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I had electrolysis on my chin over a period of a...

I had electrolysis on my chin over a period of a year and a half, every two weeks. The hair was fairly coarse with both dark and light hairs interspersed throughout the chin area. After each treatment the area would be quite irritated with bumps on each follicle wherever she treated. Some big bumps, some small bumps and overall redness and irritation. I didn't worry about it too much as I had electrolysis done years ago on my lower abdomen and the same thing happened in terms of irritation and red bumps. That earlier time, the bumps resolved and there was no scarring and the hair was removed (different practitioner). In the case of my chin, the entire area stayed irritated but by the time of my next appointment the area had calmed down somewhat so I kept going. I just took it as the price I had to pay for getting clear skin eventually. Also in the state of Massachusetts an electrologist has to be licensed so I assumed that she knew what she was doing (and she had been doing it for years). So I really didn't worry. Finally though I decided my face needed a rest, even though I still had plenty of hairs. I simply thought that if I stopped for a month or so without treatment the area would calm down and my skin would be normal again. Plus I wanted to see how much the hair removal had helped overall. Anyway, much to my dismay, after all the redness went away and the large bumps went down in size I was left with hundreds of pinpoint whitish bumps (they look a bit like milia) on each and every pore. To make matters worse, the hairs were not touched or if so , minimally. So now a few years later I still have significant hair growth,and bumps that cause the hair to not come out straight so they're even hard to tweeze. My feeling , looking back now is that she never went deep enough with the needle. I have thick skin and I think she didn't really gauge the depth correctly so the area treated was somewhere in the middle of the follicle and not down by the hair root. I'm not sure which modality was used but I think it was the blend method.
Anyway, now I have to deeply exfoliate the chin area every day to keep the bumps from getting even larger (to buff off the top layer of skin on the bump and allow the hair to come out straight.)If I don't do that the hair gets trapped within the layer of skin that formed from the scar and I get an ingrown hair. I had always read the chances of scarring was minimal when using an experienced licensed electrologist but that is not always the case. Do your research and do a small spot before you commit to doing an entire area. Wait a while after the first treatment to make sure no scars are left in the long term. I wish I had done that as it would have saved my skin. I'm going to look into some sort of laser treatment but its my understanding that there is little that can be done, probably because the scar goes down into the follicle and is not just superficially on the skin surface.
Wish I had never done it.

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Caused permanent scarring in each of the follicle treated

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