32 Year Old Mom's Gift to Herself! - Minneapolis, MN

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So I'm a 32 year young mom looking to get her sexy...

So I'm a 32 year young mom looking to get her sexy back. After narrowing down my surgeons to Dr. Jimerson (aka Dr Curves) and Dr Miami, I came across Dr BBL on Dr. Miami's snapchat. He has been trained by Dr Miami and all his results are phenomenal. So I am looking forward to my BBL/Lipo journey with Dr. BBL. So far everything has been good.

Wish Pics!!!

Looking for something natural, not too crazy.

My "Get Healthy" Journey Starts TOMORROW!!

So last week I had some blood work (unrelated to my upcoming surgery), but it just happened to cover some of the test I will needing next May. All my numbers are horrible!!! My hemo is only a 9, I am vitamin D deficient, along with some other stuff I didnt understand---so basically I am really anemic.

I have to pull myself together or surgery will not happen for me. I feel like I have a long road in front of me so if anyone can offer any suggestions, I would appreciate it!! ????

Belly Fat!!!

Also working on losing some belly fat before I get it sucked out so I purchased this!!! Been using it for 2 days now.........

Most responsive surgeon yet!!

So since I have so much time before my surgery, I have just been following all Dr. B's surgeries on social media. He is one of the only surgeons that actually personally responds to questions, consults, etc. As a first- time patient, that is greatly appreciated. Its can be a quite scary journey for us newbies.

Happy New Year!!!

Really excited to see what this year has in store! In regards to my Sx, now the real work begins starting tomorrow; getting down to my 190 requirement before June 20, 2017!!! Feeling renewed and focused. Wishing all dolls im this journey nothing but health and happiness!! ????????

Where I'm Starting Dreaded Before Pic In Clothes)

Me crying and trying on clothes this weekend. My husband was with me and I was nearly in tears. I gained so much weight in 2016. Just wait on it----I'm going to get my life and my waist ????????. I will post some updated pics once I shed some weight.......

Hemo Help!!!

Ask I been trying to be proactive about the whole hemo thing and I am feeling happy for a little improvement, but still frustrated. I went from a 9.6 to a 10.4 (not even a 1 point increase). My Dr. Is willing to work with me and keep checking it, but what can I do to get it up? If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

I have been taking Floradix with orange juice, an iron pill, prenatal vitamins, and Caltrate with Vitamin D ( but somehow my Vit D has decreased). Help!!

Wish Pic Obsession!!!

So I been screening shooting just about every body that I like (or is close to mine), to the point that my photo album in my phone looks like Porn Lol!!!! I know a lot of you ladies prob know exactly where I'm coming from. With all that being said, I still am 5 months out but these are just few of my fav! Need to narrow it down to just a few........

Office Jitters

As my Sx gets closer I start to think more about the recovery phase of this journey........how so I manage when it's time to go back to work?! I work in an office where I sit 8-10 hours of day. The other issue is that I want to keep my Sx as private as possible. That wont happen carrying a BBL pillow in the office Lmao!!!! I am in a position of leadership so being glued to my desk is kinda important. What do I do??? ????????????

Got My Airfare!!

Got a Google alert for flights to Minneapolis and couldn't beat the price so I jumped all over it!!! Dr. BBL here I come!!!

I also get my hemo rechecked on Moday so wish me luck! I been taking my Floradix, Gerirol, B12, and Vit C faithfully. Lets see of it paid off. Will keep you guys updated.

Hemo Hopelessness

So I got my hemo checked AGAIN yesterday and while it did go up, not by much. My doctor is said that I could keep taking the iron three times a day and hope for a 12 by June or see a hematologist for options. I decided to see my hematologist.

Im taking iron, folic acid, b12, vitamin c, and hair/skin vitamins. Im kinda passed but I plan to stay consistent. I ordered SSS Tonic since I have heard good things about that. I also plan to start incorporating spinach smoothies into my diet at well. I look forward to what the hemo to hematologist has to say.

A number of dolls have also mentioned beets, but Idk about that Lol! Has anyone been able to bring their hemo up from a 10 to a 12 in 4 months?? Im curious to know and how.........

Adding more to my Hemo Regime

Went to bed passed last night about my hemo progress but woke up feeling even more determined! So I purchased the SSS tonic and the blood builders and will be adding those to my daily hemo regime. Im going to remove the hair vitamins and prenatal since Im adding these two (don't want to over do it) plus the hair and prenatal have no iron.

