30yo, 5'11" 160lbs, 36b Pre-op, Looking at Subglandular High Profile 400-500cc - Minneapolis, MN

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I am very excited for my new boobs! I have wanted...

I am very excited for my new boobs! I have wanted them since I was a teenager. My breasts are A/B with slight constriction.

My PS is using local anesthetic and nitrous gas. Anyone have experience with this? Seems a lot of the side effects I'm reading about are related to general anesthesia. The nurse even told me I should eat a big meal before the surgery!

Also wondering how long it will be before I can work out again. I currently work out about 4 times a week. I suppose I can keep walking around.

Thinking 400-500cc will work since my frame is larger, approx 33" around under my breasts.

Is arnica or other supplements worth it??

The other issue I'm worried about is that I'm flying home the day after the procedure. I know this isn't ideal but it's what I have to do! Flight is only 3 hours but I don't know if I'll be able to roll my own luggage! Hoping the pain meds and ice will do the trick, but planning to wear compression socks and whatever my doc tells me to use for my new breasts.

I've read about anti inflammatory meds that may help prevent capsular contracture and some people are eating a lot of fruits and veggies, pineapple, coconut water etc. I know everyone is different but it doesn't seem like it would hurt!

I'm going to start rubbing cocoa butter oil on my breasts to prep the skin for surgery. A little over two weeks out!! I've bought some silicone tape and extra tegaderm incase I need it. I also starting putting business clothes aside that have high neck lines. I think I will be heavily utilizing the fashion scarf this January ????

Wish boobs

Ive been looking at a LOT of boobs lately!! Thanks to all the realself community posters! It has been fun daydreaming! Trying to be realistic about what I'm starting with since it will dictate the final outcome. I've found several pics that I think look like me before so I'm encouraged about my potential!

One year update

Well the last year has been a roller coaster. I developed an infection that caused my incisions not to heal. The doctor flew me back to Mn and removed them not three months after they were implanted. I went through periods where I could barely move my arms, fevers, and a series of seromas. I have been seeing an infectious disease doctor for the past year who has put me on an intense regimen of antibiotics.

I have finally received clearance to try again, but will certainly not be using my original plastic surgeon. One day after I had a breast ultrasound to examine the seromas I was having after explant, he texted me and said, "bummer". Great doc huh?
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