31 Yrs, 5'2", 110 Lbs, 32A, Silicone BA - Minneapolis, MN

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I've found these reviews (testimonials really)...

I've found these reviews (testimonials really) quite interesting, so I wanted to add my voice if it can help someone else! I'm less than a month out from my BA and cannot wait. I have a similar story as other petite, athletic woman - my breasts grew a little bit when I was 15, and I kept hoping they'd keep going... never did. I'm a confident, proud woman and avid runner that loves and appreciates my body, so honestly I had to think long and hard about doing something as "drastic" as voluntary surgery to alter my appearance. 16 years, I suppose!

I was on a birth control pill with estrogen for a long time, and was one of the lucky ones who got a nice plumping from it. And it was enough to keep me happy! I could generously fill my 32A bras, and even have some nice cleavage with a push-up. About a year ago, I switched to an estrogen-less birth control implant, and pppfffpfpf... all boost gone and I'm practically flat chested. It was the last straw.

I'm at a good place in my life, married, no kids, good career, where I'm comfortable wanting to do this for myself and can afford to do it for myself. As I've gotten closer and closer to making this real, I've gotten more obsessed and excited. I can't wait to wake up with boobs for the first time in my life! I want something between a B and C cup (I am an athlete and a runner after all), and want a look that's natural and proportional with my frame.

Pre-Op - 32A wishing for 32C

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday, and am feeling good about my PS. We went over my wish pics and I'm confident she understands the look I want. She's going to have 250-375 CCs, mod and HP, available in the operating room. I think she'll start with 300 CC mod profile and see how the works on my frame. I'm petite, so the mods may be too wide. I really want a natural look however and am worried about the HPs being too round on top. BA is scheduled for April 7th!

Has anyone with a similar size (32 band, 5'2", 110 lbs) been able to get mod implants, or felt like they got natural results with high profile?

Day 3 Post Op - 385/345cc HP Silicone Unders

Whew! I can't believe I have boobs! Frankly, I'm kind of terrified of them, these foreign things sitting on my chest, but it's also exciting. My first reaction was "OMG, they're huge", but after showering and taking some pictures today I think they will be perfect. My PS went with the high range of what we talked about, so no boob greed here!

Ah, where to start? The pain has been manageable, like I just did the most intense chest workout of my life. I switched over to just Advil today after two days of Oxycodone and muscle relaxers. Probiotics and stool softeners are a good idea. I'm wrapped up in an ace bandage for a week before transitioning to a built in bra tank. They're super high and tight, but I can already see where they're headed :-)

Day 5 - 32A +345/385cc Silicone Unders

Alright, this has been harder for me than I thought it would be. Definitely feeling the boobie blues! I feel like such a freak. I've seen pictures of people on here who walked out of surgery and had pretty attractive results right away. My PS emphasized that what she does is not instant gratification and the need for patience, but maybe I secretly hoped for quick and easy results anyway. The pain is really not bad at all, but the constant pressure and tension is getting to me. I stopped the painkillers day 3 but have started the muscle relaxers again, which have really helped.

I struggled a little bit in posting pictures, but I'm doing it anyway to hopefully help anyone else recovering and not feeling great. I tore through my closet to find a shirt that felt flattering. I first tried on a low-cut VS nightgown I had stopped wearing because it just reminded me that I had nothing there. But it looked ridiculous and obscene with these large, swollen things... Then I tried one of my favorite yoga tanks, and feel really good about the size. Hahahaha, I can't believe I'm not wearing an enormous push-up bra to get this look.

I still have a lot of swelling and bruising on top. My PS offered bonus lipo-ing of the fat at the crease of the armpit. I figured, why not? Ha, but the bruising is making my already freaky bobs a little more freaky. *Deep breath* Patience...

Has anyone else had issues with a less than enthusiastic spouse or SO? My husband has been supportive in a "if this is what you want, I support you" way, but he's been making little unhelpful comments making me feel worse. My mom and best friend have been my cheerleaders!

