In Need of a BBL & Curve Fixation. - Milwaukee, WI

I'm hoping that I could find a good doctor to help...

I'm hoping that I could find a good doctor to help me end up with the greatest results possible. Here's some examples, can you ladies tell me of any of the greatest doctors with the prices from $4,000 - 8,000?

Also, I'm about 190 pounds & I wanted to know what's the weight limit for a BBL if any? I don't look exactly 190, more of 160--so people say, but yeah.. I don't have much to say for this review, but hopefully if I can get some answers-- any information that helps, I can make the next one longer.

-- OH! Can the doctors be in cities close to Milwaukee, Wi? If not that's fine, but I'd prefer someone closer to home so if--(god PLEASE forbid) anything happened I'd be close to the office for help if needed (which won't be cause Im sure I'll be perfectly) just incase.

More looks..

Just a few more result / wish photos that I cannot forget to put here. Just incase I get a new iphone (6 to be exact) I don't have enough storage and I don't want to lose them. What do you ladies think of these?

Thinking Realistic

Okay, so although I did use all those other pictures as ' examples ' this is what I REALLY see myself looking like AFTER Sx. They look more achievable & natural (which is the look I'm going for). Can I get a couple of doctors who can give me great drastic results like this?
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