THEY'RE HERE!! 32, 5'4" & 140lbs., muscular/athletic, 397cc Mod+ silicone unders!

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I am excited beyond words, because my BA is...

I am excited beyond words, because my BA is scheduled for May 12th, 2015!!! A little about me first off; I am a 32-year old, single gal who has never had children. I am 5'4", 142lbs, and what I would consider very athletic. My area of expertise is heavy weight lifting (e.g. currently squatting 5x5 @ 190lbs, deadlifting 1x5 @ 240lbs), with a little low-impact cardio mixed in for good measure. My bra size is a 32(small)B. If I lose a little weight, it comes off of my boobs. I guess to say they are "not full/kind of deflated" with be an accurate statement. I am a curvy gal (39" hips, 27" waist) and I do not feel I have enough up top to balance me out.

There are a few reasons I'd like to get a BA. Number one, is I have always, ALWAYS had small breasts. And, I have always, ALWAYS been self-conscious of my small breasts! I remember back in middle school when all of my friends developed, but I never really did. It was very sad! I kept hoping and wishing that my chest would get bigger......but nope. Never did. Fast forward 20 years, and I still think it is very sad. I can't wear certain dresses or tops, because I do not fill them out properly. I long to be able to wear sexy lingerie and be able to actually look like I have boobs, instead of said sexy lingerie simply flattening out what little bit I *do* have. You would not believe how sick and tired I am of buying padded, push-up bras!

Secondly, I work in a field which is dominated by about 89% men, and where we all wear the same uniform on a daily basis (use your imaginations people -- you can probably figure it out!) I feel so...blah. I feel like I look like a guy while at work. I understand that, in my line of work, it's not desirable - from a professional standpoint - to look all girly and feminine. But, on the days when I am NOT working (which are few and far between) and I am wearing regular person clothes, and I choose to go shopping or go out with friends, I want to look and feel feminine. And, right now, I don't. Thank you, small boobs!

And lastly, I just got out of a nearly 7-year long relationship with my significant other. Simply put: After nearly 7 years of taking care of somebody else, and being the load-bearer of the relationship (housework, cooking, cleaning, animal care, making sure everything is taken care of, holding his hand because he couldn't do anything on his own, etc.) it is TIME. Time to do something for ME. I owe this to myself!

So, May 12th is the day!

I had my consult at Dr. Richard Tholen's office on March 11th. I arrived just before 08:00 and filled out some paperwork, and didn't have to wait for very long before his nurse (who is awesome, I might add! Very cool chick) called me back. We discussed some of the particulars about the implants themselves, and she asked if I had any questions. Of course one of my main questions was work, and how much time I'd have to take off. She suggested 4 (!!!) weeks. We also discussed the working out thing, as well as a couple of other particulars...and then we got to try on sizers! This is wear I got a little worried!! I slipped on a sports bra, and tried on a pair of 400cc sizers. They looked good and felt good, but I figured "hey, I am here, so let's try one size up!" The next sizers were 457cc's. I think that's where I reached the limit. They looked and felt a little to big, and a little too heavy. His nurse did tell me that Dr. Tholen will add 100cc's to whichever size I choose, due to the implant placement (under the muscle, in my case.) Uhhhhh.....500cc's!?!?! Seems hyuge for me!

After trying on sizers, I met with Dr. Tholen. He is a really, really nice guy! He is very educated and smart, and talented at what he does (he has great before and after photos on his website!) He is down to earth, and has a good sense of humor. He echoed his nurse in saying I'd need at least 4 weeks off from work. We discussed the exercise thing a little more, and also some particulars on implant profile. In my mind, I wanted Moderate Plus profile. After taking my measurements, Dr. Tholen said he would not know which profile OR size he'd be using, until I was in the operating room. He stated it all depends on the size of the pocket he can create. He did say that based on my measurements, a Mod+ profile would most likely work the best. I did bring some pictures along with me, but did not give them to him. I'll wait until surgery to do that. Also, he never asked what my "ideal size" is (for me, that's a full 34C or even a small 34D.) But, as I understand it, surgeons do not like to go by cup size for sizing; it's all about the cc's!

