Bimatoprost (Generic Latisse) Works! - Minneapolis, MN

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I've been using the generic for Latisse called...

I've been using the generic for Latisse called Bimatoprost bought from an online pharmacy. It's been about 14 weeks and I can see a big difference. At first I applied it every night for the first month, then about every other day and now it's about every third day.

My eyes still do get itchy and red at times but I feel it's worth it. I've seen a huge difference from my tiny lashes to fuller longer lashes. During the first month I had some lashes that grew long but a patch of short lashes, eventually this evened out and I'm really happy with the results. I will keep using this until I ran out and probably buy another bottle then. To apply it I bought an eyeliner brush and use just one drop of product for both eyes. I only took a before pictures with my eyes closed for some reason, but here are some afters with my eyes open as well.

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