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I am a 37 year old mom to 3 beautiful children,...

I am a 37 year old mom to 3 beautiful children, ages almost 7, 9, and 11. 2.5 years ago I left my IT job and went down to part-time, work from home status. It was a good time for me to focus on losing some weight, so throughout the course of a year I lost about 25 lbs from cardio and diet alone. A year ago our family relocated two hours from our lifetime hometown/and family due to my husband's job. Shortly after I discovered kettlebells and tabata style group led workouts, I lost 5 more pounds over the course of this last year and have toned down more than I could ever imagine. However, no matter how hard I work on my core and abdominal muscles, my three natural births within a matter of 6 years was too much for me to fix with diet and exercise. I told myself if I maintained my weightloss for at least a year, I would consider a tummy tuck. Here I am 2 years out, and I am scheduled for a muscle repair and tummy tuck on 9/19/2016. My goal is for my doctor to repair my stomach muscles so that I can reap the benefits of all the core work that I do. Having the extra skin, and stretch marks skin gone will be icing on the cake.

My doctor would like me to take at least a 3 month hiatus from kettlebells, so I know that that will be the most challenging part of this process. I'm very dependent on having a 'routine', so I know getting out of that workout routine will be hard for me both mentally and physically. However, I am blessed to be going into this as healthy as I have ever been, and I do not work out of the home so I don't have to rush back to work. I plan on taking as much time needed for my recovery, so the end result is what I envision it to be.

We live in rural Wisconsin near the La Crosse area, so I will be driving over two hours to Minneapolis for all of my doctoring. That will probably be one of the biggest challenges; however, I think all the driving is minimal when considering my comfort and confidence in my physician.

My husband will be my support system immediately after surgery, and my mother will be with us supporting my children for at least two weeks.


Pre Op Photos, 5'4 150 lbs

5 Days Post Op

I am 5 days post op today and doing well. The first two days I followed my PS's direction on pain meds and muscle relaxers to a t and they were a manageable blur. Day 3 was probably the worst for me because I was coming down from the pain meds, and had had enough of that spacey feeling so I started supplementing Tylenol. Wanted to get out of the cycle of nausea meds causing dry mouth, but having to take them w/ pain killers-so it resulted in a pretty awful headache and some vomitting. My PS gave me the okay to take Advil, and after that I was golden. I'm down to Tylenol during the day, Advil at night, and a 1/2 muscle relaxer at night. Last night was the first I slept in my bed which I did from 10-5:30, it felt wonderful. Otherwise I rotate from bedroom recliner to living room recliner, and my husband has even put it out on the deck in the sunshine for me. My husband has been wonderful, he ended up taking the entire week off which wasn't planned so that he could be here to help-he's been my caregiver 100% of the time, and he and my mom have juggled the kids. I can't stress enough to other considering this to have support in place, I couldn't imagine having to jump back into mom duties a few days post op.

I had a post op appt the day after surgery which was excruciating as they laid me out flat on the table to change dressings, I was not prepared for that at all. Have two drains in, my left does almost all the work, so I'm guessing my right will come out on Tuesday at my next post op appointment. They will not take two out at a time, so I'm prepared to come home with one still in at the very least, and I'm okay with that.

Here's a photo from day 4, I only take the binder off once a day to clean and check to make sure everything looks okay. Our bed is super soft so we're finding that getting the binder resituated on a soft surface is a lot harder than a solid or harder surface (like the doctor's office table) so we take it off as little as possible. Once drains don't have to be juggled around, I think it will be easier to put a tank on and just close it up, but right now we situate large trauma guaze pads and cut a cami to cover the areas that aren't.

Things that have been useful so far: toilet riser, hemorroid pillow, and shower chair-to be used in the shower and just in general for back rubs. While a little pricey, my Soma cool nights jammies-shirts and pants have been a godsend, nice and loose but you feel pretty despite the hot mess you really are :).
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