So, for now, all I know is that my surgery is scheduled for 10:30 on May 12th, 2015, and I am going with Allergan cohesive gel silicone implants!!!

More to follow...


Just some "wish boobs!"

Tittie Twins!!

So my best friend (who is also a RS member) is having her BA with Dr. Tholen, the VERY SAME DAY AS ME! Her surgery is right before mine! We are going to be rockstars in Dr. Tholen's office! ;-) We are staying in the same hotel room the night before, and the night of. Her hubs is coming with to take care of us, as is my mother. This will be awesome, because we can go to all of our post-op appointments together too!

I have also attached another wish boob picture!

Sudden change in plans! New doctor and new surgery date!

I learned on Friday that Dr. Tholen will be out of work for one month, at a minimum (health-related issue.) Thankfully, his partner, Dr. Gervais, had openings for both myself and my best friend on May 13th! So, surgery will be one day later than initially planned!

Help! What other PO supplies will I need?

I've already purchased:
- Tylenol
- pill container
- PO sports bras (several different sizes and styles)
- arnical pills
- Palmer's
- ice packs
- bendy straws
- prunes
- prune juice
- Smooth Move tea
- Hibaclens
- back pillow/lounger thing with arm rests
- Degree deodorant spray
- baby wipes
- ScarAway strips
- neck/travel pillow

Will I need paper tape and some gauze? (inframamory crease incision)


It's done...and they're fabulous!

I had my BA at 10:30 this morning! Everything went so smoothly! I must start off by saying: I was super, super nervous for surgery. For being put under, for taking narcotic pain meds, for getting sick from either of those two things, being constipated, for being in agony immediately following the procedure, etc. SO FAR, this anxiety I was causing myself was all for not! So my BFF and I arrived at the surgeon's office at 6:00AM. Her surgery was scheduled for 7:00AM, so we had planned on me just hanging out in the lobby with our amazingly wonderful and ever-so-patient caretaker (i.e. her husband!) until it was my turn. He and I got to go in and say goodbye to her before they brought her back to her OR room. In the mean time, Dr. Gervais' nurse Crystal took my before photos. Caretaker and I then went back into the lobby. Around 9:00, they called us back to see my BFF, since she was awake from anesthesia. She was doing great, and her titties looked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! (that def made me feel better!) After saying hi, I went back into the lobby until 9:30, at which point Crystal called me back. I changed into my gown, she gave me a muscle relaxer, and waited a while for Dr. Gervais to come in (he was in surgery with another patient at that point in time.) He came in, looked through all of my paperwork, looked at my wish pics, and asked if I was still set on the 397cc Allergen cohesives. I said that I was! He then measured me up, marked me up, and said that while I have some very minor asymmetry, it is nothing that warrants different sized implants. And, he made me very happy when he said he would be using Mod+ profile :) After Dr. Gervais was done, the CRNA came in and put my IV in, and we chatted for a while about random things. He was such a nice guy!! Very kind with a good sense of humor. After he was done, a nurse brought me back to my surgery room. I laid down on a table and she covered me up with an awesome heated blanket thing filled with warm air (I wish I had one of these at home!) The CRNA told me he was putting something in my IV that would make me feel funny. Yeah...after literally 5 seconds, I remember my vision turning fuzzy and the room started to spin, and I was out like a light. Next thing I know, I was waking up in a recovery room. I had some water and saltines, and took half of a Norco. I felt really good -- no pain, just some tightness and more what I'd call a slight "sore" feeling. I didn't really have the elephant-on-my-checks/bricks-on-my-chest feeling that others have spoken about. The nurse gave me a mirror and I got to look at my new additions. They were perfect...absolutely perfect! They weren't so high that they were creating "ledges" around my armpits or collar bone. They were just perfect shaped, and so, so nice looking! My first thought was, "oh no, they look small!" More on that later....... We loaded up into the car and began our 3-hour drive home. Our caretaker was the best! We stopped a half dozen times to get out and move around, pee, grab snacks, etc. I was feeling ever so queazy about an hour into our trip, but I ate some ginger snaps, drank some ginger ale, and let out a huge burp and I felt all better! I iced a couple of times in the car, which seemed to actually make things feel a little more tight (?) We got to my parents' house around 6:00PM. Shortly thereafter, Kathy the nurse called to check on us and make sure we made it home. I then took another muscle relaxer, iced again, and ate some supper. I started to feel a little tight and sore again, so I took another 1/2 Norco at 7:30. So far, so good! I did take my hoodie off and unclasped my post-op bra once I got home, just to get a better look at the girls. Remember before, when I said I looked at them in the mirror right after surgery, and I thought they looked small? No. Nope! They look great! I am very, very glad I did not go any bigger! I am a fairly active person (I dabble in running, circuit training, and really heavy weight lifting) PLUS I am a police officer so I have to wear a bullet proof vest daily for work. Because of these two reasons, I am glad I did not go with the 457cc's I tried on at my initial consult! YIKES! My ultimate goal was to be a large C/small D (34), and, I think the 397's will put me there! Soooo, time will tell. We'll see what they look like in the days (and months) to come, when the shifting and D&F happens. (PS - Try the Smooth Move tea! I had a cup the night before my BA. The next morning, I took a #2. About a half hour after that, I took another #2 (which was a little, a-hem, "softer" than the first one. More consistent with what you'd see from a regular OTC stool softener.) I had another cup after surgery on the way home, and another one just now. So far, no new movements. But, I am not surprised, as I have not eaten a whole lot today.)

