Tummy Tuck

So I spoke to a doctor and he said I don't need...

So I spoke to a doctor and he said I don't need muscle repair but I will need lipo before my procedure he price me at 7500......I'm about to go with a 2nd doctor for a 2nd opinion consultation and see what he saids?.. for now I been working out I when from 150 to 144 so far ..I'm 5"2 so about another 10/15 pounds to loose hopefully before the surgery when I do find the right doctor


I had a 2nd opinion and this doctor said I will need muscle repair but lipo is optional she quote me at around 7900

Tummy tuck

Going with Dr. Stephanie Stover from Miami fl.

So far I been planning my surgery with Maria Karla...

So far I been planning my surgery with Maria Karla one of the surgery cordinator for Dr. Stover I'm very nervous but I put down my $300 deposit . Maria Karla is been helping me with all the information i need to make my decision I just hope that by next April everything works out and I can say hello to my new tummy. Now I just need to decide if I'm gonna pay for a care house to take care me of if my daughter will travel with me to keep in eye on things ;-) . So getting g ready I'm pricing the round trip flights and hotels just in case. I will keep yall inform.

Tummy tuck coming soon ????

So I'm going with Dolls Recovery House for my recovery it's been a longtime dream of mine and in few months it will be a reality yeeeeah????my stomach is being this way since I was 16and I'm 34 now I'm so excited n nervous at the same time

Dollsrecoverygateway recovery houses

I finally made my down-payment ???? I'm very excited I will be stay at the recovery House for 8th day . I can wait till meet them so far the person I have been in contact is been very helpful


So excited I just fight paying for my travel tickets ???? . Southwest airlines offer nonstop flights so It will only take me about 4hrs too and from my destination. Shit is getting real . So I have been having this procedure in my mind so much that I stay to have nightmares ???????? but the lords is with me


Dr. Stover

Dr. Stephanie Stover

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