33yrs Old/ 5'5"/110lbs - 345cc SRF/HP Natrelle Inspira Silicone Gel. Millburn, NJ

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Hi Everyone! I finally found the doctor, thru a...

Hi Everyone!
I finally found the doctor, thru a friend referral, to get BA with and took the plunge on 12/29/15. After so much back and forth between sizes, I finally decided (literally the morning of surgery) to go with 345HP natrelle inspira silicone cohesive gel implants.

2.5 weeks post op and the results have been beautiful so far and I'm looking forward to them dropping, getting softer, and feeling like they're a part of me.

18 days post op

Just adding some photos taken Saturday 1/16.
I started with asymmetry so from the front it's noticeable. I also think my right boob is dropping faster than my left. Hope things will even out after a month post op!

23 days post op follow-up

Just got back from another follow-up and literally broke down in tears when I started talking about recovery. I told my PS that I've been on the realself site (and left him a review of course) and how I feel like my recovery has been tougher than a lot of other women that have undergone BA in December. Tougher in the sense that the tightness I feel is unbearable at times and I still need some muscle relaxer meds to get me through the day (especially when I'm at work). Not taking any pain meds though.
He was super reassuring that everything with my recovery is going great and my new girls are healing as they should be. He says the tightness is more muscle tightness, especially on top, and taking NSAIDs or a muscle relaxer will help alleviate the tightness I feel.
He also showed me the massages I should be doing now, and that I should be doing them as often as I deem tolerable. With the snow storm coming up on the east coast, he says NO SHOVELING! haha! I'm leaving that up to the bf to handle.
Another positive note is that I can do some light cardio, no running, and I should practice slow stretching for the upper body since the muscles are tight and need to get stretched out. So slowly straightening arms to the side and back and putting my hands behind my head and pulling elbows back as far as I can without pain, a few times a day.
I felt really great leaving the appointment today, and again feel so great about picking the right PS!
Next follow-up is in 2 weeks.
I'll post pics probably tomorrow or this weekend!
Thank you all for the support thus far! xoxo

4 weeks post op today! And 26 day post op pics!

Today is my 4 week anniversary since my BA and I love my girls!
I still find myself needing to take (1) 5mg valium/diazepam once a day. It really helps the tightness go away so I can focus on work and not feel the heaviness that's associated with the tightness. If I'm sleeping flat on my back (which I do at my bf's place) then I usually need it in the morning, but when I sleep more upright and propped up with pillows, I usually don't take it until mid-day when the tightness is evident from lots of walking around.
I also find myself rolling to my side when I sleep which maybe means my body is starting to get used to my girls and sleeping on my side isn't uncomfortable. I'm still trying to keep sleeping on my back though because I fear things happening in the process of healing such as lopsidedness and displacement! **CRINGE!**

I've also been massaging my girls A LOT. Up, down, side to side and they've definitely gotten softer and squishier on the outsides and top, but still working on getting them looser/softer on the bottom and towards the medial line. Really hope that I start to get cleavage!! Really worried to have that gap in the middle, but trying to be patient and not stressing too much about it.
I have another follow up on Feb 4th so the cleavage topic will definitely be discussed.

I'm starting to get those "wish I went bigger" thoughts but not really at the same time since I know once I get myself back to yoga, those tight yoga tops are not going to be as forgiving to my now larger breasts. And I did want to keep my look natural to my frame which this size is really perfectly fulfilling. (But I'm looking forward to finally filling out those tops!)
Speaking of which, I'm adding "after" photos in the same bikini top I wore in my before photos! Still got a ways to go with dropping and fluffing, but wowwy what a difference!

Since I started posting on RS later in my BA journey than a lot of other women, I may post later some Pre-Op BA tips, for those who are still in the process of going through pre-op consults and decisions, and hopefully can help women in preparing for their surgeries, etc.

Thanks for reading!! xoxo

6 week post op and pics!

Late 1 month post to celebrate 1 month with the new girls!
Was cleared at last week's post op appointment to wear regular bras!
Decided to go back to VS to get sized again, and bought a bra in 32DD!

I have this other VS bra that is wireless, not adjustable (has to go over your hea)d, and it's a 34C. This style in this size is super comfy and one of my fave bras, but everything else I tried in a 34C didn't fit. (images of this bra are with this post)
After getting fitted my current size is narrowed down to 32D or 32DD. Tried tons of styles in both sizes, and size 32DD (with lining and without any padding) was the winner!

My PS also gave me samples of these gel patches that help with scar managment. The brand is NewGel+. I looked them up online and they're around $45-65 so I'm glad I have these samples to try these out before I can commit to them. The samples should last like 3 weeks and then I'll probably invest in buying more if I can deal with the maintenance of putting them on, cleaning them and putting them away at night.

Is anyone else using anything to help to help them reduce scars and if so, what are you using? I'd love to get some advice on patches, creams, gels, etc.
Thanks! xoxo

46 days post op

In one of my yoga tops

Pics trying on bikini tops

Almost 14 weeks!
Short Hills Plastic Surgeon

5 Stars across the board. Amazing doctor and great office staff which includes an experienced RN who is extremely knowledgeable. Took a lot of time to go over everything with me and never felt rushed. Always welcomed to come back to talk directly to Dr. Bulan, or the surgical coordinator or RN nurse. You really feel cared for here. There was never a doubt in my mind that I chose the wrong doctor from the initial consult to this very day. The one thing that I will always remember is that I was a nervous and scared mess when I was being wheeled into the OR. The anesthesiologist put the mask on me and Dr. Bulan held my hand and didn't let go until I was under anesthesia. That will always stay with me because it was so comforting. I highly recommend Dr. Bulan to anyone who is looking to have BA or any procedure he offers.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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