Day 3 PO

Today is day 3 PO for me. Things have been going surprisingly well! Inhavebhad no pain at all....only soreness on my sides/ribs and sternum area. It feels like sore muscles from an intense weight day at the gym. I have also no experienced "morning boob" yet! On the day of surgery, I was taking 1/2 Norco every 4-6 hours, but haven't had any since then. I have just been popping a couple extra strength Tylenol here and there, since day 1 PO. I haven't been taking muscle relaxers either (aside for one before bed) because they make me so sleepy!

I've been taking it pretty easy. I can gingerly open the fridge door, or water bottles on my own. Same with flushing the toilet. If I have to reach for anything though, I leave that up to somebody other than me :) My parents and I went to my house to check on my two kitties yesterday. My dad was kind enough to clean litter boxes for me, and sweep. I initially attempted to sweep (...which was more like me simply pushing the broom around the kitchen as I held it close to my body) but, that only lasted for about ten seconds before I decided it didn't feel "right" (no just felt weird.) Getting in and out of bed has been tricky, but I manage. I've adapted a kind of tuck-and-roll technique that seems to work pretty well. I haven't showered yet; I did take a glorified sponge bath on day 1 PO, but, that's it so far. I am scared to get the tape/dressings wet, even though the PS's nurse said it was ok.

Other than that, things have been going well! No constipation, thanks to copious amounts of Smooth Move tea! No real issues sleeping, thanks to a travel neck pillow!

I believe things will get a little more interesting these next few days, as the slow-release anesthetic starts to wear off...

One week PO! A recap of the last 7 days...

I am one week post op today, yay! The last 7 days have been kind of weird, I must admit. Here's a recap:

Day of treatment: No pain, just soreness. I took halved Norco's four times, but that was it. Sleeping on my back sucks really bad.

Day 1 PO: No pain, just sore. I took Tylenol and muscle relaxers. No morning boob.

Day 2 PO: Same as day 1...

Day 3 PO: Still sore, but I woke up feeling noticeably less sore. I started having some muscles spasms, however. It felt like my pecs were contracting. Not painful, just really odd feeling. Still no pain and no morning boob. I started lessening my Tylenol at this point.

Day 4 PO: Same as Day 3, only I started to have what I think are nerve regeneration feelings on both breasts. It felt as though my hair was standing up on end, only, inside my breats. Kind of a strange, tingly feeling.