8 Days Post-Op

Okay, I'm feeling a lot better. The first few days were pretty awful. Yesterday and today was a huge breakthrough in my muscles relaxing. That tightness and tension that was driving me nuts has released. I was so tight, I felt like a hunchback, unable to pull my shoulders back. I'll be honest, the first few days I felt more like I had been disfigured than enhanced. Like a couple of softballs had been jammed into my chest. I've read reviews on here where it's love at first sight, so I'm just gonna admit that hasn't been my experience. So if you feel shitty at first, you're not alone! And it does get better, quickly :-)

My new "girls" as seems to be the popular euphemism, felt HUGE to me at first. Like Vegas porn star stripper big (in my head). But looking in the mirror and taking pictures, no, not so much. Still, I'm a little afraid that I was too greedy and overdid it, shifting from a B/C to full C desire. Verdict still out. Shifting from the ace bandage to bra tanks/bralettes has helped. It's hard to feel sexy wearing bulky, lumpy layers underneath clothes.

I'm actually pretty thrilled with how my new figure looks under clothes. I wore one of my favorite tees today, form fitting but not super tight, and it looked awesome. No padding (?!?!?). And that was exactly what one of my desires going into this was, to NEVER HAVE TO WEAR A PADDED BRA AGAIN. So if I had gone smaller, maybe I wouldn't have gotten that... But in a strappy sundress, they look larger than I'd like them to. I'm hoping that the settling and dropping will help me love the size.

So yeah, on that front, they're still pretty ugly naked. I had a one-week check up with my PS yesterday, and she said they're healing beautifully and to be patient :-) Yup, got it. One (two, 12) doses of patience coming right up. She just may end up being a sizing genius. I got such a short time with her (possibly my fault for coming in at the end of the day on a Friday), but I kind of want to get the play-by-play of my operation - the sizes and profiles they tried, what order, what they thought of each combo, what they talked about, how they (I) ended up where they did. Haha. But really.

I went shopping today and bought the first bathing suit I tried on. I tried to tell myself not to get so excited, that this is how swimsuits will fit me from now on, it's actually me not the suit, but I couldn't help it :-)

2 Weeks - Ups and Downs

So lots of ups and downs this last week! I'm still apprehensive about the size, but I think I lot of that is simply getting used to having boobs. It's quite startling to go overnight from having nothing to having a whole lot there. I really thought that I would be able to hide the changes with clothing and that it wouldn't be super obvious when I didn't want it to be. But my goodness, maybe it was the swelling or poorly chosen outfits or paranoia, but I felt like my entire office was staring at my chest last week. I tried to convince myself it was just paranoia, but when multiple people stare at your chest and try to suppress a smile.... So I was SUPER self-conscious on top of already being sensitive about the size.

Physically I've felt great! Probably too great to the point I'm worried I've pushed further than I should have. Of all things that could hurt me, it was cooking and cutting up an onion and butternut squash last night plus traveling for work dragging a suitcase today that has made me very tight on the right side. :-( I need to take the recovery time more seriously! My right side is already a lot higher - it has the bigger implant and higher crease, plus the tighter muscles of my dominant side. The asymmetry is really noticeable right now, but I'm optimistic it will just take time to settle (if I don't keep cutting stupid squashes...).

I read it in someone else's review, and its great advice - take progress pics!! I compared a picture I took last night with one the day after the surgery and they have definitely softened and rounded. They still have a long way to go, but it's comforting to see progress! They seem to look proportionately sized for my body in pictures, but still feel huge in person. I tried on a sized, front zip sports bra yesterday (32D, 34C, and 34D). The 34D provided the best coverage… I'll try again in another couple weeks to see how they settle.

While I’m still worried they’re bigger than what I wanted, I don’t regret at all having the procedure done. There is no contest in how I feel getting naked now compared to before.

Happy Camper

Size Verdict = Love them (most of the time). I'm 4 1/2 weeks post op, although these pictures were taken just short of 4 weeks. I feel awesome in clothes and am starting to love they way they look naked. Yes, there are some clothes that just don't look right anymore, but I spent many years cultivating a look to be flattering to small breasts. I just need to cultivate a new look now! If I made list of clothes that look BETTER now versus those that don't, the first column would dominate.

I've been thinking through what I may have left out that would be helpful for someone about to go through the same thing...