Also talked my hematologist and I have an Appt for March 9th. Im going to be aggressive for the time being.......

The Struggle....

My kitchen is starting to look like a pharmacy Lmao!!! My husband is like what's all this crap. Man the struggle is so real to get my numbers up. I really cant afford time wise or financially to reschedule my Sx. Still has 4 months to go!!

Surgery Buddies?!

Is anyone having surgery with Dr. BBL in MN the we of June 26th. 4 months is right around the corner!

Green Smoothies!!!

Started my green drinks today in efforts to support my hemo goals. They are delicious!! Spinach, flax seeds, mango, pineapple, and green apple. :-)

The Real Countdown Begins

So I am exactly 4 months away from my Sx with Dr. B. I really need to buckle down and get this weight off. As of today, I am 217lbs and I need to be 190 to have the lipo and BBL. I started the green smoothies on Sunday and lost about 2lbs so I think I will continue with that.

I get my hemo checked next week so once I hopefully hear good news then I will start buying my supplies. If anyone has a good supply list please send it to me. I will post some before pics once I get under 200lbs.

Looking to Cleanse and Lose Lbs

Hey Dolls!! Was scrolling thru IG and come across this smoothie detox diet. It grabbed my attention since I was already doing a green smoothie for breakfast to get my hemo up. Anywho, I think I'm going to actually try it as a diet since I still need to lose at least 25lbs. It looks like a pretty painless diet.......

Before Pics

Decided that since it was getting so close I should post a few before pics. It takes so much strength to post unflattering pics of yourself. Being on RS has def feels like my safe haven where I have sisters that can relate to the journey. Still got some ways to go before I hit my ideal weight but everyone had to start somewhere.

Anyway, so as far as my butt I actually like part of my butt. The top is round and has some projection but the bottom has flattened a lot. My hubby blames it on my office job and I kinda do too. I sit so no long to the point my butt has fallen to slip and is tingling. But that WILL NEVER happen again after I get my new ass.

I been debating back and forth on how much fat I want added and I think Im going to have the max that can go in!! Many dolls have told me that you can lose up to 30%. I DO NOT want a round two so maybe the extra fat can make up for any I lose. Idk......

Hemo Chronicles...

Left the hematologist and the Dr definitely wasnt impressed with all the shit I been taking (Geritol, SSS, blood builders, etc). He basically taking the high potency iron 3 times a day on an empty stomach is what will do it. Rolls eyes.....

Anyway, he also explained to me that my iron stores may be normal and there may be something else causing the low hemo. Of course my blood was taken and I should be able to give you dolls (if anyone is actually following Lol) an update. If its still low they may do iron infusions along with some type of plan.

I been trying to update on my hemo as much as possible just to help other dolls that may look at this a year from now and need some info/guidance. It was really hard to find reviews that had good documentation on the journey to boost info. Please pray for me and keep your fingers crossed. I will post once I hear from my Dr.

Lab Results! Yaaasssss!!!!

Hey Dolls!!! Got a call from my doctor and hemo has def improved in the past month from a 10.6 to 11.9!! I so hype!! I finally feel like I can start finalizing my SX plans now that I know I'm good to go. Now to just inch it up a bit more to that 12. I'm on my way!!!

Recovery House

I reached out to MPLS Escape (affiliated with Miami Escape) because my hubby wont be able to come down until a few days after my SX. So 3 days is over $500!! This is hella pricey in my opinion. Yall tell me if Im crazy?! Unfortunately, I don't have any another options until the 3rd day when hubby gets there. The quote is good for a work so I need to make a decision on staying there or finding a private nurse. On the bright side, Dr B. has a hotel that he works with and they are only charging $80 a night. Its looking like I have to spend over $1000 just on accommodations. If there are any Vets and/or Dr B dolls following I would love some advise.

Weightloss Update

10lbs down. I need to lose at least 25 more before Dr. B will even touch me. The struggle is so real.......

Time to Go Shopping!!

So I have a little over 2 months to go!!! Very exciting and a little nerve wrecking since Im struggling losing the weight my doc wants me to lose. I don't want to starve like a lot of dolls have suggested I do Lol. But anyway..... I'm going to officially start shopping today. I started an Amazon and Ebay cart. Will hit up Walmart and Target too. I have a list written out but if there is something I absolutely should have, please share. :-)

Ab Boards

Hey!!! So trying to finish up this shopping to get one more thing off my to do lists. So I see two types of Ab boards. Yall have any suggestions on which one is better? The flat or the two-sided one? The prices seem reasonable for both so Im down for either one. Just want the best compression.

