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I am a 33 yo female. I currently am at my all time...

I am a 33 yo female. I currently am at my all time highest weight at 158lbs and am 5'5" I've always had a problem with weight going up and down but recently its been harder to go back down. I've wanted lipo for a while but everyone always talked me out of it, telling me just to work out that I was being lazy. Unfortunately when u work out you loose weight in all the wrong places first, then where u really want to last... Maybe I am being lazy but I'd much rather just get my fat sucked out and be able to keep my boobs and butt! :)

I'm going in for smart lipo on the 29th I'm way nervous but very excited. I'm doing my abs both upper and lower, my flanks back fat and arms. I'm planning on asking the Dr to throw in my chin chub on the day of the surgery :) hope he will. I hope I see the results a lot of you have posted my Dr has a reputation for down playing expectations to make people be realistic and happier when they receive better than discussed results.

I had zeltique done last year from a different Dr and it was a complete waste of money with zero results I wish I had just did the smart lipo then instead but (shrug) better late then never. Keeping my fingers crossed in wis. :)

One week til surgery.... I'm nervous! I filled out...

One week til surgery.... I'm nervous! I filled out all my final paperwork, started taking my vitamins also started a diet last week (lost 4lbs so far) I have a major event in August its exactly 6 weeks from my surgery date so I hope i'll be all healed up and gorgeous by then. As soon as I convince someone to take my b4 pics I will post them.

One more day :) here are my b4 pics... I'm...

One more day :) here are my b4 pics... I'm getting abs flanks back fat and arms done. Pray for me, I need it to turn out I've let myself go and I'm hoping this is a step in the right direction to reclaiming my life.

Just waking up from my little nap... Surgery went...

Just waking up from my little nap... Surgery went well so I heard, I was under twilight. When I first arrived the staff was so nice and excited for me. My ride was given my prescription to fill while I was taken to an exam room for pictures. After the pictures we went over the procedure once again and then I was given some fruit tasting pills that dissolved on my tounge for motion sickness. My vitals were taken then I was given 2 valumes and left comfortably to wait for them to kick in. After about 15mins the doctor came in reassured me about the procedure again and then marked me up like he was calling plays for a NFL game :) I was then led into the operating room where the girls stripped me down and washed me up with antibacterial solution and placed me on the table. I was so out of it by this time I was a little loopy the valumes took over. The monitors hooked up to me and then I was given an iv in my neck (that part stung) but within seconds I felt the twilight kicking in and one of the girls gently closed my eyes and said pleasant dreams (very comforting, felt like my mom or something) next thing I remember was shivering and shaking in the recovery room even though I had 4 fuzzy blankets on me. That was the most uncomfortable I couldn't get warm and I was shaking and tending up like someone going thru with drawls. Horrible! It hurt to shiver but the ladies did everything they could to help. I believe it was from the iv. I finally got warm and kept drifting in and out. My ride came in to keep company and said I was back there a little over 2hrs total and in actual surgery for 5. They made me use the restroom twice b4 I could leave awkward to have people watch you but I understand because I did get very dizzy upon standing a nauseous while on the toilet. When I peed everyone cheared lol felt like I went pee pee in the potty for the first time :)
As far as soreness my right arm was uncomfortable like it was wrapped to tight falling asleep or something and the incisions on my lower abs hurt when standing and sitting (still does) after successfully eating a Dixie cup full of oaster crackers and holding down water I was able to leave. Thankfully they put my garments on me while I was under. I was leaking but not very bad. You guys on this sight prepared me for that part thankfully. The ride home wasnt so bad. I was more terrified of my friends driving than any pain (she is an awful driver and I usually refuse to sit in the front seat with her on any normal occasion but she was my only option lol) we made it home in one piece though and getting out of the car wasn't so bad. The Dr said I had to change the dressings when I got home so I ate some crackers took my pain pills (perkaset) and let my friend undo my bandages and garment and change the pads. The worse part were my arms having to get bandaged again and trying to get this jacket like compressor back on. The waist garment is this double velcro wrap thing.... Picture a wide waist belt; its not bad at all. Infact I have worse girddles in my closet. I haven't been able to get very comfortable. Unfortunately I have a big bed that is too high up for me to get into so I've been trying my chaise lounge which is too low and squishy. I believe my friend is getting annoyed with me because I keep trying to move and have to keep remarking the rigged up shower curtain and puppy pads everywhere I move to. I wish I had a recliner.
Well anyway I'm not at all hungry and I believe I have heartburn from the crackers if that's possible. I'm afraid to eat anything I don't want to get sick. also I refused to look at myself while my bandages were getting changed I want to wait a while so I don't freak out or get discouraged. I can shower in 2days I might look then but the nurse said my back was very bruised an my stomach will be bloated so I think I might try to wait until my 2week checkup b4 I check myself out.
Thank all of you for the encouraging words it is very much appreciated! I will keep updating, let me know how you guys are doing too!

