, I don't want to be so far from everyone in case I need help! Now, I have to start thinking about food!

Gaining confidence 3 days out

I'm getting excited for Tuesday, ditching some of the fears now. Here's why:
1) I'm tired of wearing bras that don't fit me! I've been trying to wear the bigger cup bras (can't figure out how I was convinced they were my size - obviously too big!) to ease the transition to my higher chest. But they clearly don't fit, so they're uncomfortable and my son has been getting his elbows stick in the cups at nap time!!!!! Can't wait to be able to wear a bra that truly fits!
2) I'm tiring of looking at boobs all day! (Do I sound like a teenaged boy?!?) I'm feeling confident from reading every review similar to mine, and I'm having peace about my procedure. The days (and pain) will pass and in a few weeks I'll be back to life as normal, yet improved!

Thanks to you all for your comments, suggestions, and encouragement. There are few people we can all discuss this very intense process with, and I'm grateful for RealSelf's vast wealth of information!

Get Ready....

Today I went for a long walk pushing the stroller with my son, did some shopping, and got the house ready for me to be out of commission. I changed the sheets and prepared the guest bed for my daughter, who will be coming over to help with the littles. I also bought a cute shirt to wear after I have some lovely breasts to show off!

Home resting - a success with 533cc!

I'm home resting! Everything went so smoothly today! I woke up, showered, and styled my hair (who know when I'll next be able to do so - ha!) before my 16 month old woke. No long after that, we were in the car and arrived 15 minutes early. (I had been fearing a snowstorm would make me late - yay for unseasonably warm temps in MN!)

Kathy took my before photos, and then she ushered my daughter and me back to the waiting area. I chose to walk around, anticipating I'd be lying in bed most of today. Dr. Tholen came in to review final details and do my mark-up, joking and light-hearted as always. Dr. Tholen asked to see my wish pics (lal his former patients), and inquired theoretically whether I'd go up or down in size if my chosen size were unavailable (I said larger). I just love his practical examples of CC sizes - 3 tablespoons and a teaspoon. Darren, his anesthesiologist, followed, and I gave him a run for his money with my tiny veins. Then it was off to the surgery room, and I talked about my wonderful daughter while they sent me to dream land.

I awoke in the recovery room very sleepy. I was most surprised by the pain in my arms, especially the tricep area, immediately after surgery. The nurse gave me additional fluids because I felt a little nauseated when she sat me up. After that, I felt great (and hungry)! Then she reviewed my meds with my daughter, and wheeled me out to the car. The 25 min ride home was no issue - no pain on the bumps others have noted. I drank (let's be honest - chugged) a gatorade on the way. I hopped in bed, ate some crackers and drank another gatorade, and then my daughter made my med schedule and set alarms for the same in my phone. I have eaten an apple and pear, and I'm feeling a ready for a nap. I have ice packs across my chest and a bit into my armpits (where my side boob (!) will soon be. I feel like a did a hefty bench press and include bench press workout today (with a ridiculous trainer), but the meds and ice are helping to relieve all other pain for the moment. No nausea - yay for the IV anesthesia! Overall, very impressed. I have not peered into a mirror yet, but I am happy with the little I can see - lovely lady lumps - and even more so with how I feel!

Post Op Day 1

I had a decent evening last night. I napped until 2pm or so yesterday and then watched a movie. I didn't want to sleep al day and then be up all night. That plan worked out well. I was awake from about 2-3am, and I would waken from time to time throughout the night from sleeping upright, but I felt pretty decent at 6am when my family starting waking. My husband was working out in the basement when out son awoke, so I called him and he ran upstairs to get him out of the crib. I 'helped' dress him and he didn't get too upset that I could not pick him up. So far, so good. My daughter came home from the gym and took over while my hubby got ready. My 4 yr old is very hesitant about giving me hugs, since I told her I am sore (I have her then ample of how she was sore after she received her last round of vaccinations and that resonate with her), but she's otherwise just fine with it all.

Eldest daughter then took me to my post op. Dr. Tholen's says I'm looking good for one day out. He showed me how to do displacement exercises every 3 hrs, and explained it will be a bit uncomfortable these first few days. This will keep the pocket open.

I quit the pain med today and I'm just taking Tyleno (plus the other 3 prescribe meds). I don't want to have that strong, potentially addictive substance in my body if I can avoid it.

I also had a BM today already. I started taking a laxative once per day in the two days leading up to the surgery. I think that proactive step was very helpful in avoiding constipation.

Final thought: trust your doc when it comes to size of the implant. Dr. Tholen asked if I was surprised he put in 533CCs, and I admitted I was. However, it looks just right for me. If I had gone any smaller, I'd be disappointed right now. Wish pics are the best way to show your doc what result you want. The numbers are all relative!

Day 2 post-op: feeling great!

I am still tired, but much of the soreness has gone now. I can sense I will be tempted to do more than I should. For those who lift weights or do endurance competitions, the pain yesterday was worst, consistent with the two days post workout soreness I often feel.

I just called the nurse to confirm I can cut the muscle relaxant dosage in half. It's making me dizzy. I hope to cut that one out completely by tomorrow. Perhaps that is what is making me feel sleepy??

Slept nearly all night - woke at 545 am. Not too bad considering!

Overdue for update - 8 days out!

Hello all! jlp10 reminded me I've not updated in a while, so here it goes! My one week checkup was yesterday. Last week, I was the most sore beneath my armpits. The nurse explained that the nerves run from our backs and around our torsos to our breasts, which contributes to the pain post-op. In addition, there is little skin and tissue over the ribs in that area. It was at least helpful to hear why I had pain there.

