Tummy Tuck

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So I spoke to a doctor and he said I don't need...

So I spoke to a doctor and he said I don't need muscle repair but I will need lipo before my procedure he price me at 7500......I'm about to go with a 2nd doctor for a 2nd opinion consultation and see what he saids?.. for now I been working out I when from 150 to 144 so far ..I'm 5"2 so about another 10/15 pounds to loose hopefully before the surgery when I do find the right doctor


I had a 2nd opinion and this doctor said I will need muscle repair but lipo is optional she quote me at around 7900

Tummy tuck

Going with Dr. Stephanie Stover from Miami fl.

So far I been planning my surgery with Maria Karla...

So far I been planning my surgery with Maria Karla one of the surgery cordinator for Dr. Stover I'm very nervous but I put down my $300 deposit . Maria Karla is been helping me with all the information i need to make my decision I just hope that by next April everything works out and I can say hello to my new tummy. Now I just need to decide if I'm gonna pay for a care house to take care me of if my daughter will travel with me to keep in eye on things ;-) . So getting g ready I'm pricing the round trip flights and hotels just in case. I will keep yall inform.

Tummy tuck coming soon ????

So I'm going with Dolls Recovery House for my recovery it's been a longtime dream of mine and in few months it will be a reality yeeeeah????my stomach is being this way since I was 16and I'm 34 now I'm so excited n nervous at the same time

Dollsrecoverygateway recovery houses

I finally made my down-payment ???? I'm very excited I will be stay at the recovery House for 8th day . I can wait till meet them so far the person I have been in contact is been very helpful


So excited I just fight paying for my travel tickets ???? . Southwest airlines offer nonstop flights so It will only take me about 4hrs too and from my destination. Shit is getting real . So I have been having this procedure in my mind so much that I stay to have nightmares ???????? but the lords is with me



Funny everytime ppl hear im getting a tuck the be like omg but you look so go to have 5kids smh i tell i dont want to look good to have 5 kids i just want to look good kids or no kids . Also a doctor had ask me so you want your chothes to fit you better i said no i already know to make my clothing look good on me i want to look good naked ????

Dr Stover certification for plastic surgery

I dont know what to think she is certified the wed saids she needs to renew every 10 yrs so at the end of this month is her 10.yr anniversary but it also give you a remark saying parricipating/no current ?????im confused

Participating/not current meaning

Under 100 days left

I cant wait till the after effect....so unreal that im getting a new stomach. ????????. I love myself right know but i will love my self even more after...I already started getting some stuff ready like comfy clothing and some toiletries....im still a bit confused on the pillows to buy but i do have a recliner.....i have purchase some toiletries for the house i dont think i need to take any to florida since the recovery house provides them....but will see what happens finger cross that everything works on my favor.....thalk later Dolls

Wish pic


I heard that fmla may not cover my surgery so i have been talking to my coordinator about thia issue and to seeif maybe Dr.Stover can change the wording on the procedure but still on clear .My job knows about me taking time off but dont know the reasons . Keep me in yall prayers that everything works out for the good

My coordinator

I love my coordinator Maria Karla shes the best always answers all my question even when i repeat myself cant wait to meet her in person


So i have done lots of research im sure like everyone else in this website i came across this Recovery Support Program after reading another realself beauty so i did even more research and i did like what i found out so here it is ladies my very own

Feeling a bit guilty

So my new boyfriend wants to have a baby he said or ask me to not due the tummy tuck. I had a tubal ligation about 3 yrs ago i gave him the chance to brake it up with me but he said no that our solution would be doing a tubal reversal. W/o im still going moving foward with my plans of doing my tummy but cant help to feel guilt ????
Dr. Stover

Dr. Stephanie A. Stover MD. Miami,Florida

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