Office Dolls

So I found something I think will help with my "office after BBL" anxiety. A sit/stand desk!!! One of my biggest fears of getting the bbl was what the hell would I do when I return. I sit for 8-12 hours a day so that was a major concern. I also wasnt a huge fan of carrying the pillow to work because I don't need the employees I supervise in my business Lol. I placed the order a little early so I could get it in the office well before my Sx. $140 was a pretty reasonable price. Will give me reviews once I test it out :-)

Hemo Frustration

Sooooo I just got a call from my hemo nurse and hemo went down from 11.9 to 11 smh. I haven't changed my routine at all! The only thing I can think of is that I just my period a week ago. Very frustrating!! What's even more frustrating is that my Sx is actually scheduled the week of my period. Has anyone has Sx on their period? The hemo nurse said she would talk to the doctor about offering me one time iron infusion to boost it to a 12. This cant be real.......

Iron infusion!!!!

Its a shame to be this pumped about damn iron, but my doctor just approved me for iron infusions! Hopefully and prayerfully, this gets me to the 12!! I got like 10 weeks to get this hemo up!!!

This is amazing!!!

Just seeing Dr Bs before/after get me more and more excited! Yall see this???? Cant wait!!!!!!!

Infusion Day!!

Okay yall....... So I super hype to get this iron infusion but now that this damn IV is in my arm, I hate it!! I had to get pricked in each arm and it smells/feels like Im being infected with cold Floradix Lmao. This anemia is for the birds!!! Praying my hemo is a 13 after this. Uuuggghhh


Here is what I have far. I think I am missing a bunch of stuff lmao but I am making progress! 4 camis, donut to sit on at home, 4 dark colored tank dresses, neck pillow for plane, a robe, compression socks, dramamine, Arnica can gel/tabs, hibiclens soap, and lipo foam and female urinal (which I forgot to add in the suitcase). What essential things am I missing other than comfy shoes?

Countdown Begins!!!

Cant believe I only have 8 weeks left!!! Im so excited and consumed with my Sx right now!!! Finished booking my flights and hotel last week. Didnt finish paying my Sx off yet since Im worried about my hemo. Wish I would of booked in the winter so I wouldn't be stuck wearing layers in the summer but oh well. Its gonna be so worth it!!!!

Weight loss Update

So had a few ups, downs, and set backs but I'm 6lbs down as of today. I still need to lose 28lbs more lbs before June 29th but I think I can do it! My current weight is 218 and I need to be at 190. My ultimate goal is 170 but I know I can't make that before surgery.......

Goals!!!!! Lol :-)

This is my life right now yall....stalking RS, IG Sx pages, and Dr Bs snapchat Lol!!!! His patient today is exactly where I need/want to be at in a month!!! June 29th!!!!!!!!!!

Hemo Wars

So one week until my hemo check and I'm a MISSION!!! Cooking in cast iron, drinking liquid iron, poppin pills......you name it!!! Im feeling confident but of course Im also just as nervous before Im a heavy (period)bleeder. On top of being a heavy bleeder, my surgery is actually scheduled the week my cycle is due. Im praying my bodies comes thru me and I have a hemo of at least 13 cause I feel amazing!!!

Is anyone in RS land?

As I get closer I been hoping to engage with some of the dolls but that doesn't seem like its going to happen Lol. I guess I will forever have a journal of my journey Lol......Anywho, I been on snap a lot and seems like many patients bring goodies and gifts for their doctors. Is this a must do?

Still shopping.......

Still trying to finish up my shopping list. U don't realize how much crap you need until you actually start collecting everything. So I ordered some disposable pad panties (who would of thought lol) because my period is due the same week of my surgery. My lipo board also came in from Colombia. The only thing Im waiting for now is my other set of lipo foam (I ordered the mini one so I realized I prob would need another set). I think the remaining stuff that I need is stuff I can buy from the dollar store or at target/Walmart. Im so excited!!! I cant seem to stay off RS. I keep finding random ish to update about lol. Until next time.......

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Our kids are the reason many of us are getting surgery!! Haha so we deserve it!! Enjoy your day mommies!!

25 lbs to lose......

