Looking into a REVISION of my Asian Eyelids

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The problems I want to fix on my eyes: -crease...

The problems I want to fix on my eyes:
-crease height increase
-eyes don't close all the way when sleeping
-crease definition that highlight my eyes

I had my original lid surgery 6 years ago, by a board-certified opthalmologist as well as an oculoplastic surgeon. I found him only because a doctor referred me to him for this procedure. I was young then and thought that I had done enough research. He "said" he performs the double eyelid procedure on "asian" clients, but the truth was even though he specialized in the eye and plastic surgery of the eye, he lied (to this day, his site has NOTHING about his ability to perform asian double eyelids). As you can see from my pictures, they were done horribly. The funny thing was, immediately after - and I'm talking 1 week after- I noticed the assymetry and weird creases on the inner corners of my eyes even with so much swelling. For the right eye, at the time, as the crease begins from the inner corner, there was a double fold that eventually disappeared if you look at my pic now (the crease looks like it begins only from the middle of my eye outwards). For the left eye, again with the crease beginning from the inner corner, the height of the crease was much bigger but had a double fold there too that eventually my eye decided it wanted to go with the lower fold which resulted in an odd looking crease. Look closely at my left eye and you'll see what I mean. I asked him about the obvious inconsistencies and of course the default answer was to wait until the swelling went down. At 3 months post-op, even though my lids were still slightly swollen, the apparent asymmetry and height were essentially what it is now. I went back to him and he praised me (himself essentially) that it was "good". I told him I didn't like it. He said let time pass. Time has passed. They look horrible still. -_- I have only myself to blame- he could show me only 3 total photos of his asian clients and I jumped at the possibility because I wanted to get the procedure done soooo bad. I didn't want to fly out of state at that time and wanted convenience. Looking back now, so many mistakes made. He was impersonal, didn't really take the time to hear about ME. About what I want. He was evasive with my concerns. Once the money got paid, any sort of rapport I felt with him dissipated. Anyways!!! It is done and over with and I want to get a revsion done. I started my research process all over again. This is how I came across this site and I was hoping to find others in the same boat I'm in. I *think* I have found the doctor who I want to perform the revision- Dr. William P Chen in Long Beach, CA. I am super scared and apprehensive that I'll just be disappointed again. I don't believe this doctor is a part of realself.com and so I'm hoping to hear from the community either about him or other doctors who have done REVISIONS. I plan to have a consult with Dr. Chen soon but I've gone through this process before and the more feedback about potential surgeons I could see the better.
******And to anyone who is considering this procedure for the first time, here is one thing I recommend : make sure to ask to see their galleries containing pictures of patients that are more than 6 months post-op AND smiling. I am unhappy with my lid height (too small) and when I smile, it's almost like, "did I even have eyelid surgery?!" Ok, I KNOW some of you want the "natural" look and that's great! Me, I want to be able to smile and STILL SEE MY LIDS! I want to be able to put on my eyeliner AND STILL SEE MY LIDS. Please don't misunderstand- I do not want "western" eyes. I only want what will enhance my eyes and what im paying for: double lids!
Ok I'm really looking forward to feed back- either way I will be documenting my experience here once I make my decision.
*side note* I don't remember how much I actually paid.

Dun dun dun...Forgot pics!! lol

Another tip for you guys out there looking into eyelid surgery for the first time and can't quite tell the height of the crease relative to the person in the pic--Look at the upper lash line. I remember when I first looked at hundred of pictures, some crease heights were pretty obvious, others looked "okay". Then after I got mine done AND waited until they were completely healed.. then I could see how "high" they really were. Mine are very small and disappear with makeup and smiling- something I explicitly got this surgery for!

So here is a recap of the problem areas:

Right eye:
-crease seems to begin from mid-eye outwards - causes my eye to take on a weird shape when smiling
-I forgot to mention this in the original post, but as the crease tapers towards the outer corner of the eye, it curves downwards vs the left eye where the crease shape is parallel to the eye (imagine when I try to do a cat eye for going out: FAIL)

Left eye:
-weird skin folding on the inner corner of the eye - it causes my eyes to take on a triangle-ish shape when smiling

-eyes don't close all the way when sleeping
-both lids are very small and I wanted them bigger

***And sorry for the hideous eyebrows, LOL!! I'm growing them out plus I haven't groomed them in the pics.

More pics

At crossroads... I think?

