37 Yr Old, No Kids, Removal of 16 Yr Old Saline Implants, No Lift - WI

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I was always embarrassed of my body. I had a very...

I was always embarrassed of my body. I had a very flat chest, with one small b cup and one barely an a cup. Growing up I was teased and made fun of a lot. I have an hour glass figure and was at least a full size bigger on bottom than top. My first duty station was in Las Vegas, where I happened to turn 21. The military doctors would do breast augmentation (I only paid for the materials) to keep their skills sharp for situations such as women with breast cancer. I only wanted to be a "happy" c cup, which is exactly what I got. My doctor did a great job, but I really never liked the implants. They feel so hard and foreign, they've never been "comfortable". They make me look more proportional, but that's about it. I wish instead of getting implants i had spent all the money on really good bras! Lol!

So fast forward 16 years... they are becoming increasingly uncomfortable, I hate having them, I hate the way they look and feel. My left breast has gotten saggy with age too. I'm having them removed September 1st without a lift. I decided against the lift because it is increased complications and more room for error. Plus, in all honesty, I'm just ready to be me and not have a bunch of extra scars. I'm so excited to have them out, but so nervous of how I'll look after. I know I'm small (my doctor reiterated this to me several times, lol), and I know my left one is bigger than my right one, but I just hope they don't look like wrinkly empty sacks the rest of my life. Not that I don't deserve it for getting them done in the first place. I do think the thing I'm most nervous about is people noticing.

I've attached current photos, I feel like all the photos that people have posted have helped my on my journey and in my decision so I plan to extend that same courtesy.
(As I selected them it looks like they will post upside down... I'm going to retake them tonight and put them on a separate post.)


These are current, before explant.

Questioning the bras I ordered for post op

I ordered four Carefix compression bras for after the surgery, thinking this would provide more support than a regular sports bra. After reading some of the Q&As, I'm wondering if I should not have gotten the compression type. Two of them have more compression, and two of them have less compression. Perhaps I should return them and just purchase some plain sports bras? I'd really appreciate any advise or guidance on this topic, my doctor did not say specifically what to buy. I only know I can't wear underwire for a while. Thank you in advance!!!

Fear of being lopsided

Most of the stories I'm reading, women know the size of the implants they have. All I knew was they are saline, tear dropped shape, and under the muscle. So I read my medical records last night and found that my left one is 270 cc and my right one is 350 cc. I knew my left natural breast was bigger than the right, but I didn't realize how much bigger. Doesn't that seem like a lot? Now I'm concerned I'm going to be completely lopsided. Maybe I could get those gel inserts for inside your bra and just put the right one in? I'm still super excited about my surgery and can't wait to have these things out.

I'm really grateful for this website, reading everyone's stories and especially seeing the picture. It gives me confidence and hope, so thank you all who have shared your pictures and stories. My husband doesn't seem super interested, I sometimes feel like it just annoys him when I talk about it. When I asked him he said he doesn't mind that I'm getting them out and think I'll look beautiful no matter what... but he never asks any questions or makes comments or really engages me in conversation about it at all. So I find myself just telling him things not even thinking he really cares to know. Is this normal? Do the guys just not care what we're going through? We've been having problems, seeing a counselor, so I don't know if it's just cause we have issues that he's like this or just because he's a guy. lol

One week and two days till surgery... very excited. Thanks everyone!

ATTN: Ladies who left capsule in... question

Hello! So my surgery is on Thursday, and I'd really like them to leave the capsules left in because it's less invasive, but am concerned it won't heal as well. So, has anyone who had subpectoral (under muscle) implants left the capsules in? If so, can you please tell me if your muscles reattached to the ribcage okay, or did you have any issues? I do not have capsular contracture, my implants move freely, so I assume my capsules aren't super thick. Thanks in advance for an info you can provide!

So Excited!

Tomorrow's the big day, yay!

Today is the big day!

Will be at the hospital in two hours! Last time wearing my favorite (wedding) bra. I wish I could get another in a smaller size, but don't think they make this one anymore.

Day One Post Op

Explant yesterday went well. I only needed part of the capsule removed from my left side, the right one was left in. I'm tired and a bit sore. This is my first pic, left side is definitely droopier than the right side but that's okay. The important thing is that I am now all natural! ;)

Day 2 Post Op

Here is a photo of day 2 post. Very slight change in my right breast. I went to the store to get a couple more button down shirts, apparently one wasn't enough. Lol I washed my hair in the bathroom sink, took a sponge bath and changed my bra. I'm still very tender and sore, but slowly getting better.

Post op appt is Wednesday, hopefully they are happy with the progress. My mom had to go home, but my hubby is taking good care of me. I'm looking forward to seeing the final product in 6 months to a year.

5 Days Post Op

Still feeling tired and sore, but overall pretty good. I'm looking forward to my post op appointment tomorrow, hopefully then I can shower and stop taking sponge baths. Lol These pics are from today. The swelling must be going down because they appear to be getting smaller. It was difficult to take the pics by myself, so sorry. I still have the gauze pads in my bra, so they look bigger.

Post Op

The post op went well. They said everything is healing nicely and I can finally take a shower. No more sponge baths! Lol I don't need the pads in my bra anymore. I can slowly increase my activity starting in a week and a half, but no raising my arms high for a month (I think that's what they said about raising my arms?). I can also sleep flat on my back, if I want to. Although being proped up isn't so bad, so we'll see. I got the courage to let my husband see them and he said, "they aren't that bad". Lol He said he likes them, but I doubt he'd say otherwise even if he didn't. I can't really think of anything else to report. I slept terrible last night and am exhausted today, so here's to hoping I sleep better tonight. :)

Non-underwire Bras

When I went to my post op, I was told I can wear non-underwire bras, and in a month underwires. If the underwire irritates my incisions, give it a couple more weeks.

I'm wondering how long some of you post op ladies wore compression/sports bras vs. a regular non-underwire bra? It's been two weeks since my surgery, and while my Carefix bras are comfortable, I kind of would like a break from all the compression, and the straps are think and come up close to my neck, so it's hard to find things to wear to work.

I'm considering wearing regular NON-underwire bras to work, and then the compression bras from the time I get home until the time I wake up. This would be about 12 hrs a day with and without compression. I will likely wait till four months or so before buying any underwire bras, I don't want to waste money if they get bigger or smaller. :)

Any advice or suggestions as to whether I should wait and stick with the compression/sports bras for now? Thanks!

Two Weeks, Two Days

Here are my most recent pics. The glue has still not come off my incisions. I'm feeling good, but overdid it today. My husband is out of town and I lifted some things over 10 lbs and had to pull my (90 lb) dog off of something a couple of times. :( Now my right side hurts (the muscle) so I hope I didn't mess something up. Crap. Other than that, still happy to have them out! As you can see I'll likely be about a cup bigger on the left than the right, which I was prior to the BA. I'm hoping I'll fillin enough to fit a b cup, but don't really care too much either way. ;0)

I did buy some collagen to start taking to help tighten my skin up, I've read great things about it. Once my glue comes off I'll start putting Scar Remedy on the scars and massaging them. I did this with another scar and it worked amazing. I also want to start using coconut oil on my breasts for skin firming.

I probably won't post again until I'm one month out. :)


Pics of my incisions now that the glue is off.

My right incision

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