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I have been waiting years to get implants. I...

I have been waiting years to get implants. I started developing and then just stopped, likely tied to my PCOS. Even when I was heavy, my breasts were never large. When I was pregnant, my breasts never got any bigger either. As I've lost close to 100 pounds now, what little I had have slowly gone away - especially with working out. I feel very manly with my chest muscles and small breasts and I hate that I don't fill out shirts, dresses and swimsuits. I'm super nervous, but very excited!

Getting closer

I can't believe how soon the surgery is! I've bought my post-surgery stuff - ice packs, colace, button up shirts, and Hibiclens. Tonight I'm going to move all my hair stuff down and get my new clothes situated. I got all my meds already, except for the narcotic pain meds, which my hubby will pick up while I'm under.

Not going to lie, I'm freaking out a little bit. I've never had anesthesia and so I have no idea what to expect. I'm already planning on it being the most painful thing ever. Yikes! It's so close.


Still haven't figured out my size. Know I'm going moderate, silicone, under the muscle, round. Liked 385cc, but hubby thought bigger. I have a sizing appointment right before my surgery to determine the final size. Here's me with rice bags at 400cc. Probably around this size. It's so hard to tell!!

Boobs I like


Surgery is tomorrow. I have a stupid cold with a sore throat that is not making me happy. The thought of not being able to drink tomorrow or suck on a cough drop seems miserable. Today was also my last day working out for a while. Makes me really sad. My gym is like family and I'm sure going to miss it. Also all my muscle gains over the last six months will probably take a hit. Oh well, it's only 6-8 weeks and I get to finally have my boobs!
I'm not as freaked out as I have been the last couple days, but I'm still nervous. I'll update after surgery at some point, when I'll know exactly what I end up with! Thinking around 400s, so we'll see how close that ends up being.

Today's the day!

Nervous, excited, hungry. Those are my main things. Oh and irritated with my sore throat and cough. Heading to work first for half the day and then hubby is picking me up and taking me. Good thing my morning is packed, so hopefully I won't have time to stress. Gave my kids an extra hug and kiss this morning because I won't see them until after.

More before pictures!

1 day post op

Things went really well! It was over before I knew it. Had a little trouble coming out of the anesthesia, with done shaking and crying. Felt like I woke up and they shuttled me out, but hubby assures me it was an hour later. I was very in and out all afternoon until I went to bed around 9. Woke up at 11:30, took another muscle relaxer and half a pain pill and went back to sleep. Slept all the way until 6:30 without waking up! Was not expecting that, but I loved it. I ended up sizing to 490s before going into surgery, which my doctor upped to 520s to account for under the muscle placement. I can't tell what profile, I'm thinking moderate due to my wife rib cage, but will ask this morning at my follow up appointment. Not much pain so far, just an achy chest like I worked out too hard. Very hard to take a deep breath, but thanks to reading a lot of reviews on here, I expected that!

First after photos

Sorry they are not that great.

Take 2

More pictures

Implants are sitting very high. Had my day after check up. Dr was happy with how they look. I'm just feeling a lot of pressure and am very achy. I have to do massages every 3 hours and boy are those uncomfortable!

Post op 2 days AM

Feels like longer! Showered last night and it was pretty awkward. Going to try again today. Might go get a pedicure with my sister in law and my daughter. Been taking all my meds, except I dropped the Vicodin this morning. Will take as needed. Boobs feel like they are up in my chin.

Day 2 late morning

Took the pain pill. Feel so much better. Glad I waited to see if I actually needed it, but no need to be a martyr. Lol

Day 2 late morning

Took the pain pill. Feel so much better. Glad I waited to see if I actually needed it, but no need to be a martyr. Lol

3 days past surgery

Everything seems to be going good. I'm going to try to take w couple pictures. I think they are dropping a little. Getting a little nervous about going back to work on Monday. I think I'll be ok once I'm there, but getting there makes me anxious. On a good note, I'm having no trouble with having a BM. LOL.

Day 5 - 4 days PO

Feel the best yet. Got the zings and tingles that I've heard are common. Back to work tomorrow. Going to drive to the store today and see how that goes. I was much more active yesterday and still felt pretty good. Still feel swollen, but have been trying to drink a ton of water.


Feel fat and bloated. Can't work out and my boobs look like weird lumps upon lumps. I know they will drop, but they just look weird. Feeling a little down today. Need to get back to a routine and get some of this bloat off.

1st day back to work - 5 days PO

Today was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I'm sore and in pain. I have a desk job, so I thought it would be ok. Boobs are sore and my chest hurts in between them. Is this normal? Also hurts on my left when I do my implant displacement massage. Can't tell if it's my incision or my boob the hurts. Can't wait to get home, take a pain pill and relax the rest of the night.

6 days PO pictures

Pics never want to update

Day 9

Not much to report. Still dealing with some pain as the day goes on. Icing when I get home has been helping a lot. I'm a little worried I'm doing too much activity during the day, so I'm watching it, but it's hard! I go in for my next check up on Tuesday, the 26th. Will be a day shy of two weeks. Hopefully he'll say everything looks good!

2 weeks out!

Everything is going ok. Met with my PS yesterday. Scars look great and are healing nicely. All my residual pain is normal - the zingers and the burning underneath. I have nice movement in the pocket, but they are still sitting pretty high. So he added a new massage for me to do every 3 hours. Forgot to ask him a couple questions, so I might call today. Still sleeping in the recliner and was hoping to transition to my bed, but if they need to drop more, maybe I won't be able to. I can also start using my arms more and doing some very light stretching and movement. Pretty happy with where I'm at for two weeks out. Nurse said by week 4 I should feel just about back to normal.

Scars 15 days out

Pics 20 days after

20 days past

Still waiting for them to drop. Slowly but surely they are. I only like them when my arms are up. Then they look more like what they will. I still have snoopy dog boobs, as my doc calls them. My nipples will slowly come back up to normal as the implant moves down. Guess my muscle is just too tight or something. Doesn't want to give up that implant. Lol.

3 1/2 weeks

Almost 5 weeks

7 weeks

Started working out again full time, thank god. Was getting flabby and gaining weight. Doing chest, but without weights. For kickboxing, I'm not punching too hard yet either. Leg day, abs, and running it's full steam ahead. I can't believe how much strength and endurance I lost in 6 weeks.
Even with 530s I'm starting to wonder if I didn't go big enough. That only put me at a C. Originally that's what I wanted. I still fit in all my clothes, I just fill them out nicer. But they aren't that big, which was what I wanted. It's just messing with my mind.

Almost 6 months

I go in to see Dr Tholen in a couple weeks for my 6 month check up. They are soft, they've dropped and I love them!

8 months past

I am in love with my boobs! They are soft, full and just wonderful. I picked the right size for me. They are just what I wanted!

My first meeting with Dr Tholen and his staff was amazing. Every single person I talked to was nice and helpful. They made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions. The day of the surgery, I was able to try sizers again, and I'm so glad I did, because I ended up going bigger. Dr Tholen and his staff made me feel so comfortable and ready for the procedure. He understood exactly what I was looking for and I trusted his judgement completely. Everything that I experienced in my healing process, I was well prepared for, and it made it so easy. All of my appointments have gone smoothly, and I've had no issues. My scars look great, my new breasts have dropped nicely, and they are starting to really feel like my own. I've gotten so many compliments and would refer anyone to Dr Tholen!

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