27 Years Old, 5'2 125lbs with No Children - Minneapolis, MN

I always thought of getting breast implants as...

I always thought of getting breast implants as something that I would never be able to do. I've had two friends in the past few months that have got them and are very satisfied with the results. I've been a 34aa my entire life. I remember being disappointed as a teenager with the way my chest looks. I'm incapable of having cleavage and I can't even fill out an a cup bra. I'm nervous and excited at the possibility of getting breast implants. I have a consultation scheduled with Dr. Gervais on August 15th. I want to post before pictures, however I have a lot of tattoos and am pretty easily identifiable


I had my consultation on Monday and it went well. I was able to go with a friend who already had the procedure so that was pretty helpful. Everyone at Dr. Gervais's office seemed friendly and helpful. I ultimately liked the 457cc Allergan Naturelle silicone implants the best. However, The shirt I wore was kind of a poor choice because it's baggy and ended up making me look way larger than I am. I'm going to go back with my boyfriend in the next moth or so and try them on again with a better shirt. I did schedule my surgery and as of right now it's set for November 22nd. I'm excited!!
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