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I was fed up with training so hard in the gym and...

I was fed up with training so hard in the gym and not being able to remove stubborn fat. I was also disappointed in the fact that I trained my flutes three times a week (squats and various other exercises) and still had nothing to show for it. I eat a very clean diet and simply decided it was time. I highly recommend Dr. B!

2 days post op follow up

My follow up went well. I'm feeling good and moving around great. I have had very little to no drainage and everything is smoothing out well. Can't wait for my next follow up on Saturday!

5am 3 days post op bbl

I just couldn't wait until later I had to snap this pic and post it now lol!! I'm absolutely in love with my progress and results!! Dr. Balgobin is amazing!!! I'll post more pics after I shower but WOW!!!????

BBL 5 days post op went well!

So I had my second post op visit today and Doctor BBL said that my results are one of his best! These pics simply don't do any justice if I may say so myself my booty really does look AMAZING!! ;)

One week post op...

One week later. I couldn't be HAPPIER!!! Dr. Chris Balgobin is the most talented cosmetic surgeon hands down!!!

Just barely over a week post op

I'm feeling great! Bruising is obviously still present as that takes times to subside, but overall I've been moving around and doing well since I had my bbl. I have only taken Tylenol and had no need for the prescribed pain meds. Swelling is slowly subsiding as well with the main area being my tummy. Overall I'm extremely happy with my results!!!

Decided to try on a dress...

Obviously it's just been a little over a week and I'm still swollen BUT I couldn't resist trying on a dress just to get a sneak peek of what's to come!!! I'm SO happy I did this! Just in time for the summer!!! Thank you Dr. Balgobin!!! :)

Dress up round 2...this time a competition bikini

So I just had to try on one of my competition bikini's to get a glimpse of dat ass in a bikini. Winner if I say so myself! LOL!! Dr. Balgobin is where it's at ladies!!!

14 days post op and headed to the gym!

Hi everyone! I'm exactly 14 days post op (my bbl was on 4/26/16) and I am holding on to my projection and my waist gets smaller each day. Today I'm actually starting my bikini diet which is a very strict meal plan that I follow to the T in order to get ready for my bikini competitions. I'm headed to train at the gym for the first time in months as I had been skipping the gym and eating everything in sight to gain weight for my bbl. I'm only walking very slowly on the treadmill for 20 mins. and probably won't lift anything heavier than 10lbs. I'm taking it VERY slow as I am still healing. My bruising is minimal and I anticipate it will be completely gone by the end of this week. Hope you enjoy my pics as much as I do!! Dr. Chris Balgobin is my cosmetic surgeon in Minneapolis.

Waist Trainer

Soooo, today I'm wearing one of my favorite waist trainers! I'm SO excited as this is a sure sign that swelling is decreasing and I'm inching closer and closer to healing successfully! Yesterday I did a short 20 minute slow incline walk on the treadmill followed by a very light shoulder session. I'm going to do another 20 minute walk followed up with a bicep and triceps session right now. My waist is measuring 29 inches today. My guess is that I'll be right around 26 inches by the time swelling completes. I'm hoping my clean eating will help bring it in to around 24. Cheers to feeling and looking your best!!

18 Days Post Op

Just wanted to let you all know that I'm 18 days post op and the other day my waist was measuring 29 inches and today it's down to 27 inches!!! Swelling is decreasing quickly and things are taking shape very nicely. My obliques are starting to show and I have absolutely NO pain or discomfort. In fact after the surgery I only needed Tylenol and that was mainly to control headaches. Dr. Balgobin knows how to do a BBL and he does it flawlessly!! Check out my pics. No I don't match because I've been lounging around the house lol! Enjoy!! :)

Saturday update 19 days post op!

I'm VERY close to pulling out my dresses, shorts, and halter tops!! Still have a little swelling that I'm able to notice and in sure no one else would but I just want to be completely healed before I put all this amazing sculpting and booty on display LOL!! ;)

24 days post op swelling fluctuating

I'm getting closer and closer to my 1 month mark!!! I'm SO happy with my decision to get a bbl. I went for a very natural look. The exaggerated hips and video vixen booty is not for me- looks beautiful on other women with that diva attitude but I'm an athlete so I prefer to look natural and toned. My doctor delivered and exceeded my expectations! Shout out to Dr. Balgobin!!! Also I was feeling myself yesterday and had the nerve to go without any compression and woke up swollen today LOL!! Lesson learned I'll turn it down a few notches and put my waist trainer back on ha!! ;)

In my comfy pajamas 26 days post op

I'm VERY happy with my volume and projection since majority of the swelling has subsided. Just had to share a quick pic of my new booty in a pair of my favorite pj's lol! I'll be posting my one month post op on Tuesday so stay tuned! ;)

One month post op!!!

I made it!!! Today is my one month post op big reveal lol!!! I would say I probably lost 25% of what was injected BUT as you can clearly see it's just perfect for my frame!!! Besides, anything was better than what I was working with before...sigh. LOL! Anyway, I can't thank Dr. Balgobin enough for helping my take my figure to the next level!! Ladies, contact him NOW!!! I'm SUPER happy!!!

Enjoying my new body

I'm just a few weeks shy of my 7th week but you can't tell me a thing honey LOL!!! I feel amazing, confident, just awesome! Thank you Dr. Balgobin, thank you!!!

10 weeks in a few days exercising and maintaining volume!

Loving life, loving shopping, most of all LOVING THIS BODY!!! Dr. Balgobin, thank you!

Three months post op (late post but pic taken at exactly 3 months post op)

I'm EXTREMELY happy however I'm going to increase the volume and projection a little more with implants. I'm going to see Dr. Grawe on August 26th (exactly 4 months post bbl) for implants!!! I'm REALLY REALLY excited!!!!

Bye Bye Flatty Patty

You can read all of my reviews on Dr. Balgobin-THE ABSOLUTE BEST DOCTOR in the world of BBLs- on my profile page, but in the meantime I want to give him my support and also assure you ladies and gents that are looking for a surgeon to perform your Brazilian Butt Lift that Dr. Chris Balgobin aka Dr. BBL IS THE BEST! He is 100% passionate about YOUR DREAM BOOTY and listens to everything you say. He informs you of his recommendations from a surgeons point of view and lays out the procedure so that you clearly understand everything. Dr. Balgobin is extremely personable, caring, and hands down has your best interest at heart.

Check out how he took me from flatty patty to big booty Judy in the blink of an eye. I am so grateful and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Balgobin!!
Minneapolis Physician

Dr. B is a very personable cosmetic surgeon who truly cares about his patients. He is the only Dr. Miami franchisee and his results prove why!! If you want top notch results from a passionate doctor with staff that care about YOU, then you want Dr. Balgobin on your side!

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