35, 5'1 115lbs 410 / 445 SRM Natrelle Inspira

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I HAVEN'T HAD SURGERY, YET! Prior to having two...

I HAVEN'T HAD SURGERY, YET! Prior to having two kids, I wore a 34D or 34DD, and I loved my breasts! They were fantastic... but after nursing two kids and experiencing extreme mastitis, my breast were stretched beyond belief. And poof, once I stopped nursing, they were gone, it was a not-so-nice magic trick my body did. I'm now left with two hollow sacks, and it is the daily feeling of sadness I have when I step out of the shower, that makes me upset. I have spent the last year working up the courage to tell my husband about my desire to do my "rack restoration" project.... He was initially very, very opposed and still isn't a fan of the idea. So I told him I would stop bothering him IF he would go to the mall with the assignment of finding me a 36AA bra. I told him it could be any bra, you just have to come home with one in your hand, and it can't be sized in general sized, it has to have 36AA on the tag with a wire. Well, he failed miserably even after going into stores and asking for help, and he realized how difficult it is for me to buy lingerie and swimsuits. After several long discussions and writing him a humorous two-page essay about how I miss my breasts, he is finally understanding my POV, and supports me in my pursuit. I'm excited, nervous, and being very systematic and complete in my research of doctors, devices and techniques.


Determining Doctors

I've interviewed four Twin Cities plastic surgeons, and narrowed it down to two who I really like. One has a great deal of experience and I trust and like this surgeon a lot. The other surgeon uses the specific implant that I want frequently for patients, and understands why I'm inclined to get this particular implant. One surgeon I ruled out because I spent nearly two hours waiting in the office before I was actually seen, and seemed incredibly disinterested in my situation, and almost rude because I had so many questions and had done a great deal of research -- this surgeon seemed to think that all the answers they provided should suffice and it was almost silly to do research on other doctors or implants. This surgeon was actually somewhat condescending about other people in the field, whereas the other surgeons focused on their own expertise and experience, and the two I like actually acknowledged that there are several good surgeons in town, and I was wise to shop around. They both just said come back when you are closer to being ready if you want me to be your surgeon, and we will finalize the details. That made me feel good about both offices, which is partly why I'm a little mentally torn.

I'm going to get the surgery in May or June of 2016, primarily because I don't have the time now, and I need to avoid having surgery during cold & flu season.

I'm very excited and incredibly nervous. I get moments of questioning the process -- I saw a woman at the beach the other day who CLEARLY had them done, and they hadn't dropped, and almost appeared to be hovering in mid-air. I just mentally reassured myself that she had probably just had the operation, but it was so obvious and a long-term appearance of that nature freaks me out a little.

Booked a surgery date!

I have a date booked for May! I'm very excited because I had several delays because of family-life events. I have decided on Dr. Tholen at Minneapolis Plastic surgery after interviewing four surgeons in the Twin Cities. I'm an AA or A cup depending on the brand, and I picked out a 375 implant that I liked in the bra, but what that actually translates too is unknown to me. Having been a D or DD cup up until motherhood, I'm leaning to being just be my old self. In the last six months, my husband has really come around and is supportive in his words and actions.

Wish Boobs

I'm trying to find photos of what my breasts used to look like. I wish I had taken pictures of them naked before I had kids! I'm essentially trying to get back to where I started and just feel like my old self. I've searched for before and after photos for my goals, and I think these show women with somewhat similar breasts, they don't have the asymmetry I do, but they give you a general idea of what I'm seeking. I'm always amazed how different a size can look on one woman vs. another. To me, the 500 and 350 CC examples look close, but the women are different height and weight.

Wish Examples

More wish results

The countdown is on, I've been looking for photos of women who had similar "before" and the "after" I'm seeking

I'd be happy with any of these results

I'm in the upper left corner

Another wish pic

I love the upper fullness, cleavage and no side boob

Tomorrow is the day!

I'm very excited here is one more set of wish examples

445 & 410 SRF natrellr inspiras

I very pleased, the surgery was great, and I think Dr. Tholen and his staff were amazing. Pain is minimal, more like achy and sore-- I had far more pain from mastitis when nursing. And this makes a c-section look like a walk I the park. Dr. Tholen and I were on the same page about size, and I have my post op check today. I'm having difficulty sleeping, but it might just be adrenaline. My husband was a champ and my 6-year old even came in my room and asked how he could help me... I offered to read him a story at bedtime and he said "ok, but I'll turn the pages for you." Great day overall.

Day 3

I'm having a rough day, my stomach is sick.... Possibly all the meds, but my family also had a stomach virus before my surgery. I'm recovering at another family member's house. My breasts are pretty swollen and a little larger than I want the finished product to look, but once the swelling goes down in the next couple of months I think I will be very happy.

Day 5 progress

I'm not in much pain, just feel like I've got two bowling balls strapped to my chest and a compression vest over it. I'm more fatigued and gassy than anything. I'm really glad I took off two weeks of work, there is no way I would be ready to return on Monday. Taking Tylenol, Celebrex and muscle relaxer at bed time. I still am not using the hydrocodone because I think it was prolonging the pain I did have.