Got on the scale this morning and I'm at 215 (which is about a 10 lbs weightloss) I had a couple slip ups since I last weighed in so I had to re-lose some of what I initially lost smh. I literally have 6 weeks to be at 190 and I feel like Im up against the clock in the worse way. My goal is to noose a lbs a day for the rest of May (so at least another 15). Been eating nothing but fruit, veggies and protein since I still need to ensure my hemo is where it needs to be. Was also thinking about trying to squeeze in 2 workouts a day but with 3 kids thats kinda hard. I got this!!!!! Will post some body pics at the end of the month.

Still Buying

This should be my final online order!!!!! The rest crap is coming from the damn dollar store (band aids, cotton balls, etc). Im going to cut a hole in the folding chair and sit on that when im in the house. I think im just about set!!!

Hemo Check Tomorrow

Wish me luck dolls!!! Hopefully this is my last one until surgery......

Tummy Pic

So here is what my stomach is looking like. Its not ugly to me, I just cant stand the pouch. I really don't want to lose any more weight because once I get this waist snatched, I will be content with my body. I hate the BMI guidelines because everyone's body is different. I don't want to lose too much in my stomach (which is where Ibtend to lose weight from) then have to go to thighs or something. But I do respect the fact that they use them for safety reasons.

I did it!!!!

I just got off the phone and finally received good news!! MY HEMO IS A 12.4!!!!! I'm so happy! This was a long journey going from a 9 to a 12. Took a lot of hard work and iron lol. Now just to maintain......my period is due in about ten days which scares me because I don't know how many points it may drop since I'm a heavy bleeder. But I wont ponder on that too much today since now I am in great mood and one stop closet to my surgery. Now just to finish dropping this weight, I was at 214 this morning. :-)

Losing this weight......

Uuugghh so the scale is not budging when I go hard or creeping back up when I do decide to cheat smh. Losing weight under so much pressure is hard as hell. Today I started a modified Master Cleanse in an attempt to jump start my body. I need to be 190 by June 12th and Im splintering around anywhere between 214-219 smh. Idk what im going to do. It seems like as soon as I hit 30, the weight stopped melting off. Im stressed about this but trying to keep motivated.

To Pay Now or Wait

So I have a month or more and my anxiety level is running higher than ever. I have the money sitting in my account to pay, but I am so scared that I wont be cleared that I haven't made any other payments besides my initial $1000 deposit. I don't know what to do. When I initially decided I was going to get surgery, I thought I would just pay some money and lay on the table and that was it. Boy was I wrong!! I am happy that I have had the opportunity to get my anemia under control, lose weight, and actually focus on myself but NOW that its 10 months later, I'm ready to get this shit over lol.
I can kind of understand why once the surgery is done many dolls take a break from RS and their surgery IG accounts. The process really consumes you.

I guess I'm going to pay my balance of $8495 (my lipo, bbl, and smart lipo add on) and pray I'm 190lbs in 18 days........

Going over Everything

I hope to finalize EVERTHING by June 1st so I started really reading over all my pre-surgical instructions and combing through my to-buy lists. I think I just need to get panties and neosporin then I'm done. Exciting!!!!


Getting my teeth whitened before I get my body done!!! Why not start working on me early lol. Treating myself starting today :-)

Finally Broke My Plateau!

Hey RS dolls!!! So got on the scale this morning to see 212lbs!!! Finally its morning in the right direction. I been making major sacrifices and pretty much hungry 247 Lol. One light meal a day then vitamins, smoothies, and water for the rest of the day. I also been exercising at least 30 min to an hour a day. 31 days until surgery and 15 days until my Appt with my primary to determined whether I will be cleared or not. 22 pounds to go!!! Yall keep me prayer! This has been a crazy long journey.........

Final Wish Pics

Finally narrowed all my screenshots down to 10 wish pics I plan to show Dr B!! Trying to keep realistic expectations in perspective when it comes to my stomach since I am a mother. When it comes to the butt though, I know I can obtain what I want since I already have a little something. :-)


Still over the BMI. Naturally curvy though (inserts sad face emoji). Im workin though!!

30 Days!!!

Happy Memorial Day dolls!!! Cant believe my Sx is a month away!! No beer and burgers for me!!

Packing it Up!!!

