48 Year Old That is Finally Getting Around to Get Some Much Needed Dental Work Performed - Milwaukee, WI

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Ok, so first I need to start why it's taken me so...

Ok, so first I need to start why it's taken me so long. First I grew up in a family of 7. That said 6 were lucky enough to have great teeth. Guess who the unlucky one was? Yes it would be me.
I really got interested a few years back when my son needed braces and I looked over the lit as they say. I decided that when he was done I'd start to look into it. Of note I was going to start last year but finances were not where I wanted them to be. Anyway he went through the Damon Clear process or your basic braces, clear on top and metal on the bottom.
As an adult and professional I didn't want to go through that so I knew Invisalign would be the only option for me if I were to go through with it.
So here we are today (07/13/2015), I found this site and thought I'd also do a review as my journey starts.
So basically, I chose an elite Invisalign provider in my area, The best I could find with the best reviews possible.
Got a great deal with internet coupons / mailer and military discount as I don't have dental insurance to use. Not sure it would have helped anyway. I explore every option if it will save me some money. I'm sure you would to.
I started in late May and was in office on June the 3rd for my free consultation. All the basics were done. Pictures and x-Rays then the sit down to go over the process. estimate and payment options with any and all questions I could think of answered.
My issues: severe crowding in the lowers and the tops not so bad but still needed work. So after all that I decided to go ahead and finally get the show on the road as they say. Can't be any worse than where I'm already at right?
So I made my next appointment for the digital scan. Was in the office for that in mid July. At that time I came in for the scan and set up my payment (decided to pay in full an get rid of that pain right away) A few more X-Rays were done then the digital scan. That was easy and I got to see how horrible my teeth really were. Yeah, I definitely needed to do this, to bad it took so long to get rolling on it. Wasn't to sure if I was to old or not but turned out not to be a problem.
With all that done next appointment was for Aug 3rd, 2015. to review the treatment. One thing that was discussed was that I may need to have a tooth extracted on my severely crowded lower jaw. Yep, I done want to loose any teeth but the hope is that I get to keep them.
Well today I got the call in regards to my scan and possible treatment before the trays are ordered and the treatment begins. Yes, the recommendation was to remove a tooth, Oh boy now the second guessing and jumping to conclusion really starts to set in.
So here I am and tomorrow I will make the call to get into the office and see what my choices truly are and go from there. So stay tuned and follow along. Should be an interesting journey and to see how this review progresses.
On that note I do want to add that the staff is outstanding to work with. So far nothing but the best in treatment I've received so far.


So, I got a call last week in regards to my digital scans and my doctor wanted to do a mini counsel before the trays were ordered. As you know there was some talk about pulling a tooth or not.
Well today was that day. So before I went in I did a lot of reading here in regards to removal or no removal of teeth to get the desired results. I know that each and every case is unique so I considered that when it came to reading the stories.
Based on that info, the photos I saw as well as my teeth and age I had pretty much made up my mind that I didn't want a tooth pulled.
Well my doctor showed me both versions of the scans and even though we will have to do some shaving, he will start out very conservative. I was happy that he was on board with me that I wanted to keep the tooth at the sacrifice of a little more shaving.
At the age of 48 I have no cavities and take very good care of my teeth no matter how crooked they are. That said, he was okay with my choice.
So now he will send in the files for making the trays. He figured maybe around 30 trays. Time frame was estimated at least 15 months. Time is not a factor to me so it didn't really matter and I told him that as well. The results is the goal and he understood that as well. So as of today, if all goes well, I will start wearing my first set of trays on August 10th. Nervous yet excited. I hope to get the before and after computer generated files emailed to me and then I can share.
I do have some minor setup work on the 5th of August so I may post then what was done prior to the tenth. Thanks for reading and I'll post soon if anything changes.

Went in today fr the next step.

Well guys, today was the start of the treatment. I thought the shaving would happen today but instead some spacers were placed in between the teeth that some shaving will happen come Monday the 10th.
So how was it? Well I had to laugh at first because they had a hard time getting the spacers in (6 of them). But the Dr. was able to finish the job. They seem to be some type of o-ring from what I can tell. Next few days are going to be tough due to my eating habits. I can't remove them so my bite is actually spongy in a way. No pain at first but I can feel it now. Also of the three spacers placed in my left side, one has already broken and another looks to be failing. I will have to give them a call tomorrow and see what they say. If I need to go back then it will have to be late due to another appointment I have scheduled.
So anyway, as of today still no major update other than prep work for the shaving before trays are in place.
Have a good night/day and hope to post on Monday.


1st Day in, First Tray in.

Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well. Today was the big day or the main day. I was in last week for about 10 minutes to have some spacers installed prior to the big procedure. That was weird but today its at a whole new level.
I'll try and upload some photos tomorrow as today was a long one. My appointment was about an hour and a half to get all setup.
So how did it go? I think a little of everything. The staff was awesome. Read my little Invisalign booklet then it began.
The dental hygienist / Invisalign preper (That's what I'll call her, lol) was great. We went through all the good stuff, Cleaning wear, care, total trays, identification. etc. If you need more detail on this let me know.
So first I got my mouth ready by cleaning the area for the small attachment's that are tooth colored. I have a total of 7 on top and 8 on bottom with a few teeth with 2 on them. Boy these are sharp little guys but not too bad.
I chose not to have a tooth extracted so I had some tooth shaving coming my way as you may see later.
That wasn't so bad seeing that I almost fell asleep while this was done. Finished off with polishing off the residual epoxy and I was ready for the doctor.
He proceeded to shave off in-between teeth, a total of 8 gaps just on my lower. All said and done he used the power tool with the shaving disks as suction and water were used in the process. To be honest other than the tool used it didn't hurt one bit as I had expected it to. The tight gaps are no longer there I have the space needed know for the teeth to begin to move back where they will need to go.
I'll have a total of 29 trays at this point and pending how things go maybe a few more toward the end of the treatment. Got two sets today. 1st and second set. and will wear them for about two weeks each before my next visit and tray pickup.
I knew the first day would be a challenge but maybe a bit more than ready for. I guess no matter what were never really ready. as of this post I'm 4 and a half hours in and as expected the pain is starting to set in. I knew this was coming so I have plenty of Advil ready to go.
So removed trays, had dinner, then back to cleaning them, brushing teeth and oral rinse before I put them back in for the night.
My setup is as follows: Due to the shaving and space between teeth I knew that I'd get food in between the shaved teeth. So have a water pik, so if you don't have one I would highly recommend getting one.
So first the Pik, then brushing and finally the oral rinse. I was given a bottle that was a little stronger, basically for people who have braces with a higher fluoride content in it. Have to get more for my treatment.
Okay so the trays are back in, popped some Advil and I'm actually pretty comfortable. Strange part is that I prefer to have the trays in rather than off due to the slight sharpness of the attachments. Wish I could eat with them in.
Okay, that's it for now. I'll get some pictures up soon. thanks for following me on my journey. Goodnight all.

How things are progressing

Hi guys, just a quick update. Figured I'd post a little something on day three in my journey.
Things that I've learned: Didn't realize how much of a snacker I was. lol.
Have to get up a little earlier to make sure I do my entire morning routine.
Even when these puppies are out for eating I tending not to bite down completely, must have some movement as I can tell my bite is off.
My mouth tends to be a little drier or dry's out faster: Drink lots of water and visit the bathroom a bit more often. lol.
The initial pain has finally started to go down and my top retainers are getting a little easier to remove.
Tray two will go in next week already.
Thanks again for all the support.

Started Tray Number 2

Hi Guys, Just a quick update, tray number two is in. Still need to post initial photos but I will wait till I'm done with number two before I add more photos as I didn't see a major difference yet from 1 to 2. I know something is happening because a few teeth had slight pain after I touched them so I know these are the ones doing the most moving right now.
Still getting used to my new eating habits but I'm brushing like 4 to 5 times a day. Like I said before, the waterpik is a must have tool for at home. The areas that were shaved have benefited the most from it that's for sure. If you don't have one just do it and get one.
Big issue that I have still to over come is the morning routine. Still running a little late to start the day also due to the dryness of my place I have a hard time in the morning to remove them. I purchased these plastic retainer removal sticks from Amazon but they are to round to get into place to help with removing them.
My nails are short so that doesn't help either. I can already feel that tray 2 is concentrating on the front a little more and based on my bite the shave gap is closing little by little. I can tell because the flossing is getting a little tighter.

Okay I guess that's what I have for now. Hope to start posting photos soon. Next tray pickup is slated for August 31st (tray 3 and 4). Hoping to get a good report back from my doctor.

Sorry for lack of updates.

Sorry for not posting in a year but life gets in the way as they say. I just wanted to come up to speed on my treatment.
I did finish the course of 29 trays after a year and will say that if it's recommended for tooth extraction don't do it. I kept mine and after 29 trays it looked pretty good and my Dr. was happy with the progress I made.
I knew that I would go through an enhancement cycle when I hit tray number 20 due to one of the attachments not being big enough. Invisalign recommended additional shaving of teeth at the beginning but my Dr. wanted to take it slow and conservative.
That was a great choice as currently I have plenty of spacing and just started my second round. This will consist of 9 additional sets and should be done by this December with final tweaks via polishing and contouring. I'll try and post some before and after at the end.
Hang in there and thanks.

18 month update

Lots has happened since my last update. Sorry for not keeping up but I've been so busy it's been crazy.
So here's my brief.
Finished initial round of 29 trays. Had issues with lack of movement in one tooth plus one attachment was not big enough and that tooth stopped moving.
Did new scan and went through another 9 trays worth of treatment and still had some issues so my ortho recommended after the 9th tray to switch over to braces for 3 to 4 months to complete the treatment.
Well, I've been in braces since December 28th 2016.
I must say I couldn't do this for two years that's for sure but one month in and huge difference. I will say that I've had a few clips break off and just a wire change on the lower with the top coming on the 13th of February.
Alot more pain for the first 5 days and my healthy diet plan I was on with invisalign is virtually impossible with braces as eating is very hard to do. I've actually gained 5 lbs in a month and a half. Can barely floss as well compared to keeping everything very clean with invisalign.
As for my current state of my mouth, my teeth actually are very straight. I'm very pleased with all the progress in the last 18 months.
Dr. Michael Rozny

Dr Rozny is doing an awesome job with my treatment. If your serious about your teeth and having a great smile and your in the Milwaukee area, I'd highly recommend him to anyone in my area. He works in the West Bend office of Bubon Orthodontics.

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