In Need of a BBL & Curve Fixation. - Milwaukee, WI

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I'm hoping that I could find a good doctor to help...

I'm hoping that I could find a good doctor to help me end up with the greatest results possible. Here's some examples, can you ladies tell me of any of the greatest doctors with the prices from $4,000 - 8,000?

Also, I'm about 190 pounds & I wanted to know what's the weight limit for a BBL if any? I don't look exactly 190, more of 160--so people say, but yeah.. I don't have much to say for this review, but hopefully if I can get some answers-- any information that helps, I can make the next one longer.

-- OH! Can the doctors be in cities close to Milwaukee, Wi? If not that's fine, but I'd prefer someone closer to home so if--(god PLEASE forbid) anything happened I'd be close to the office for help if needed (which won't be cause Im sure I'll be perfectly) just incase.

More looks..

Just a few more result / wish photos that I cannot forget to put here. Just incase I get a new iphone (6 to be exact) I don't have enough storage and I don't want to lose them. What do you ladies think of these?

Thinking Realistic

Okay, so although I did use all those other pictures as ' examples ' this is what I REALLY see myself looking like AFTER Sx. They look more achievable & natural (which is the look I'm going for). Can I get a couple of doctors who can give me great drastic results like this?

Goal Picture Update & Dates ?

Hey again ladies, I know it's been a long while since I've updated or even came on (year and a half to be exact) but I'm back and with good news. In that year and a half I was gone I did my research, and with my research I decided to go with doctor Jimmerson. I chose him because one, he lives in atlanta, aka home of the big booties, so he knows just what women want when it comes to a BBL. And then two, he has some pretty fair prices for his perfective creations. Surgery will be happening in the spring or summer, I don't have a specific date because I'm still getting things together in my life and I want to make sure that I have more than enough time to get it right the first time. I hope you dollies will continue on my journey with me as not only do I need support and assurance from family and friends but you lovely ladies too. I will continue to update and whenever I get a chance to I'll upload pictures of my body, preferably a couple of weeks or so before surgery. I hope to hear from you ladies and please feel free to share your pictures and stories with my at anytime, I'm always open for new opinons and advice ?????????? see you next update!

Update -)* Goals

& here are my goals.. picture number one is something that I would like to go for, but if it's not possible for someone 5'4 at 200 pounds than I'll just do picture two, either way, I LOVE both.


FINALLY after 3 long years & a million and one obstacles, I can finally say; IM GETTING MY MAKEOVER! Bbl coming SOON! I'd save every penny and school check I got and now I'm finally at the stage of planning. Right now I'm still deciding on two doctors, which will be between Dr. Hasan and another I recently saw on instagram (may be with Dr. Hasan). So now that the money is saved up I can focus on a good date. I was thinking sometime in the winter or early next year simply because of my school schedule and me needing more time to save some extra emergency money after surgery for consistent payments to my apartment and my car. Basically having the leisure to take off work and not be in a fanny about it. Anyways, I'm so exited to finally say I've saved up the cash and I can soon call myself a Dr. ______ doll ? also here is a picture of what I would like to achieve from surgery. Pre-op pictures will come soon ???????? Enjoy your day dolls and dolls to be ????
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