Packing up all the crap I purchased. Now that's it's thrown in suitcase I think I went just a little over board with the supplies. I think reading so many RS post got me too prepared Lol. I didnt want to forget anything!!! I may have to purge some of this stuff. Let me organize it then post another pic...,,,

Officially Packed!!!

The book bag is my carry-on and will hold my purse and vitamins. Im only packing one pair of shoes (pink Nike slides). I wont be too far from the mall of America (and I plan to shop; prob after day 1 post up) so I will buy additional shoes if needed while Im there. I really hope Im not forgetting anything. Im the "super prepared" type of person.

Crunch Time!!

Starting back on the 12 day smoothie detox cleanse today. You can typically lose about 15lbs during the cleanse and its also a hemo booster. 29 days.......

Weight Update

Hey dolls!! So got on the scale this morning and I'm 210lbs!! Exactly 20 more to go! Been drinking lots of water and calorie free drinks. Also at least one green smoothie a day ( veggie powder only fruits/veggies that would help my hemo are in the drink). No other solid foods and light exercise when time permits.

In other news, I fell down the steps last Saturday when I was getting my carpets cleaned and bruised the shit out of my ass. My butt has a huge black and blue bruise on it which I have been trying to massage and ice away. So sore, if this is what the BBL Sx will feel like then IM READY!! Lol

I' Getting Scared

Now that Im prepped and pack, I got the nerve to be getting scared!!! No one wants to die or have complications but we all know its a risk that we are taking (no round 2s for me). I just want to safely return back to my child and family. As I get closer the anxiety mounts more and more.

P.S. I'm 209lbs yall!!!!

MPLS Escape

Just when I was thinking about cheating on my diet and giving it to temptation, an email from Dani comes through. She has been great so far besides one small issue I had receiving my early bird discount (which she did end up taking care of). I heard nothing but good things about the Miami location so hoping for the best in Minneapolis.

I hope Im not giving yall too much info Lol, but trying to provide a thorough review for future dolls. Many detailed reviews have helped me through this process. Plus I can look back on this and laugh 3 years from now when Im snatched to the gawds!! Anyway.......

Today Weight: 208.8lbs: 18.8 lbs away!

Still going.....

Today my weight was 208.2lbs. I want to be at least 199 before my prep-op appointment on Monday. I will need to work out EVERY SINGLE DAY this week. Uuugghh the struggle is so real!!!

Will be weighing in NAKED

So something just told me to get back on the scale naked (I first weighed in with a shirt on). Taking that shirt off made a HUGE difference. Im 207.6lbs naked and 208.2 with a shirt.

I will take naked for 100 please Lmao!!!!

20 Days!!!!

I cant believe I have 20 days!!! Im so nervous-excited!!! Cant wait to get this ish over with!!!

206 lbs as of this morning. Need to be 190. I wont make that weight by Monday but Dr B gave me the okay that as Iong as I am at weight by surgery Im fine.

Prep-op visit with my primary doctor is on Monday. Hope Im cleared!!

Idk Y'all........

So I'm about 205lbs. I need to be at least 199 for my prep-up appointment on MONDAY. Dr B wanted me to be 190 for Sx. I checked the BM I calculator and if I can get to 195 then I would still be in the 32 within the limit (32.45 to be exact).

Is there anyway I can lose 6lbs before Monday????

Prep-Op Appoinment Tomorrow

Tomorrows the day my primary will hopefully provide her blessing for me to proceed with surgery. Wish me luck!!!

Will be doing BMI, blood work, health questionnaire, etc. Im also going to pay my surgery off as well.

Will check in once I know......

Good News (so far)

So my primary doctor cleared me!!!!! Yaaasss!!!! She my white blood count was a little low on my blood work, but it was still normal ( she mentioned African Americans can tend to have lower WBCs).

Dr B made me retake my hemo count because my last one wasnt 30 days or less ( took it May 12 smh). I also on took some blood platelet and a few others. Wont known the results for a few days.

So as far my weight goes, I managed to be 204 lbs (BMI 33.95). Still working on trying to get it to the 32 range. I did celebrate my small victory today by going to Chipotle but im back on track tomorrow. I know Dr b has the final say on whether Im cleared or not so im going to continue to work out and keep on my hemo regime.

And in other news..... MPLS escape is closing. I will give yall the tea on that tomorrow because Im tired lol.

No News is Good News

Soooo I got my results back and my hemo dropped .6 points (due to my period last month). Im at 11.8, Im not too concerned but im going to still try to get it back at a 12. The Dr told me my potassium was also low but it doesn't affect surgery.

