Rhinoplasty. Middleton, WI

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As I was turned down for a chin implant, the next...

As I was turned down for a chin implant, the next thing that may help balance my profile is a rhinoplasty. I have a small bump near the top of my nose and extra cartilage on the tip. Id like more of a slope with some of my nostrils showing for the cute yet sexy look. Im beginning to save for it and saw one doctor for a consultation he quoted me at 8k, has 17 years experience and is board certified. I am thinking of seeking a second opinion with another surgeon in my area but he costs $100 for a consult although the price would be overall less with him (6500). He is board certified 30 years experience. The biggest thing that concerns me isnt pain or cost (which are biggies) but how certain family members would view this if they were to notice. I am in the contemplation stage and beginning to take steps of action. Just nervous!

Reading others blogs

I was not sure how to post this on another's profile, but please, please do not get cosmetic surgery until you are in an emotionally fit and mature state to do so. Although I wanted a rhinoplasty since 15, I did not get one in college, or after college. I am 27 now, and more mature-able to handle the consequences good or bad of such a procedure. Not sure anyone will read this, but just throwing it out there-don't concoct unrealistic expectations and become depressed post-op. That is all.

Second opinion

I received a second opinion yesterday from a surgeon in another WI county after reading several reviews of his work on RS (DR Parfitt). I was really relieved-he agreed that the photo manipulation i received from other surgeon still does not fully aesthetically please the rest of my facial features. Of equal importance, he listened to my concerns and does not seem to be an ego driven doctor. I have anothet consult with him for November. He also recommended a lip lift since i have some extra distance between lip and nose (rhinoplasty would increase this distance as my bulbous nose will become smaller). Excited!

In Person Consult

First off Im proud of myself for not making excuses and driving 2.5 hrs to a different surgeon. While we skyped months back, an in person consult is still required which makes sense for seemingly obvious reasons. The atmosphere was low-key and unpretentious-I felt comfortable. The surgeon made alterations to my photos with which I enjoy both. I was told the crookedness of my nose (s curve on one side) is due to a fracture i may have had earlier in life. Unfortunately i know exactly where it came from and it made me a bit sad to have it confirmed. One of my most traumatic memories is being punched in the face and blood spewing all over the carpet (about 5 years old) . I further recall having nosebleeds thereafter on and off. Since im not telling fam or friends about my rhinoplasty I dont want to tell them about this confirmation either as it will make things more obvious...which kinda makes me feel like im in this alone. I know i can do it though! Im thinking scheduling almost a year from now so I can save and be as mentally and physically prepped as well. Today was a good step(may post pix in near future from consult)

**Set the date**

I have set the date for October 13, 2016!!! Yay!

Before photo

I am not looking to change much-get rid of the bump that is prominent from my left side view, decrease size of tip, and elevate slightly.

Consult Photos

During my consult back in October 2015, I learned my nose had actually been fractured for many years. This made sense as I have been prone to nose bleeds since being a child. If you look at the photo, you can see a clear curvature on the right side of my nose, almost like a "s". The surgical office's printer was running low on ink so I got this special pink background ha ha. The photo on the left is what I can expect. I find it very "cute and sexy"...not a dramatic difference from current nose but something that would make me feel more feminine.

Before Photo-One of the angles I have always been least fond of.

Angle of nose

This is the first time Ive taken a photo of my nose at this angle. It has made me see that i actually have more cartilage on one side of my nose than the other. I wonder if that has to do with the fracture i had as a child that was never fixed. Hmmm! Will ask doctor!

Looking down view

Just a bit much at the tip. A reduction would give me a nose that best fits my other features.

ATTENTION: Other places to do RESEARCH!!!!

Hi RS, a friend who had a rhinoplasty recently gave me some very good pointers on where to research surgeons. If you are from Wisconsin, and CCAP your surgeon!!! I Ccap'ed several and one had 2 malpractice records. NOTE: if you're not from WI, public records for any court case (you can even see if they get a speeding ticket, domestic abuse, etc) may be listed as a different acronym. Additionally, I am now semi concerned weeks before my rhino that my surgeon has negative reviews on "ratemds.com"as well as 2 closed malpractice cases. Other sites to look into: ucomparehealthcare.com, healthgrades.com, makemeheal.com (in message board section). Ugh, wish me luck, this newfound research has made my nervousness intensified.


This is the "good side" of my nose. The bump is pretty clear here and also want the tip reduced. Ahhh! Officially 2 week countdown!!!!!

Front View

Wow did I really do this?? *Day of Surgery*

After my long morning drive of no coffee or food, I made it to Middleton. I was experiencing some nerves then the surgical staff showed me procedures they personally had done. They put nasty nasal spray up my nose, and I was given a chill pill..then..twilight anesthethia. I have no recollection what happened or how i got back to the other room. Right now Im chilling in my hotel with peas on my eyeballs. (may take pain pill just so i can sleep).

Day of Surgery-I went through with it!

Some under eye bruising and nasal drainage.

Day 1 post-op

Some changes-deeper purple bruises under eyes. No excessive facial swelling just yet. I feel as though I have a cold but dont-just congestion from surgery. Last night i took a pain med for sleep and it only worked for 4 hrs...it is sooo hard sleeping upright at 45 degree angle when you are super comfy and used to sleeping on your stomach. During todays appt, the nurse showed me how to cleanse my stitches of drainage with a qtip and ointment.

Post Op Day 2

Last night I had difficulty sleeping and fell asleep around 330am and got 7 hrs thereafter. I felt I could not breathe whatsoever. When I wokeup I felt a bit better as though my airways opened up. Today the swelling is probably the worst. I tried out arnica last night and no difference in bruising-but Thats just one night. During day I put the frozen peas on and try to walk around a bit in my room to get blood flowing/decrease swelling. Really looking forward to get over this phase of recovery! I already like my new profile with the cast on..we shall see. Patience is a virtue.