Much better today

I feel so much better today, my stomach is almost back to normal, still slightly bloated, but I have energy and minimal pain. Again, it is just more of a feeling of being tightly engorged -- but without the extreme tenderness of nursing. Each day I wake up more happy with the outcome even though I know they have a long way to drop. No regrets, and I can tell my husband is glad that I finally pulled the trigger!

Day 9 post op

They are falling into place nicely, little to no pain just numbness

Dropping slowly each day

At times it is hard to notice that they've dropped, but each morning they look a little better.

Two weeks progress

Dropping, getting a bit rounder from the original oval/square shape. Left breast is still a little oval. I've also been using a product called Lily PAdz which are silicone self adhesive nipple covers that are for nursing moms. No nipping out, no tape or cami required. They stay put and are washable and reusable. I highly recommend!

Three weeks progress

Tomorrow is three weeks. Left looks like it is almost in the perfect position. Right still needs to drop a little more.

4 weeks

They are still dropping ... Left is perfect and getting better. Right is still higher but to be expected with strong muscles on that side and a larger implant.


Before and after surgery at 4 weeks post op.

10 weeks, couldn't be happier

I'm so happy I made this decision, my friends and my husband have noticed a change in my happiness and confidence. I'm glad I did a lot of research and picked Dr. Tholen.... He restored my breasts to their pre baby shape and size better than I even anticipated. I would say that my sex life has improved too because I feel better about my appearance.

8 Months Post Op

I saw Dr. Tholen last week at my belated (6-month) post op appointment. My breasts have softened even more and I like them so much. The asymmetry that I had in the first few months, and any trace of it in the photos is because I'm raising my arm with my phone. They are really soft now and they feel and act like the breasts I had prior to kids. In fact most of the time I'm not aware of them, and they really feel like the real deal. I continue to be impressed with Dr. Tholen, and the friends and family who do know about the surgery are really amazed at how much I look like my old self. When I wake up and get ready I feel a restored sense of confidence.
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

I did more than six months of research, appointments, interviews and reading before making my final decision to go with Dr. Tholen. He was my first appointment because I suspected he would likely be the surgeon I would select after following his profile for several months on Real Self. I did interview three other reputable and popular surgeons in the Twin Cities, but I knew that Dr. Tholen was the right choice based on his years of experience, bedside manner and professionalism. I should preface this review by saying that my husband was adamantly opposed to augmentation and loved me just the way I was. He joined me during the appointment with Dr. Tholen, and I could tell that Dr. Tholen's sense of humor, candor and surgical expertise softened my husband's attitude and set a benchmark for appointments going forward. Dr. Tholen explained to both of us how nursing had changed my tissues and said that I was bordering on needing a lift, but he believe he could give me a could result without one if a sizable implant was chosen. He did warn me about the possibility of how a "borderline" case like my own might go, but said that if I were his family member, he wouldn't do it initially. I appreciated that he didn't scare me into an extra surgery at an additional cost, but at the same time was candid about the reality. Most importantly, Dr. Tholen was reassuring about my feelings and the emotional desire for the surgery and that he would work with me to achieve my goals. The staff was friendly and professional and took their time to walk me through all the appropriate information, but also were respectful of my time and were on time in the fitting appointments prior to the surgery date. On the day of the surgery everything was running on time, possibly ahead of schedule. I met with the nurse, anesthetist and was photographed. All were kind and did a great job of explaining the process to me and my husband. I once again met with Dr. Tholen and he was every bit as friendly, funny and informative as the first time we spoke, and we both easily agreed on the size, and then the next thing I knew I was waking up from surgery. The size appears to be everything I hoped for, and they are taking shape very nicely. At my follow-up appointment I arrived early, and they squeezed me in right away. I had some stomach issues from the meds in the days following, and my calls were immediately taken and addressed by the staff, and I could hear Dr. Tholen's voice providing instruction -- I feel like they have been the most accessible medical team I've ever had, and it is so reassuring, and it was helpful for my family who cared for me the days following. If you're trying to decide on a plastic surgeon in the Twin Cities, here are some things to consider: Expertise: You will find only a couple of surgeons who have as much experience as Dr. Tholen in the Twin Cities. Daily/weekly practice of surgical techniques counts for a lot, and this isn't like getting your hair colored, you don't want to roll the dice with someone who doesn't have a lot of patients. Information Sharing: Read Dr. Tholen's 3,000+ answers to people on Real Self, it will give you a good sense of how much he loves plastic surgery and wants to help educate patients. His answers are scientific with real-world context and can be understood in layman's terms. Professionalism: He respects the feelings and wishes of his patients and listens to their needs. Some doctors are happy to tell you what would look good on you. Dr. Tholen asked what my goals were and helped me understand if they were realistic. I also think it should be noted that Dr. Tholen works with transgender patients. While I might not be transgendered, I want a surgeon who treats every community with dignity and I think this is a good sign of being open-minded. Thank you Dr. Tholen!

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