Been drifting in and out of sleep all day have...

Been drifting in and out of sleep all day have eaten a few times but am uncomfortably full off of a banana and a healthy choice rice bowl. I'm super sore and swollen (my fingers even look like hotdogs) I'm trying to stay ahead of the pain curve and take the pills every 4hrs. It's been working I guess. I confess I peaked a little... my body looks like I was beat with a bag of oranges but I see dramatic results on my waistline I have amazing curve but my lower abs and pouch I was concerned with is super big sill, my garment doesn't cover it at all so I'm wondering if that's why. I gotta call tomorrow and ask should I wrap this garment lower after my shower. I'm not going to look in the mirror again until the 14th so I can be surprised.

Today is day 3 not bad pain wise yesterday was the...

Today is day 3 not bad pain wise yesterday was the worse. I haven't taken any pain mess so far and I took my shower. I was very very discouraged seeing myself naked without compression garments on :( I look absolutely horrible. I can see my waist is completely smaller but my arms are saggy limp skin sacks it looks worse now and I was told this procedure was perfect for arms I pray they shrink and the skin retract in the next couple weeks or I will be devastated, also my back wasn't done in the area I requested I had severe back rolls and there is an improvement but my main concern was the area I could pinch in the pictures the Dr did not go up that high I have no bruises discoloration or incisions above my waist. I knew I should not have looked because I would be turn off if I didn't like what I saw. I'm trying to convince myself that everything will be alright. I hope so because as of now I'm already checking my calendar for a good revision date I need my back done properly!

Day 4 appetite back and feeling better. Arms still...

Day 4 appetite back and feeling better. Arms still bleeding and sore tho. Put on a pair of controlling top undergarments to cover lower abs and then wrapped an exercise thing around that (some velcro belt thing for abs to make you sweat whole working out) it seems to help with swelling. Took a pic not overly impressed tho.

Day 6.... Arms sore, I'm still bloated and I'm...

Day 6.... Arms sore, I'm still bloated and I'm itchy! Don't see any difference in my abs my swelling is still pretty severe. I'm starting to be doubtful. Had to switch my rating. I've actually gained weight I'm 164lbs now :( I've only been eating crackers oatmeal and water an the occasional special k bar. I shouldn't be gaining weight! I've been drinking my water too. 5bottles a day min.
I hope I didn't spend money just to be bruised and ugly for 3weeks and still fat after all is said and done.

Day 7 photos..... Not the very least impressed! I...

Day 7 photos..... Not the very least impressed! I gained weight have minimal improvements I wish I would have hired a trainer for 1000 for 6weeks and bought boobs instead. I don't think the Dr did anything but bruise me up and shrink my back the very slightest. My stomach and muffin top wasn't touched and neither was the above the bra overhang! My arm looks worse now than ever! I'm so sad!

Day 14k and my confidence in the surgery has...

Day 14k and my confidence in the surgery has gotten NO BETTER! I'm not seeing 5k worth of results if someone would have used me as a b4 and after I would not have spent the money! The funniest thing I heard was that its not left over fat that its skin and all the hard new lumps all over are muscle. My doc sent even want to consider revisions for 6mths! I have minimal results that I honestly believe I could have achieved with exercising vigorously for a few months! And no I wouldn't see results right away from exercise either but if I would have known I had to wait 6mths to see any result from this crap I wouldn't have done it! And all that talk about swelling etc I highly doubt when ass is done that I'm going to be any happier!

Lol... A lot of spelling errors in last post. *...

Lol... A lot of spelling errors in last post. * when ALL is said and done*

One month later bearly starring to see minor...

One month later bearly starring to see minor results. My back is gorgeous but my stomach is all lumpy bumpy rippled and knotted. My arms are still SUPER SORE I wake up in pain they feel like sunburn to touch and there kind of numb. I defiantly would describe my changes as subtle. I was told to wait 2more months until I can really judge the results. I'm working out and dieting like a maniac. Start bodywraps next week. Hope I continue to see results just pray for some drastic visual changes soon

I thought I updated the photos of how deformed my...

I thought I updated the photos of how deformed my stomach now is... I guess they didn't post I tried again. It is much worse in real life. To the point the Dr needs to harvest fat and fill in the large craters caused by the tools used he tried to tell me it was not from the procedure but we took a measuring tape and it is a direct line from my incision marks on both sides. He forgot to do my flanks so he will redo it and if you look at my pictures the only improvement I have is on my back. My arms are now loose and jiggly befor they were only chunky but solid just like my stomach which now is deformed with wrinkles!

Today is the day I go in for my revisions and...

Today is the day I go in for my revisions and "retightning" I've updated my photos to show what I look like today b4 the revisions and also it is 6mths after my original procedure. I just want the big gouge left in my stomach filled but he claims he can get more tightning on my back and arms.... Here's hoping o_O
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