Post Op Day 3

More swelling today, bruising same. At times I feel I have difficulty swollowing but could be from all the congestion caused by surgery. Hoping to wake up with less swelling!

Post OP: Day 4

The purple bruising turned semi yellow today. Swelling still present and icing off and on. I tried out the taping the Ziploc baggie to my forehead technique and happy that it worked as a shield during my shower. Shower felt amazing and needed! I also used a Burts Bees facewipe today and have been brushing my teeth with my finger.

Post Op Day 5

Today I experienced more clear drainage compared to other post op days. Hopefully this is a sign of healing as swelling went down just a bit as well. Sutures out tomorrow! Hope it doesnt hurt! Excited..one step closer!

Post Op day 6

I woke up today and bruising and swelling were down..finally my eyes werent swollen shut! I had my sutures out this morning and ouch! It was not a terrible pain but I had silent tears streaming down my face. I was sooo happy to see them gone. I literally felt like frankenstein with all the blue stitching alongside base of my nose and nostrils. Today is also the last day I am to clean out my nose-yay :) That part has been tedious. Overall Im feeling good and every day I have more pep in my step.

Post op Day 7

Today I went outside for half hour in 50 degrees..nose was dripping clear bugars. Hopefully dripping snot/drainage ends soon (pretty sure this is common 1-2 weeks post op). Most bruising has faded and now im left with residual bags under my eyes. Tomorrow is cast removal!

Post Op Day 8

Im a bit confused-have any other real selfers had to not only tape after cast removal but also self apply a splint? (The tape they gave me for splint is not working). The cast removal today went well, but had to send my surgeon some text messages regarding post care as that seems to be the most stressful right now. Also, my skin is very flaky...looks gross with makeup on. Tonight I showered and gently cleansed my face (yes baby yass). Then, I put lotion on for an hour before washing it off and applying type. Oh, and guess what? the bump is gone. I cannot believe it.. I am conservatively remaining not "too excited" as this is just DAY 1 post cast removal. I also cannot believe swelling will go down, Im already pleased with the results and hope it only continues to impress me :)

Cast removal


Quick update-I have more swelling in the tip of my nose after rhinoplasty. It looks as bulbous as it did pre-op. Not too concerned as my research shows this is very normal and typical. Never wanted to speed up time so much ;) lol

Another update

Also forgot to mention, with that swelling, my nostrils look uneven if I hold a mirror directly below it. I noticed a slight unevenness after surgery but not to this extent. I am also being patient with this as it is most likely from swelling (as research also suggests).

5 weeks Post

Hi all, I have been patiently waiting for my results to set in. Some days I do not see any difference when looking in a mirror but overall, in viewing before and after photos I am happy that the bump is gone and my nose has reduced in size. What I have struggled the most with is thinking the tip is still a bit bulbous, especially from certain angles.

What exercise will do...***Swelling***

Hi Realself, I have been obsessing over how my nose gets swollen on days after I exercise. In the photos, I am 2 months post op (currently almost 3 months so these photos arent the most recent) and 2 months 1 week post op. I have searched high and low for this phenomenon with other realself users, but could not find photos or even lamentations of how nose can swell after exercising. Working out is a big part of my life and health so at 2 months, I went in. The photo depicts nose at 2 months with light exercise and on the right, 2 months + 1 week with heavier exercise.

Regardless, I am hoping my nose tip decreases in size. Currently unsatisfied. I will be going in for 3 month, 2 week eval 1/26.

4 Months Post OP

I am not seeing any definition/decrease in swelling since week 5 post OP. I most likely will go with the steroid shot offered to me for my 6 month follow-up. My nose is still as bulbous as it was before I got the surgery. I am happy bump on bridge is gone, but if this tip swelling doesnt go down, the surgery definitely was not worth 10 grand.

Kenalog Steroid Shot for Swelling?

Hey RS, has anyone had a kenalog shot after their rhinoplasty for swelling? Im 6 months post op and swelling in tip has stayed the same. Thank you!

Steroid Shot for Swelling

During my 6 month post-op, I had a steroid injected into the front and sides of my "supratip." It did not hurt that much, but it is definitely sore to the touch. Increased swelling has also occured.

Steroid continued

I also forgot to mention, my PS told me I have "thick skin". I find this odd as I am very fair skinned with other "fine" facial features. I asked "how can you tell that I have thick skin"? He stated that by looking at sides of my nostrils and comparing it to models he pulled up on google image search (not sure that was very professional but ok) that my thicker nostrils meant I have thicker skin...which in turn means the results of rhinoplasty wont show up as much as someone with thinner skin. I opted for the shot to thin said skin on my nose---really hoping for no adverse side effects!!!

1 Month Post 1st Injection of Kenalog: 7 months Post OP

Hi-Good news: no side effects from Kenalog that I am aware of thus far. My PS did inject my nose with a more diluted solution, which is recommended as the first dosage. I will return for my second Kenalog shot May 22, 2017. I am really glad I opted to go for the shot as you can see the stubborn swelling has gone down. I noticed that days after I worked out, my nose would be the most swollen. Now, I feel my nose is settling and perhaps with the boost of the steroid, swelling is no longer a big issue day after workout. I hope my before and after provides you with some info. I had a reallllly hard time finding before and afters of kenalog post rhinoplasty!!!! One thing I am still not pleased with is the droopy columenalla (spelling?). I will ask PS in a couple weeks if kenalog will be assisting with that as well.
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