Day 5 PO: This is when the Exparel had fully worn off, I think. My soreness started to come back, especially after waking up (*sad face*).... Some of the soreness was kind of painful, too. Still no Norco or Tylenol. I shall tough it out!

Day 6 PO: This was my one week PO visit with my PS. The tape covering my stitches was removed, to reveal small, perfectly flat incisions, which are hidden in my breast creates! By this day, I was pretty damn sore and stiff. My BFF (who had a BA the same day as me) was doing noticeably better than me, as far as pain/soreness goes. I still had trouble putting on zip-front shirts, or pulling up my pants. The PS said everything looks great, and what I am experiencing is normal. I can tell they have dropped a little bit, because the look less cone-like and more rounded in my white PO bra. I still have LOTS of upper pole fullness. I should actually call it "chest fullness which is situated just below my collar bones," because that's where it is located. PS said it is swelling. I also think it's maybe the implants sitting high yet, too. I am sure I had some major pec muscle up there.

Day 7 PO: I just woke up.....but they are still pretty sore.

Again, I went with Allergan 397 Mod+ silicone. Do I wish I had went bigger? It's too early to tell right now. My hope was for a large C/small D, and I think these will get me there. I tried on some of my old 34B bras. Ha....haha. Only like, half of my boob (both width and length wise) would fit into the cup. Funny!


I forgot to mention that I was cleared to wear non-underwire bras. Also, my PS doesn't do massages/exercises or the strap. At week 3-4, I can start putting scar cream on the incisions. Also, there are no external sutures -- only internal. Coconut oil is my friend, and rubbing my boobs with it feels awesome for the pain and soreness! Smooth Move tea is a must for PO; it got me "going" on Day 1 PO. A travel neck pillow is also a must.

Before & After

Here are a few pictures for you! There's one "before" (red sports bra) and a few "afters." As you can see, I still have a lot of fullness in the upper portion of my chest, but I just compared these pics to ones I took on Day 1 PO, and it's actually come down quite a bit since then. Slowly but surely! And I REALLY like how my boobs look in the pic where I am holding my arms above my head! Hopefully that is what they look like after D&F takes place!

PS -- I am wearing a cheap bralette from Walmart. I have see others post about them on here; Fruit Of The Loom, I believe. It was under $5.00. I got a size Large.

Weird lump.....HELP!

So I woke up this morning, iced for a while, then decided to take a shower. I took my clothes off an examined my boobs (like I do probably 20x's a day!) I noticed a lump/raised area, near the lower part of my armpit or sideboob on my left breast. I did not have this last night! It is not sore, is not bruised at all, and is not hard (feels like the rest of the breast.)

The heart's arrow is pointing to the area in question.

And never mind the red patch; that is an area of skin that got ripped off, when they took off the post-op tape.


I will be calling the PS's office shortly to talk to them about it. could just be swelling?

I forgot to add that, ever since they took the post-op tape off, the area around where the skin is missing has been swollen. That particular area is actually a little LESS swollen today. Perhaps what is happening, is the swelling in/around the missing skin, is causing the sideboob line and/or implant "ridge" to look less pronounced? This making it appear there is a lump above it?? If that makes sense at all...

Called the PS's office, and they said...

...the lump is nothing to worry about! They said to monitor it and call if anything changes. THANK GOODNESS!

15 days post-op!

Attached are a few pictures I took today. Same bra I wore for my day 7 PO pics. As you can see, they have dropped a little bit in the last 8 days (which I am thrilled about!) I have also included incision pictures. My right incision is almost completely healed (and a little "bumpy") but, the left one is taking a little bit longer to heal.

This whole breast augmentation process has been somewhat of a roller coaster of emotions thus far. I KNOW that patience is key, and things go more slowly for some than others. But Jeeze, at 15 days PO, I am still sore *all* the time! Not just in the morning, but literally all the time. It isn't unbearable, but I am still limited in what I can do by my soreness and muscle tightness. In addition, I developed Mondor's Cords under each incision. I am going to try warm packs/compresses on the Cords, as wall as my breasts in general, to see if that eases some of the sore muscles.

