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Hi, everyone. I'm new here. I decided to have WLS...

Hi, everyone.

I'm new here. I decided to have WLS earlier this year but was undecided on which procedure to have. I went back and forth several times before finally deciding on the DS. My surgery is on Wednesday, Dec. 2.

I'm a little nervous but also excited about the future. I'm looking forward to feeling and looking better. There isn't a lot of info about the DS on this site so I'll try to keep you updated on my progress so future readers will have a more current review.


Home recovering

Hi, everyone.

Thanks Kristy for the information.

Well I made it through. Surgery went perfectly according to my doctor but recovery isn't easy. Immediately after surgery I was feeling pretty good. No pain, naseau or vomiting. The day after, however was a bit tougher. That was when all that amazing anasthesia from the surgery was beginning to wear off. Still not too much pain but the gas inside was pretty bad. I did get up and walk some to try to help the process of passing gas along, but it's been a slow process for me. I was supposed to go home on Friday, but to be honest I wasn't feeling all that great but was anxious to get home because I got so little rest in the hospital. Just when you get to sleep someone comes in the room and wakes you up to take your BP and temperature or something and if it's not you it's your roommate. However, late afternoon Friday my nurse informs me that my metabolic doctor noted that my phosphorus was low and wanted to give me an infusion before going home, which would take 4 hours. So I decided to stay another night instead of going home at 8 at night. So I was feeling better on Saturday and looking forward to going home. Around 11 am my nurse tells me the metabolic doctor wants me to have a 2 hour infusion of magnesium. So after that I finally went home Saturday afternoon.

I'm very blessed in that my family is very supportive of me and the decision to do this and are doing anything they can to help me during recovery. Right now I'm focusing on taking in my liquids, which is not easy at all. I have a little gas pain when I sip and I can feel the liquid land in my stomach. I'm looking forward to upgrading to full liquids like cream soups and yogurt because I'm just not feeling satisfied now. I went yesterday morning to get an upper GI xray in preparation for my post op follow up visit with the doctor this afternoon. Hopefully the surgical drain will be removed will help me feel more comfortable.

At some point I will post some photos when I have some results to show. Thanks to everyone for posting their advice and support.

Doing great!

I know it's been a very long time and I haven't updated my review. I will be back soon with an update and some photos.
Newark Bariatric Surgeon

So far Dr. Bilof has been very patient and has answered every question I've had. I am comfortable with him and he was recommended by 2 close friends.

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