This whole process is too much stress. I cant wait to be done with it!!! I called Dr B and the clearance process is pretty much the doctor protocol. They only call if Dr B looks as the medical and sees something he feel is questionable.

Hopefully my primary faxed the docs as she promised Lol. They are due on the 15th. Fingers crossed yall!!!


So earlier this morning I called and my paperwork is on Dr B's desk for review. My coordinator said that he would only call if he had concerns and he did band of calling. I was Soooo nervous!!!!

His concern was my weight. I promised him that I will be at the 32 BMI before my date (so Im pretty much cleared with a condition). The only other thing he mentioned was to just to continue to boost my hemo up.

Im so happy and excited!!!!! I will be getting up at 4:30am to do a work out. :-) :-)

Paid in Full!!!

Just made my last payment of $1500!!! Its a hard spill to swallow paying of this money but as I always say, this is a well-deserved gift to myself.

Total was $8995 plus an additional $500 for the smart lipo add on.


RH Update

Hey dolls! So let me tell yall........the recovery house I booked with ( MPLS Escape) is closing this month! So when in the hell was somebody going to tell the people who paid their money smh. The only reason I found is because Dani emailed a bunch us asking for flight info. I responded, but of course I had questions. When she finally called me back, she broke the news to me. I was a little irritated and nervous since I already paid my deposit, but she reassured me that I would be taken care of (whatever that means).

Anywho, Dr BBL is opening up a RH so I think she is working with his office to accommodate all the dolls who will now be recovery homeless Lol.

Nerves and Other Things

This post is going to be all over the place but I want to keep you all updated so bare with me......

So I literally been at my desk trying to figure out how to give this damn doctors note to my supervisor. I done lied and told her I was having fibroid surgery and the damn note says aesthetics center Lol. Uuugghh Im ask scared that she may question it. My girlfriend told me they cant and shouldn't worry about it.

On top of that I think my husband is more nervous than I am. It's kinda cute. Last night he was scrolling through Dr Bs IG page asking me if Im sure he wont put black market products in my butt. Lmao my husband is so crazy but glad he cares.

My period came!!! I think that was the worse news I really had. I thought I had my cycle down to a tee but was so wrong. Now my nerves are all over the place because Im trying to keep my hemo up without OD'ing on iron (heavy bleeder). I purchased these damn menstrual panties for no reason. I guess that what I get for over planning.

And and as far as my weight. Idk, got on the scale and it said 207 (prob period bloat). I been working my ass off and I cant get the scale to go under 200. The pic of me was just on Sunday and I look pretty damn good. But yes yall im 207 smh. Im healthy and now in shape for a big girl. I wonder if he would let me slide at 200??? I would have good results a this weight and everyone's body is different. Imma keep pushing though.

Dotting My Is and Crossing My Ts

So since Im working in privacy today, I have the opportunity to confirm everything that is still up in the air.

I just called Best Western Premier hotel (where I will be staying when I leave the RH) to confirm my reservation is in. And it is so I can cross that off my list.

I also texted Mary (she is the RH coordinator of Dr BBLs new recovery house). From what I hear, she is the lady from Dr Miami's home and she was also on on his show. Anywho, she did respond and give me the drivers name and number who will be picking me up. STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I AM STAYING THOUGH smh. Im waiting on a phone call to "coordinate the rest of my stay" smh.

Then I called Arija to figure out this whole prescription deal. I want to have my meds before my surgery. I have to call them back and try to get an answer.

Side Note: I emailed my patient coordinator for an updated note so I could go back to work and I got it same day! They are so responsive!!

Family Stuff/Wifely Duties:

Im going to make a grocery list for my hubby and kids to stock the fridge, wash clothes today, and clean the house tomorrow. Then im going to meal prep maybe 3 days of meals to get them through Wednesday. Also need to make sure all my end of June/early July bills are paid.

Im getting there dolls!!! 6 days!!!!

Totally Forgot.....

About massages!!! And I been told thats the most important part of post up care. I don't think the recover house has massages, so thats another thing Im going to have to call about tomorrow (and pay for). Goodness!!!!

Ish Is Getting Very Real!!!!

I got an email from Danielle, Dr. B's surgery nurse today. Very detailed email explaining what to wear, shower with etc.

I cant believe Im really about to have my first surgery!!!! Whoo Im nervous!

