24 Years Old, No Kids, 5'2" and 120lbs, Breast Augmentation, Pre: 32A/B, Post: ???

About me: I started working out 2 years ago and...

About me: I started working out 2 years ago and about 1 year into my lifestyle change, I noticed that my bras were not fitting and my boobs had significantly shrunken. Before, I was a 32C and now I have no idea what my bra size is. Honestly, I usually wear sports bras or bralettes and have not gotten fitted in awhile. Sometime before my surgery, I will go and get fitted so I can have a good comparison of what my post surgery size will be. Anyway, it was for this reason that I started considering getting breast work done. Fast forward one year, I am now more certain than ever that this is what I want! :)
I had my consultation with Dr. Gervais on November 15th at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery. I was already very excited before my consult, but after seeing and talking with Dr. G, I am ecstatic at the thought of my surgery! During the consult, I was able to try on different sizes and I decided on 421cc. I had my friend with me and she also thought 421cc looked best on me.
My surgery is scheduled for Jan 5th so I will be playing a very impatient waiting game until then. But I hope to keep you guys updated on my process and progress during the pre/post surgery phases! :)

Wish Boobs

These were the wish boobs I went in to my consultation with. Some people see photos of boobs and want those exact pair. I used my "wish boobs" simply for size wishing. One thing to understand is that you cannot change the anatomy or orientation of the boobs you already have. After surgery, you will still have the same look of your current breasts, only larger! Just something to keep in mind for anyone who is looking to get work done... :)

Consultation Pics!

Here are the 421cc implants. I have until my surgery to change my sizing. Thoughts about going larger? Please share :)

Bra less Pre Op Pics

I figured I should post some before pics without a bra. Once I have my surgery they can serve as a better comparison :)

Bra-Less Pre Op Pics

Pics from previous update didn't post :( So here they are!
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