New Year, New Smile! 19 Sets Here I Come! Crossbite/Overjet/Overbite Correction - Milton, MA

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Hi there, I'm Julie from Boston. I just started my...

Hi there, I'm Julie from Boston. I just started my Invisalign journey and happy to see you all and add to the forum. I've always had passable teeth growing up, never had braces and did the usual wisdom teeth removal in my 20s. But once I hit my 30 my crossbite started pushing things around causing my front teeth to over jet and misalign my right side more. Crowding on the lowers looked worse and it bothered me more and more my teeth were doing their own thing to my disadvantage. I did some research and found that Invisalign would be a good option for me possibly. Now could I pull the trigger?

Over the course of a couple cleanings and inquiries last year, my dentist assured me I would be a good candidate. I have been a patient of the practice for 6.5 years and they are all so caring and capable that I knew I wanted to do it with them if so. Being comfortable with your provider and the office staff is Vip! Well long story short. I did my records last month and I was called back in to view the results. Once I saw the correction, I was sold! To see my teeth looking perfect was worth the price for a life long smile. Even though I was nervous, I was going to do my best with this and take on the pain and adjustment the best I could! I put down my deposit and the case was approved! I got a call a week later my trays were in! Tray 1 Update coming next!

First Trays- 4 days in

Well I got my first trays last Thursday and so far so good! I think I freaked myself out reading too much about the things that could go wrong that I was a nervous nelly! Dr. Thomas popped them in and I thought, this isn't too bad! I did have the usual lisp, mostly on S words and even the staff said i sounded good otherwise.

I had told some co-workers I was getting them but they didn't even notice until I stuck my teeth at them and said see. Still they were like Okk not that noticeable at all. One commented my teeth were whiter like I had a cleaning.

Day 1: Trays in, not much soreness or pain, that evening I took them out for the 1st time. It was easier then expected. I recommend using a paper towel to grab onto them and grabbing from the canines and pushing either up for bottom or down for top. I'm still using that now a few days in. That night I woke up during the night for a couple hours. My tongue was wondering what was in my mouth and my upper lip got a little sore from me wetting my lips more and exploring the edges of the trays.

Day 2. A little more soreness and pressure but nothing bad, did not take any Advil it was that minor. My first full day at work with them. Went well, I made sure to keep my water filled and to clean my teeth after breakfast and lunch. I had to take a 20 minute call and was worried on my lisp so I took out the top one and it seemed much easier. Day 2 night I woke up again this time the insides of my cheeks feeling sore on both sides from biting around. That was my fault and I've since moved away from it.

Day 3 First full day off of the weekend. Keeping my routine of brushing after taking the trays out. My mouth has forgot these are foreign and I find myself going about by day with little bother! I'm now feeling more confident this whole procedure is on the right track.

Day 4- Finally woke up with a good night sleep, feeling relieved I can sleep in these without issues now and my mouth is adjusting. They feel tighter today when I remove them. When they are out or eating I can tell my teeth are already moving, my bite feels it already!

I return on 1/28 for my attachments. I counted 13 on my Clin check. I'm relieved they are all on the sides and none up front. My aligners do have some power ridges built into the front though I could feel the extra pressure on those the first couple days.

My routine has been simple so far. I highly recommend Arm & Hammer Peroxicare toothpaste. I've used it leading up to this and will continue too. It cleans my aligners nice and always leaves my teeth super smooth. I believe it also helped with any irritation in my mouth thus far.

Here are some questions I'll answer ever time I post a tray update:

Number of people who have noticed I'm wearing Invisalign: 1 (a woman at work who didn't know I had gotten it and was right in front of me, she said I had my hand in front of my mouth when I was talking so that gave it away, ha)
Pain level on tray start: first tray not bad, 2 out of 10 (being worst)
Irritation: Minor cracked lips which I took care of with balm and inside cheeks which is getting better. Mentally it's like sticking your hand in the fire, I don't think I'll be biting those areas anymore.
How do I feel about this journey: So happy I'm doing this and reassured it will be ok from the way the first few days are.

Second trays- attachments are on!

On 1/28 I got my attachments (13) total and received the box of all my trays!