So I mentioned in my first post that I had contacted Dr. Chen of Long Beach- since then, I've made contact with Dr. Chase Lay of San Jose and Dr. Charles Lee of Beverly Hills. Here's what I like about each so far:

Dr. Chen---
Pros: most amount of experience, specializes only in asian eyelids, reasonable prices, free consultation and quick response to emails.
Cons: supposedly "conservative" with eyelids (I'm looking more into a bigger lid) , little feedback from anyone on the internet :( (could be my problem of course)

Dr. Lay---
Pros: facial plastic surgeon that specializes in asian faces, reasonable prices, staff responds quick to emails
Cons: consultation is not free, least amount of experience

Dr. Lee---
Pros: responded personally to emails, free preconsultation photo evaluation, has youtube videos with personal testimonials, can make lids bigger for those who want it
Cons: has had good and negative reviews

So this is where I'm at..... what do I do??? aaaaah!!! :( And there's still so many more surgeons out there who seems just as capable!

h.e.l.p. !!!

I'm going to have to make a decision soon.

Surgery date set!: 1/3/14

I decided to go with Dr. Lee in Beverly Hills. He was quick with responses, answered my questions in detail (not just an over arching generalization) and has made me feel the most comfortable handing over my eyes. So far, the staff has been very helpful over the phone and patient with my many questions and phone calls. I think I called there 5 times in one day lol. Another perk for me is they offer a one bedroom apartment for $200 for 6 days-- yes for the total 6 days I pay one price!!!!!!!! This says to me they really do think about their out of town clients. There's the plane tickets (my bf is coming with), food, and transportation costs to consider aside from he surgery itself. Anyways!! I still have to do an official consultation, although I have to say a lot of my main concerns and questions were answered by Dr. Lee already. I have confidence in his a ability and his skills to create the result that I want in harmony with my face. So. Excited. Can't. Wait. !!!!

Post op day #1!!!

So!!! I'll start with my surgery experience yesterday. I had had nothing to eat or drink midnight. Because I was from out of town, I scheduled my consultation an hour before my surgery. I got to the office at 10:00 and was immediately greeted by the front desk. The lobby was smaller than I expected but clean, modern, well-decorated. I went in for my consultation right away and finally met the doctor himself! It's kind of a weird feeling when you do research for 2 months and watch every video there is about him and then all of a sudden finally see him in person! Anyways, I asked a few questions because I wanted to see how honest and genuine his answers would be. He made me feel confident in his ability and skills and that was pretty much it. If you are considering Dr. Lee, you'll know that his website offers almost everything you need to know about eyelid surgery (I obviously didn't look at any other procedures he offers FYI). Becauese a lot of questions had been answered during our email conversations, the consultation didnt last very long- I think it was over by 10:30 and surgery was scheduled at 11:00. I came back out to the lobby and began the long process of filling out paperwork - I wanted to wait until after I spoke with Dr. Lee before signing anything (my preference). After signing my life away, lol, I was lead into the back, to a bathroom where I changed into a gown- no shirt or bra, but was able to wear undies and my jeans I came in. They have you put on Ted stockings (compression device) and non-skid socks. I had to pee into a cup for a pregnancy test (standard testing). Then I was lead into a room where an IV was started in my arm, a bag of fluids was hung and I sat back while Dr. Lee started drawing on my eyes. He gives you this eye drop stuff that numbs your eyeballs because be draws on your eyelids over and over again until he feels they're perfect. I of course got a say in how large I wanted the lid and what he was able to do for me. He spent a long time drawing and erasing, drawing and erasing until he felt it was to my preference and (at least what I think) symmetrical. It made me feel better knowing he was being picky. :)
After he left the room, I was given a relaxer to help me stay calm for the procedure then was lead into the operating room. Once I was set up, they gave me another sedative while they set up and folks, this is where things get kinda foggy. I was awake for the whole procedure, but boy was I sloooooooooooow as a turtle. I felt sluggish, time didnt exist anymore, but I was still able to follow directions like "open your eyes, good, now close your eyes" during the procedure. The nurse said I would feel like I had a glass of wine- she was wrong, I felt like I had 50 glasses, I'm totally not kidding either. I pretty much didnt feel anything until the end of the procedure where they started suturing- I did somewhat feel that. For me personally, it didnt bother me. Anyways once surgery was done and I'm in recovery mode, I felt some nausea come on, but it went away. They bandaged up my eyes and was told to try and leave them on through the night. They helped dress me and put me in a wheelchair. I was thirsty so one of the girls have me a glass of water which I drank from like there was no tomorrow... However, another wave of nausea came on and I broke out into a cold sweat. By then though, I was already being wheeled down stairs to the front where my ride was picking me up. So from that point until now (today is the day after surgery, 7 am) I can only say one thing: I have never ever been miserable in my life. :'''(
Remember that nausea that started?? It never went away once I got to the apartment. There was minimal incisional pain so that wasn't the issue- I had severe nausea, threw up twice, dry heaved a bunch of times, terrible headache that never went away, and bad bad dizziness. Of course I was bandaged up so I couldn't see, which made me have motion sickness because I couldn't tell which way was up or down, or if lights were on or off. Lying perfectly still in bed was torture- I felt like I was on this slowly rocking boat, dizzy with every single itty bitty movement and felt like throwing up every singe minute. I had my friend look up the two meds they gave me and these were listed side effects. I'm sensitive to stronger medications, so this didnt surprise me.... Only made me want to shoot myself! Lol. I'm calm about it now because the nausea is finally FINALLY gone, but I still have a lingerig headache and some dizziness. Also, yesterday I couldn't fall asleep for more than 30 mins at a time..... I was awake the whole time. You would think I could have fallen asleep easily with how sedated I was, but the over arching nausea and dizziness kept me awake. When I became hungry at 6pm - I tried eating and that was a disaster. That was one of the times I threw up- I only had a few bites of yogurt. Later, you can imagine how hungry I was- I tried drinking water and that was the other time I threw up. I was so dehydrated, hungry and miserable by late night. I think it was around 9 pm when I was able to have a few sips of juice without throwing up (I was still severely nauseated) and a couple bites of a chicken wrap. I was so tired, all I wanted was to sleep but couldn't, I was shaking because I was so hungry but couldn't eat, and taking the pain medication they prescribed me was out of the question- narcotics also have similar side effects and I was not chancing that.
Around 11:30, I finally fell sleep for 4 hours!!!!!!!!! I woke up at 3:30 and thought it was later (my bandages were still and my friend sadly told me to go back to bed because it wasn't time to get up yet lol) I went to bed and woke up around 6 and took off my bandages. I'm very swollen, but I already can't wait to see what they'll look like when they're all healed up!!! I'll write more soon, so exhausted now, here are a couple pictures. Also, whoever you decide to take with you to watch over you (or you can have one of Dr. Lee's nurses for a price), pick someone who will take care of you no matter what happens. Every time I needed to pee, I was so dizzy and nauseous I felt like I could puke my stomach and brains out while walking to the bathroom. They had to hold a doggie bag and hand me toilet paper and guide me from room to room and get me comfortable at all times yesterday. Sorry for any typos!