Another thing that has frustrated me during this process, is the inability to raise ones blood pressure. The PS told me that after two weeks, I could gradually work back into light cardio. But, quite frankly, with as sore as I am, I am going to wait until the one month PO mark to do any sort of working out. My pants are going to haaaaaate me!!!

For reference, I am 5'4", 140lbs, and athletic/muscular (was a heavy lifter prior to my BA.) I got 397cc Allergan Mod+ profile silicone unders, back on 05-13-2015.

One month (almost) post-op!

I have attached some "Day 29" post-op pictures! I will not be available to take pics on my actual one month post-op day (June 13th) so I thought I'd just do it now.

As you can see, visually, not a whole lot has changed between day 15 and day 29. The imants have softened up a little bit (they're still not what I'd consider "squishy" though) and have become wayyyy less sore. Morning boob is very mild now, and I am not really sore at all anymore. My skin is still sensitive though; by the end of the day, it feels like I've got a bad sunburn, and EVERYTHING irritates it. Nipple hypersensitivity is gone, thank goodness!

I am still numb on the outside of both breasts, as well has about half of the undersides. Myefr nipple is also still numb. I met with my PS on the 9th for my one month post-op, and he said the numbness is completely normal and will most likely go away with time. He said everything looks great, and I am healing just fine. He noted that I am still a little swollen on the upper poll, but I can tell within the last week or so, that has decreased significantly.

Still sleeping on my back, however I did try my side the other night and that felt totally fine. Also, I was cleared to wear underwire bras now. I tried for a few hours the other day, but it just felt...weird. I think once things are 100% settled, it will feel much better.

Feeling down in the dumps :-(

So I am feeling rather dumpy lately! :-( I am 40 days post op today, and am not too thrilled with how my recovery has been going. I have not had any major set-backs (thank goodness) but rather, small things here and there which are really starting to piss me off. One month post op, I still had times when my chest muscles would tense up and I'd have to take a muscle relaxer. I tried working out this past week, which included curls, planks, walking lunges, and a short run. After 1 mile of running, my right breast started doing the old "balloon rubbing" sensation against my ribs/chest wall. It should be noted that my right side has always been a little more sore and tight than the left, and I can feel my implant move and slide against my pec when I bend over or reach up. So, that's all really fun stuff!

After working out this past Friday (again, more balloon rubby feeling) I noticed a localized area of pain under my right incision. After much research, I have come to the conclusion that it is a mondor's cord. I cannot SEE a cord, but I can feel something in there. Again....SO MUCH FUN!

I have been back at work for 4 days now, after having 5 weeks off. I have to wear lots of uncomfy equipment as well as a heavy vest. It is SUPER ANNOYING!!! About half way through my work day, my skin starts up with the awesome "I just spent two days in the baking sun and got the worst sunburn of my LIFE" feeling under my heavy vest. Pretty awesome stuff.

My surgeon does not have his patients do massages/exercises, but I've rubbed coconut oil on my boobs daily ever since about post op day 7. I have watched some implant displacement videos on the 'net, so I try and really rub them down pretty vigorously. Ever since Wednesday -- when squeaky balloon feeling started during my run -- my right implant squeaks and rubs on my ribs when I massage. In addition, there is a muscle behind the peck itself (brachia-something....I googled it) and kind of in my armpit, that is still fairly tender when palpated.

Also worth noting is the fact that Inhave not gotten any feeling back in the areas that were numb right after surgery. Bottom of both breasts, sides of both breasts, and left nipple.

My friend had a BA the very same day, and she has been back at the gym for a few weeks now. In fact, she ran 18 miles this past Saturday. It makes me really upset with my progress thus far. And, Insee all of these stories on Real Self about how people are back to 100% normal at one month post op.....boobs are all happy and squishy, no more pain or soreness or tightness, working out on a regular basis.....and then there's me.

Sorry for the rant...

2 months post-op!

Here are some updated pictures for you! Not much has changed...
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