26 Years Old, 2 Children, Getting Donut Mastopexy with Aug

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I had my consultation on July 1st. I was really...

I had my consultation on July 1st. I was really excited and nervous all at the same time. My doctor was very nice and informative. He asked me what I wanted my breast to look like, I told him "perky". I've never had big full breast but after I had my 2 kids and breast fed them both and then pumped awhile after breast feeding, they deflated! I'm currently a 34B and my wishes are to be a full C to small D. I tried on sizes at my appointment and I choose a 457 cc round smooth silicone implant. After doing tons of research, I feel I chose too large of a size. I'm 5' 3" and 130lbs. Choosing a size has been the most frustrating part about this experience. The morning of my procedure, I get to retry on sizes and choose what one I want to go with. My ideal look I'm going for is to be more perky, full, and nice cleavage. I'm not looking to go with a really large size but more of a natural size. If anyone has any opinions for me on sizing I would greatly appreciate it!

1 week to go!!

So I have one week to go before I get my BA. I'm so excited about this. I'm still struggling with sizes. I don't want to go too large nor too small. Does anyone have any helpful tips on prep work they did before surgery to help them be more comfortable when they return home? Anything is helpful :)
Dr. G

Dr. Gervias was helpful in my decision of getting a BA. I felt like I needed a lift but did not want a full lift with the incision going down my breast so he said a donut lift ( partial lift) is something we could. I was relieved.

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