Post op day 2

Let me first start off by saying I feel a MILLION times better!!!! I never want to go through what I went through the night of surgery ever again! Anyways, I realize I'm having a million different feelings, absolutely no regrets however- but lots of feelings otherwise. I'm going to wait to write them down later because if I try now, this post will end up like the one above- scattered thoughts, grammatical and spelling errors lol and too emotional. So I'm just going to post few more pictures- I also have a small concern about my left eye. You'll see from the pictures, that the left eye's incision as it goes outwards away from the middle of the eye, the crease foods underneath and not with the incision as it does with the right eye. I see Dr. Lee tomorrow morning so I will ask him about that. It worries me because I don't want the crease to be underneath the incision as that happened the first time around. Any feedback about that is welcomed!

Post op day 2 more pics

Post op day 3

So Dr. Lee told me the thing with my left crease is because there are internal and obvious external sutures, they should eventually settle in once the swelling goes down. Today he also took out some sutures and left the rest- I can get it wet starting today! (Although I confess I for it wet by accident last night during my shower already haha). Also, I guess my skin was reacting to the bacitracin so he told me stop using it. Dr. Lee told me he knows now why my first eyelid surgery failed- because I have weaker eye muscles (says people like us make up about 40% of population). He couldn't tell from my pictures before and actually couldn't tell until during surgery when he was having me open and close my eyes that he saw my muscles were weak. He said mine was subtle, and I'm glad he caught it - I really never want to do this eeeever again!

Post op day 4

Bruising is going down :) entering the yellowing phase so I look funny. Can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow!

Post op day 5

Last of the sutures came out today! Woo woo! Dr. Lee says my eyes look really good for day 5 :). Now is truly the time to heal. As you can see from the pictures, the incision is red- normal, but still blah. I have sensitive skin to begin with, so this part is the suckie part for me. Cuts and scratches are always sooo red on my skin. Takes forever for those to go away, so this redness may take a little longer for me than most.