I dropped the pain med day one, and on day two after I called the nurse (see above post), I decided to quit the muscle relaxant during the day. However, I have been taking one relaxant each night before bed and I took one this morning because I felt so tight. I learned yesterday that the relaxant helps with dropping, letting the pec muscles loosen up a bit, so I will keep taking it each night and perhaps in the evenings too. It does help me sleep.

Dr. Tholen suggested that I be more forceful with my displacement exercises to ensure the pockets remain open. I am a bit sore still, especially in the bottom of my breast and near the incision sites, so I think that has something to do with my (lack of) desire to be pushing on them. He did not tell me to do the exercises more often, however. My left breast is descending faster than my right. I have no feeling in or below my left nipple, either. I'm not worried about it, however. On Sunday evening (3 days ago) I had some significant burning in the lower portion of both breasts, to the point that it woke me and I took a relaxant and half a pain pill. I have had a few pangs of pain since then, but nothing unbearable. The burning is pretty much gone.

Tonight I'm going to lower the mountain of pillows I've made for myself. My lower back is complaining in the early hours. I've received the okay from the medical team, as well as to lie on my side. However, Tracy said that sleeping on my side all night might cause me to wake up to a swollen breast on that side. Since I don't mind sleeping on my back, I'm going to stay that way for a while yet.

Dr. T is going out of town this weekend, and he said that it never fails - someone always bleeds when he's gone. I promised (myself and him) it would not be me. Apparently the last patient that bled decided to vacuum, despite her mother still being there to help. It's worth paying a cleaning service to help clean. Dr. T said it's $1000 to fix a bleed. Yikes!

Perhaps best of all, Dr. T said I can pick up my 16 month old son next week. My eldest (adopted) daughter has been such a blessing this past week! We tag team between my husband, her, and me, and I'm trying to show my appreciation and give her time to herself as often as possible. I have been able to go to my son's crib at night when we wakes and rub his back without issue. My back gets tired if I try to lean over it for too long, so I've sat on the floor by his crib a little bit, too, if necessary. He has really adapted well to the change, and he does cry from time to time because I can't pick him up like he wants, but he is learning that others can instead. I'm actually really thankful for this opportunity because he is becoming so very comfortable with my daughter, and she will be babysitting with my in-laws in May when my husband and I take our first solo vacation in two years! So, this is like a trial run. Anyway, for the moms with littles out there, it is definitely possible to have your BA, but you'll need help for lifting out of the crib and the high chair. There's no way around it. But the days pass quickly and after two weeks, life starts getting back to normal!

Progress from day 12

4.5 weeks - dropping slowly but surely - and bra shopping (DDD)!!

It's been a while...again! So, here's the skinny: I went to my 3 week checkup, only to wait 70 minutes for the doctor and have to leave. (At least I got my scar gel!) I was upset, but this has happened to my clients when the receptionist goofs up, so I understood. Dr. T called me, offered me a Saturday or Sunday appointment and gave me his cell number.

I was in on Monday for what became a 4 week check. I'm s-l-o-w-l-y dropping. Left is ahead of right still. Dr. T says my pockets are a little tight, and I am to be more vigorous in my displacement exercises. I am not as sore, so that's not as difficult now, and I'm doing better remembering to do it between clients. Dr. T also told me to start vitamin E massages on my scars. I'm thankful that others here have mentioned what they do, because Dr. T didn't give much instruction. I bought a roll-one stick at the Co-Op, but I find it really tacky and tough to use.

Excitingly, I am cleared to jog, but Dr. T suggested I be careful because while my heart/lungs may be ready, my breasts may not. I am going on vacation on 05/01, so I need to get my fitness on! Thus, I traveled to Nordstrom at the Mall of America to get fitted for a bra. Heather attended to me and was great. I was shocked to be measured at 30", and recommended for a 32 or 34 bra. I was even more surprised to have Heather bring me a DDD size!!!! I was only going for a full C or maybe D. No boob envy here! I got a great running bra (Chantelle is the brand) with under wires - per Dr. T's instruction. It was $68, but on sale (thank you price matching!). I purchased some other Chantelle bras as well. As much as the bra was much more expensive than my old Champion bands, it was nice to get the proper size - I don't think I ever wore the right size before (they had me in a 36 at one point). And after having a doctor push on my boobs for a few weeks in a row, I had no issue with a woman helping me in and out of some bras! After we determined my size, Heather ran back and forth with different options. I ended up buying 3 "daily" bras and some matching panties, too - I have not yet been cleared to wear a bra (gravity needs to help me drop first), but with Nordstrom's great return policy (no time limit) and the sale, I figured it made more sense to buy them while I was there. Now that I know my size, I can shop online. Even so, I'm getting used to going braless. Perhaps those days will be nearing an end in the next few weeks. I'll post pics separately!

New bras

Ok, the sports bra is Chantelle (love the clasp at the shoulder blades) and the dailies are Natori - apparently a very popular bra for the well-endowed

Feeling great!

I'm 4 months out now and I feel great. I admit I have some numbness under my left breast, but other than that I'm very very happy with my results. Photos never quite so justice, but when comparing my pre op pics to what I see now, I'm very happy.
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Tholen on RealSelf. I recognize the value of contracting someone who has years of experience and knowledge. After scheduling my consultation, Dr. Tholen sent me a 20-some page summary of the procedure. As an attorney, I ate up all the information! I attended one free consultation (with only Dr. Tholen!), and later the same day scheduled my procedure for just 3 weeks later. The assistant who initially attended to me (Michele) was extremely helpful; she was willing to share her own experiences, having been a patient of Dr. Tholen herself! I have full confidence in Dr. Tholen to help me realize my goals.

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