Week 1: I had my surgery on a Thursday and went back to work on Tuesday. It was okay, but not great. I had just gone on vacation shortly before, so I really couldn't swing any more time off. I have a pretty chill office job, but the first two days sucked. I was tight, sore, uncomfortable and unhappy. 7 days seemed to be the magic number, by the following Thursday I felt significantly better. If you can do it, (and as my PS recommended) take a whole 7 days before going back to work. Also - swelling!! Swelling is real + ungainly wrappings/surgical bras. It was so hard to hide the dramatic size increase. If you're sensitive about this, as I was, it's another reason to wait.

Week 2: Better than week 1. Boobs slowly start to look round instead of square. I still had a lot of weakness in my hands, especially noticeable in my right side. They still felt super foreign, hard and high. I went up and down daily about the size. I was able to do more and felt like a functional human at least.

Week 3: Cleared to do "light" exercise! Elliptical, cycling, walking... This has been the longest I've gone without running in 10+ years. Working up a decent sweat was a huge mood booster, and I look super hot in work out clothes. But hello asymmetry! My right breast has the larger implant, higher crease, and is my dominant size. By week 3 my left was dropping nicely, but the right was still pretty high and tight. In a tight shirt the asymmetry was obvious, especially in stripes which draw a line across your chest. I was not aware of how many tight, stripped shirts I own until this moment. (A lot.) However, I also noticed the first bit of jiggle! Not jiggly, mind you, but they moved. Somewhere in week 3-4, my girls started to feel less foreign, no doubt because they felt less like solid rocks strapped onto my chest. Also, the swelling had gone down to the point where I felt comfortable (and not obvious) in work clothes. And attractive! Well hello there, curves without padding.

Because of the "high" of exercising, I may have psychically pushed myself more this week than I should have. Pouring a 20 lb jug of cat litter into the litter box... no go. I dropped the whole thing right in the box. I also tried several times to lift myself (like onto a counter or over a gate) without thinking. Immediate no go. My upper body felt super weak combined with an incredibly strange twitching sensation... However, I was able to go on long walks with a moderately well behaved German Shepard without issues (a little bit of leash-tugging didn't bother me).

Week 4: So good! The dropping is well on its way, my nipples are even and maybe even slightly up, and the upper pole fullness is diminishing. My best friend gave me the seal of approval - she thought they looked great, symmetrical and proportionate! Yay! We compared squeezes (she is naturally very well-endowed) and there's no comparison... My boobs will never feel like that, so soft and jelly-like. But honestly, my breasts were so small before they never felt like that anyway, so I'm not experiencing any lost. They will become softer than they are now, and hopefully forever perky, and I'm okay with that.

What else? Doctor's recommendations. My PS seems pretty chill in comparison to a lot of stuff on here. No torture band, no compression bra. Since day 7, I've been wearing either shelf-bra camis or soft jockey bralettes (recommended technique!!! I'm dropping just fine and in comfort). As I mentioned, I got the go head to do low-impact exercise at 3 weeks, and also to sleep on my side. Oh, the joy! I'll be clear to return to all normal activity at 6 weeks - except when I pressed her about upper body exercise including yoga with chaturangas, she recommended holding off on things like push-ups, bench presses and flies for 8 weeks. I had dissolvable stitches and haven't treated the scars with anything but bio-oil. The bio-oil felt really good especially the first week when my skin felt tighter than a stretched balloon. They're fine, they're scars, they'll go away in their own time, just not something I'm worked up about.

I haven't been overly careful with regular physical activity, like carrying stuff to work or reaching for dishes or doing housework. I just listen to my body. If it's uncomfortable, I stop, get a stool. If it's okay, I do it. After one 20 minute session on the elliptical, I bought a Under Armor front-zip high-impact sports bra and it made a difference in comfort.

Massages! At my 3 week appointment, my PS told me to touch them as much as possible. Mmm, okay. She didn't cite anything to do with softening or dropping, but said that as the nerve endings reattach, they can cause sharp pains and said that touching and squeezing helps reduce that.

I think that's it! I'll continue to post progress pictures and anything notable!

Picture Update

Whoops, missed this one. Full body shot so you get an idea of proportions! I'm 5'2", and went from a 32A to ~34C(?) with 345/385 CC under muscle, silicone implants.

Wow is it nice to have boobs!