Does anyone have any last minute advice?

4 Days Until the Day

Got on the scale this morning and down to 200 lbs!!!! 2 more pounds to get me at the 32 BMI mark!!!

Been eating 1 high protein/iron meal a day and the rest small snacks. This morning I had about 1/2 cup of Italian chick pea salad and a small bowl of strawberries. Then took my vitamins (folic acid, B12, 325mg of iron, vit c) with an 8oz glass of oj. If I get hungry during the day I will snack on high iron snacks like sunflower seeds, raisins, or spinach/apple sauce.

Also washing clothes today and cleaning my daughters messy room. If I can gather up the energy, I will try for a workout........

Confidence Kicking In!!!

Man swear u don't understand until you go through it!!! My girlfriend and many RS reviews show dolls shopping before surgery and the urge hit me. Victoria Secret called my name! I don't even have my new ass yet and I got new panties for it!!!!

You aint gon be able to tell me NOTHING when I get off that table!!!!

Flying Out Tomorrow!!!

OMGoodness dolls!!! Tomorrow morning I'm flying out to Minneapolis. It's really here!!!! My plane leaves tomorrow at 6am so I will be leaving the house at 3am to ensure their are no hiccups.

Still haven't heard from the recovery house, but did text the driver. Does anyone have experience with a RH? Idk the address, procedures, or whats going on. I wanted to give my hubby at least some info on where Im staying. I feel lost and I hate that feeling. Im going to attempt to call these ppl again today.


So I just got a call from Mary the coordinator at Dr BBLs new recovery house. So I answered the phone expecting her to give me all the details regarding the recover house, etc but NOPE. She was calling to tell me the recovery house WAS NOT ready and that I would have to stay at a hotel ( at my own expense smh smh). The only thing I will be receiving is a caregiver for 24 hours. Why is this the fault of the customer?!

My main reason for staying at the recovery house was to not be alone and to be with other women/caregivers during this time. Also to reap the benefits of having transportation, food, and supplies provided. Now, I will have none of that!!! My husband cant come anymore, so now I will only have someone for 24 hours unless I pay more money. I am extremely displeased at this situation.

So I just got off the phone with my caregiver (who sounds like a sweetheart) and I called the hotel to extend my stay so im checking in tomorrow. Yall I cant right now.........

Airport Bound!!!

At 3am! Tired, but here we go!!!

Check y'all in Minneapolis!!! :-)

Made it Safely!!!

So I'm here!!! Due to the hiccup with not having a recovery house, my check in isn't until 4pm. I have a WHOLE LOT of time to blow. I decided to hit up the Mall of America and do a little shopping while I wait.

Mary, ordered the Uber for me to get to the hotel and that was it. I don't think I will be seeing her during my visit here smh. I also texted Sheila (my 24 hour nurse) to let her know I was here. She had no clue on how to get my prescriptions so Im going to them myself once I leave the mall (hopefully I wi get to meet Dr B today). Making the best of my less than perfect situation.

Will keep everyone updated......

Prep-Op Visit

Hey y'all!!! So after a day of running around I'm finally settled settled in. Doing everything on my own, but at least I know its getting down!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr B today. He was so kind and thorough. He explained to me that he ended up breaking ties with Dani ( from Miami Escape) because all his clients that stayed there had complaints. He didnt want that kind of establishment associated with his business.

We also looked at my wish pics and discussed the skin tightening technology that would be used on my tummy. Once we completed our convo, Danielle, the surgery nurse came in. I signed and went over the consent forms and discussed the recovery process. She could relate to everything I would be going through since she had recently had surgery.

The building is under a little construction on the outside but its beautiful and clean inside. All the staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable.

The Day Before......

I hope you guys are okay with all the updates but I want my review to be as thorough as possible AND I may not be up to doing a review tomorrow.

Anyway, I got my surgery goodies bag while I was at Arijai. It has a BBL pillow, chux, PE-oz, and scar gel in the bag.

Got some groceries (crackers, yogurt, soup, Gatorade, and water). So thats that.....

Lastly, my hotel is great. Im so tired. Still trying to unpack.

Watch the surgery on Dr BBLs snapchat tomorrow!!!

Prep-Op Pics

This morning I was 200. I didnt make 198, but I worked damn hard so Im still proud of myself!!

I'm done updating for today so I will (try to) check in tomorrow. :-)
Minneapolis Physician

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