Burned by Laser Hair Removal. Treatment - Milton, DE

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I was burned two weeks ago via laser hair removal....

I was burned two weeks ago via laser hair removal. First and second degree burns on my legs. I was so scared of being permently scarred but I've been using young living lavender oil 3 drops on my burns a few times a day. In a spray bottle 100% aloe vera gel and 10 drops lavender essential oil. Spray on burns several times a day. Put the gel from aloe vera plant on burns and rub in several times a day. Its working amazingly well.

continued use of pure aloe vera

June 20- 3 weeks post burn


I've posted before and after pictures. I am still using lavender essential oil an aloe vera directly from the plant along with geranium oil now since the wounds have healed up it will help with scarring. I never used essential oils previously but this has made me a believer. I was initially told I would scar in a few areas as they were second degree but everything looks and feels great. I have been wearing pants/long dressea
for now but once the spots are completely gone I wanted to start wearing shorts but with high protection sunscreen, do you think this is ok?
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