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I had a tummy tuck this year, and now I'm very...

I had a tummy tuck this year, and now I'm very interested in having a BBL. But of course I live in MN where all the doctors seem to be unable to produce results like the FL doctors. I'm very interested in Dr. Salazhuer (spelling?). I have care credit and am paying off what's left of the TT soon. I'm thinking September 2015 or maybe even having to wait until 2016!!! Ugh!! I'm about to be 33 yrs old...feeling ancient with 3 kids!!

Anyways, if anyone else lives in MN or has traveled to FL for surgery any help is welcomed. I'm pretty sure my fiance will not be okay with me traveling, but he loves me so much I'm hoping he will just be supportive :)

I'm about 182 pounds, 5'6", and I have lots of love handle/lower back fat, arm fat, and thigh fat. My butt is dimply...gross...and has no good shape, with the enormous love handles and lower back fat, my ass looks like a square :(

Emailing and scheduling consults

I have two in person consults scheduled for 1/19 and 1/21. One with Dr. Thao of Woodbury Plastic Surgery and the other consult is with Dr. Tholen in Golden Valley. I am doing email consults with Dr.Fisher and Dr. Salama from FL. I am hoping for an email consult with Dr.Salazhuer too, who is also in FL. I want to see what the costs are at all 4 and go from there.

Dr.Fisher Quote

Dr.Fisher quoted me $5,500 for a BBL which includes lipo of the back, flanks, full abdomen, and injection into butt and hips. They said I should GAIN!!! 8 pounds!! Never thought I would hear that before. But I can cover that amount with my Care Credit card. Now to see what the other docs quote me. I have to factor in plane ticket, unexpected costs of travelling, and accommodations in FL.

3 MN Consults Scheduled

I now have 3 consults scheduled all in the same week. I am going to go see Dr. Kovanda too. He is supposed to be the doctor that does the most BBLs in MN so I'm anxious to hear what he thinks and how much he charges.

New Job...question about FMLA

I was offered a new position at a great place, but this means I have no saved up PTO, paid time off...bummer. Can you use FMLA for this surgery?? Or do you have to be on the job for a year to use FMLA?? I could probably google it. I might have to wait until next year though, maybe February or March 2016. Boo hoo!

Dr.Robles in the DR Quote

So I decided to contact Dr.Robles for a quote and was given a quote of $4500 for everything. All I would need is airfare and probably some cash. I'm so tempted!!!! But due to starting a new job soon, I know I can't take the time off...ugh!!!! So I emailed her assistant back and said I will be in contact next year. So my BBL journey has come to a sloooow down :*( It's okay. Hopefully next year I can have the money together and pay in full either to Dr.Robles or Dr.Fisher in FL. I'm still meeting with the MN doctors to see what they say. But I'm almost positive none of them will give me a quote under $6000. FL will cost $5500 PLUS hotel costs!! Sooooo DR looks better money wise, but I'm scared to go out of the country! Okay, well I hope this year is awesome and great. I'm going to focus on my workouts, get stronger, and keep the fat I have so it can be put to good use :) I can wait one more year.

Dr.Kovanda Consult

I just finished my consult with Dr.Kovanda. He's very relaxed, confident, and seems to understand what I want. His quote with arm lipo included is $8800 total. Without lipo to my arms it would be $7900. He would lipo my full abdomen, flanks, and back plus arms if I choose that option. He's thinking anywhere from 750cc's to 1000cc's per cheek. He would also include lipo to thighs as well, the inner thighs is what I would like. He thinks he could get 3-4 liters of fat out of me. I will see Dr.Thao later today so I will let you know how that goes.

Dr.Thao Consult

So Thao stated that I do not have enough I'm confused!! One doctor is saying I have enough and another is stating I don't. Makes no sense. Thao is worried about my skin because I've lost a lot of weight he thinks my skin won't bounce back from lipo on the sides of my flanks. Hmmmmm...not sure that makes total sense to me because I've seen patients om here who have lost a lot of weight or are even older women whose skin is less elastic and they have wonderful results. Oh well!! I have one more consult with a doctor on Wednesday, and I want to see what he has to say. I'm almost feeling like I should go to FL or the DR but that's just not something I see my fiance supporting.

Dr.Tholen Consult

Dr.Tholen said nothing to me about skin elasticity problems and I trust him 100% because I've seen his reviews. He would do lipo to my love handles and lower back and inner thighs. His price was roughly $8,350. He said he would not lipo my abdomen due to me still having stretch marks and fears of the skin not looking right. So I'm thinking I will go with Kovanda. He does the most BBLs in MN and his willingness to lipo more is important to me. And I explained to Kovanda that I am very interested in the FL doctors ways. So hopefully at the end of this year I will schedule surgery for early 2016 :)
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