Post op day 7

I missed yesterday because that was travel day. Woke up at 7 am and pretty much didnt get home until 5 pm. Had to make dinner and put things away and by then, was pooped!
So, a few things: I havent mentioned it, but since the surgery, I've had pressure-like feeling on my the top of my eyeballs when I try to look up. It feels like the muscles are tight and I'm straining them when I do. Does that make any sense ?? It doesn't hurt, just kind of intense pressure. I did ask Dr. Lee before I left and he said it was from my weak muscles and his trying to make sure the creases wouldn't fall out this time. He told me try using my muscles to get all the fluid out of the muscle in order for the swelling to go down. It's gotten a little better each day. Today is the first day I can look up without giving me a headache afterwards. Anyone else have this issue??
Anyways!! I'm also noticing that on my right eye now as well as on my left, the crease of my lids don't follow the actual crease incision. Crossing my fingers and hoping that when the swelling goes down, everything will just match up. I'm just feeling down about it and have some doubts.

Post op day 8

So from here onwards, I doubt there will be a lot of changes so I won't be posting as many pictures. The pressure feeling I have on my eyeballs and the tightness is lessening each day (whew!). My eyes are still swollen and the incision is red- but remember this is unique to the person. The scars on my left eye are from my previous surgery and not due to Dr. Lee's work- I only wish I went to him the first time :'(
As you can see, he had to go above the original incision to make the cut. I haven't figured out how I feel about the epi- so far the incisions are red and annoying to look at lol. Patience right?
Also, when I open my eyes, the crease towards the ends of my eyes are still below the actual incision line. Waiting for that to heal too!!!!!!

Need to stay calm but alarmed!! >.<

Ok so I was playing around with my camera and was taking some pictures when I noticed something about my eyes: the left one looks so off!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I'm freakin out! Obviously swelling can be different in each eye and it is waaaay too soon to be able to tell, but I'm so scared! What the heck happened to my left eye?! Please someone out there tell me this happened to you too and reassure me. I'm now taking a bazillion pictures and freaking out after each one! Lol ... :(

Another freaky photo (or two!!!)


Post op day 9

So first let me say,
I've had two wonderful people giving me kind, supportive and encouraging words- so thank you again!!
I was/ am so worried about this however, this has happened to other folks as well. This kind of swelling is not uncommon as it can distort the eye as well as the eyelid so soon after surgery. I AM technically in the first week after surgery so my job at this point is to have patience and wait it out lol.

Sorry for a week long absence!

Hey guys!!! Life has been busy and full of surprises so sorry haven't updated an a week or more! I'm officially 17 days out from surgery! Woo hoo!!
Thanks to my fellow realselfers, I didn't completely fall apart lol. You guys are wonderful and generous enough to share your stories with me! Well, here's some pics to go with this update! The swelling is slooowly but surely going down. The incisions are still very red- I tried once to put on eye shadow and it irritated the incision lines so have only done eyeliner since then. Now remember I have very very very sensitive skin (on top of being asian right?!) so this is mostly unique to me. Other gals have put on make up at this point in their surgery and have been fine. Poor me!! Ugh!
So far, I'm still feeling out my epi- again my incisions are red so right now it's hard to like it, lol.
The pressure I felt on top of my eyes are completely gone.
I still have the issue with my outer creases not lining up with the actually cut incision (I'm really hoping the swelling is causing that).
The slant in my left eye is different at different points in the day- which gives me hope that it really is due to swelling.
Also, here's one thing I don't think I've touched on here in the public forum: our eyes are NOT symmetrical. We would all love to think they are.. And some very lucky people in the world have very symmetrical features ( ie Denzel Washington, Aishwarya Rai, Natalie Portman) but unlike them, most of us have very slight assymetry present in our eyes, lips, etc. Anyways, when I look at my before pictures, like really analzyed them, my eyes are slightly different shapes. I know on here there are only some for you guys to look at and only 1 w/o makeup where I look head on into the camera but trust me when I say this: my eyes are not symmetrical. So, I'm really hoping the slant in left eye goes away, but now I'm doubting it will ever be 100% gone. As long as it evens out enough where it isn't immediately noticeable, I'm ok with it. In my before pictures, my left eye is ever so slightly slanted as well- look closely.
Also, if you haven't already noticed, the incision is made slightly higher on my left eye than my right- because my eyes when opened, are different from each other. As you can see however, the height and lids look the same, so far. I give credit to Dr. Lee for being able to recognize the difference in my eyes! Imagine if the incision was made lower... The left lid would be smaller than my right eye! That would be a mistake some doctors would make because they assume the eyes open up equally.
Anyways! At this point really waiting for the swelling and redness to come down. Can't wait!

Anyone know a thing or two about scars??

Just a quick question to realselfers out there: any suggestions, advice, recommendation on how to improve or help expedite the epi scar healing process??? I know it's early yet in the big picture, but they are quite red and are forming firm little bumps underneath the skin. Thanks! Will post an update soon!
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