The attachments were quicker and easier then I expected. My dentist has always been really efficient so I'm not surprised. I was out of there in 20 minutes. The dentist used a mold similar to the aligner and put them on quickly. Similar to a cavity with using the UV light and after. I do feel roughness around them which I expected. Mine are on the sides of my teeth. I was nervous at first taking on and off trays thinking I would pull the attachments off but they are on there pretty tight! Dr. Thomas did say if one fell off it wasn't an emergency I could take care of it at my next check up. I can't really even tell the attachments are on with wearing my trays. They are tighter and and I'm not used to popping them off with a little more effort. While I'm eating food it feels like I have some food stuck in those areas with the attachments at first, it hasn't been as noticeable since the first few days getting used to it.

Tray 2 feel very tight a few hours in. I put it on at 9:30 am. I developed a faint headache that afternoon and evening. I tend to push through headaches like that without taking anything. By the time I woke up the next day it was gone. Day 2 I could tell the extra tightness when taking the trays in and out. My teeth were more sensitive to eating and once I put the trays back it the pressure was there for a few minutes then subsided.

My dental routine has been going about the same. I am brushing as much as I can. If I can't after a meal I make sure to rinse my mouth really well if I have to put the trays back in. Or also chewing gum to freshen my mouth up after a meal has been easy.

I bought the 5 minute anti-bacterial Polident and like the way they freshen up my trays. I'll try to do one every weekend to sanitize them more. For the main cleanings I'm still brushing the trays with Arm and Hammer Peroxicare toothpaste which keeps them very clean.

Now to answer my questions again:

Number of people who have noticed I'm wearing Invisalign: 1 still
Pain level on tray start: 2nd trays- 4 out of ten being worst.
Irritation: Nothing new, just some chapped lips from the winter and extra brushing
How do I feel about this journey: Very happy- I have it down now, all the legwork is done, attachments are on, trays are with me, now I will stay determined til I get to the home stretch!

I go for my 6 month cleaning this week. It will be nice to have that done about right now and then once again before I finish up. Anything I can do to keep my mouth super clean during this journey will surely help.

Trays 3 + Clinchec

I switched over a couple night ago. I'm starting to see a little progress. My right front tooth slightly is turning and the tooth behind it as well. It's not that obvious yet I think but after years looking at these fangs I can tell.

Same routine so far. I started using Act alcohol free mint flavor before bed after I brush my teeth and trays. Then I snap them in so they get a flouride treatment each night. My dentist suggested this to help any possible further decalcification and the Act is only $5 so it's fine with me and it tastes nice before going to bed.

Here are a few pics and my Clincheck I was finally able to upload!


Here is the longer version I took

Tray 4

Progress pics

Tray 5 progress pics

Tray 5 started with extra pressure on my lower front teeth that let up a few days later. Coming along on the crossbite side. Switch to tray 6 in a few days

Tray 6 Progress pics

Towards the end of tray 6. No extra pressure anywhere with these.

Tray 8 Progress Pics

Things are pulling into place. I'm very pleased on the progress so far.

Still only one person has noticed since day one!

Tray 10 Progress pics

Skipped a couple trays pics, going smooth. Hope the crossbite switches over soon! Those two teeth are closely touching finally

Tray 12

Going well, still waiting for this crossbite to switch over. Hopefully by the next couple trays. All other teeth are straightening well!

Tray 13

Tray 14

Tray 15

Going for my 6 month cleaning tomorrow then changing to tray 16 Wed night. This process has flown! Things are looking great. My crossbite teeth are pulling out. My bite feels more natural with things properly lined up. 2 more months almost! I wonder on refinements but my dentist and I should cover that soon. Either way I'm pleased with the changing results so far!

Tray 16

Tray 17

Tray 18

Tray 19- Last Tray

I can't believe how fast this has flown by. I'm a week into tray 19 which is my final tray of the original treatment. I return next week for a check. Things came out great. The crossbite completely corrected. I am anxious to know on refinements. I feel a couple teeth could use a further tweak.

End of last tray extended wear

Getting attachments off next week!

Attachments are off!

It was super easy, just a few minutes and he did some light contouring which evened things out more. I'm very pleased. I'll move on to do zoom whitening gel next. Getting a retainer after I do a couple fillings.
Dr. Kevin Thomas D.D.S.

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