I'm 6 1/2 weeks post op and very happy! I think I may have finally crossed the bridge and am happy with the size ALL the time. Because even after my last post, there were still days I thought they were too big and wished I had gone smaller. I never regretted the surgery though. Looking at my pictures from today, they're great!! Definitely not too large for my body. I started running at week 6 (okay, 5 weeks and 6 days), and have NO issues. I think that was the last thing I was holding out on. If doing this affected my ability to enjoy running, I would have been crushed. But nope, so two enthusiastic thumbs for being WORTH IT. Haha, it is kind of funny, they don't budge. Of course I have a really good sports bra so that's the point, but I do notice the jiggling on others. Oh well!! Real boobs may be really bouncy but they can also be really saggy, so it balances out. I'm just thrilled to have boobs!! ( . ) ( . ) <3

Before and After (7.5 Weeks Post)

Take progress photos, ladies! If you ever doubt your decisions, this is really helpful. I also feel like this is a good rebuttal pic. I've luckily not had the issues I've imagined (or read about) with family or friends reacting negatively and saying things like, "How could you do that to yourself?" But I'm sure this conversation will happen and probably more than once. Not that I plan on showing it, but this picture reminds me why I did this. It wasn't an overreaction, I'm not crazy vain, I just wanted the curves on top that nature didn't bless me with.

3 Month Update

Hi all! I thought three months would be a good time to post an update. I've split my thoughts into three sections: activity, size, and shape.

ACTIVITY - I've fully returned to all pre-op activity, including yoga. I've started training for a fall marathon, and larger boobs have had no impact. In fact, I think I love my boobs the most in workout gear and working out because that's the one situation where I never wore push-up bras and was uber-flat. Chaturangas and push-ups still feel odd, but less so every time I do it. I haven't noticed any weird boob movement either, thank goodness.

SIZE - I went from a VS 32A to a 32DD. Whoa. Honestly, there are still moments that I wish I had stuck with my original B/C goal instead of upping to C/D. After spending 16 years with a flat-chested, lithe figure, it is taking time to mentally adjust to a new body type. However, I also often wake up like a kid at Christmas, look down and thinking, "Omg, omg, I have boobs" :-D.

SHAPE - Some thoughts here. It is important to have realistic expectations. You cannot cheat your anatomy with breast implants. If you had wide set boobs before surgery, you will have wide set boobs after. If one breast was higher than the other, it will be higher after. If one boob is larger than the other, these can be balanced out a lot but still not perfectly.

After reading some threads about "ideal" breast distance being 1-2 fingers (when mine is closer to 4), I was pretty upset. I thought angrily, "mods would have been better, they would have pushed by breasts closer together". Then I examined before pictures of myself and realized with some shock that they were wide set to begin with, but they were so flat it wasn't obvious. A valley's less noticeable between hills than mountains. The implants are restricted by the shape of my chest wall. If I had gotten mods with a wider diameter, I would have ended up with mad side-boob and the same gap...

And finally, slope. After 3 months, they are assuming a much more natural slope as you can see in the side pictures I posted, which means they look more natural in bathing suits and low cut tops. And I got excited realizing that it's *only* been 3 months when it takes 6-12 months for them to fully settle. I hope that the rounded top decreases even more.

I'll review again after the procedure, but I choose Dr. Harrington after going to a couple of consultations with other surgeons in the area. I'm sure they're all excellent, but I choose her because I feel most confident I'll get the look I want. Instead of doing the whole sizer thing, which I just felt was imprecise (what you look like under clothes is so different than naked!), Dr. Harrington asks you to find pictures of your ideal look and proportions, and trust her to make the decision of what size implant will give the result you want. Love it! ***6 week post op update*** Worth every penny and emotional/physical recovery time. I was so worried about the size and that she had gone larger than I wanted, but once they really settled I've been satisfied. Dr. Harrington's work is beautiful. Even with natural assymetry in size and crease, the end result is very pleasing. I've also had an uneventful recovery with no issues. I have a tad bit of numbness on the underside, but didn't have morning boob and barely any shooting nerve pains during recovery. I saw her every week until week 3 and won't go back again until 4 months post op, which is when I assume she'll take the post pictures meaning they've truly reached their final form. I love them now and look forward to watching them change even more over the next couple months.

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