26 Already Curvy Looking for PERFECTION :-) - Minneapolis, MN

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I've been contemplating for a year now. Lol I know...

I've been contemplating for a year now. Lol
I know now I for sure want this I'm just trying to be as careful as possible as far as picking my surgeon.
Bare with me

I have Dr Hassan and Ortega on my mind heavily though I am still looking.
I am still learning and researching so that I can make sure everything is right. My health is my first priority.

Change of heart

Hey you guys ! It's been awhile! Well I had hired a personal trainer for some months. I admit I am healthier and about 30-40 pounds lighter but I still do not have to body I desire.
Do I've been debating with myself. At first I want a bbl. then realized I already have enough so how about I take away instead of add? U know how they say less is more? I'm wondering if I just get some type of lip to the lower and top abdomen and flanks if it will give me the look I want. I do not want my body to look to fake. Also because my Breast are a 36 DDD I am thinking of getting a BA or BL.
I'm looking for the best Dr. for a reasonable Price.


I'm just waiting on a quote. I sent in my info to Durand team and texted the number. I'm just wondering how do they give you a quote without seeing you first. Like ATLEAST a pic or something.
Well anyway I'm confident in Duran and I know she will give me the results I want.

I'm hoping to get in before New Years.

Now I've debated on should I just get a bbl and bl or should I get lipo sculpture and a bl because I'm already pretty thick. Tough decision . But I'm trying to look as natural as possible.
You know they say less is more so I'm thinking just lipo should do. My fear is me ending up looking like a bug because I already have a big butt. But I just want more roundness ya know.? I'm going with my bbl though no doubt about it. Just scared of traveling alone not know a different language and in constant pain


So after waiting a few weeks I finally received my Qoute from Duran . 6100$ for surgery. I asked for a bbl bl with implant and liposculpture. The Qoute did not say bl with implant so I think maybe she doesn't suggest it. I am a 36ddd already I may just need a lift. But that Qoute is perfect for me she hit it right on the nose. Now I need to make a deposit and lock in a date. Probably around sept. I'm nervous and I admit sometimes I feel a bit lost trying to go about this by myself. Like I didn't know WE had to find a recovery home and pay separate. It's not a problem , I just didn't know. But I'm trying to research as much as possible. I am so excited though.
Dr. bbl

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