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I decided to get acceledent after 2 weeks of...

I decided to get acceledent after 2 weeks of extensive research and getting an okay from my Orthodontist. She quoted me $1200 for it. Pricey but seeing how this little device had cut down people's treatment time by more than 40% in some cases, i bit the bullet and got it. AND I LOVE IT!!!
It greatly reduces any pain that you might feel with putting a new tray in. You literally feel your teeth shifting into their new position with each new tray and acceledent not only accelerates that but also does it with minimum pain and discomfort. I am on tray 12 and I have been changing my trays every 6 and half days, sometimes even 6 if I can feel the tray to be really loose and feel I am ready to move onto the next one.
Since you're changing your trays almost every 7 days, your trays don't get that yellowy shade that they do when you wear them for two weeks straight.

So far I love it and I feel like it's $1200 well spent!!

So far so good....errr I mean GREAT!

Been using Acceldent for more than ten weeks now and It has cut down my treatment time in half. I wear each tray for 7 days, sometimes even 6, sometimes 6 and a half (lol) instead of the usual two weeks and it really has sped things up for me. I love it. I especially love it after I put in a new tray and use the acceledent and I haven't had any pain or headaches because of putting in new trays that a lot of other people have complained about regarding invisalign. It really does alleviate the pressure of new trays! Highly recommended! My treatment includes 37 trays for my upper arch and 38 for the lower arch which means 17 months of treatment time if i were to wear the trays normally for two weeks without acceledent. But Now I change trays every 6/7 days and hopefully I'll be done with my first part of the treatment in about 8 months! Well worth the investment!

My only concern with acceledent is on how expensive this little device is!!! $1200? it's a lot of money! I wish they had some kind of program to buy used/second hand device, especially if someone only used theirs for less than a year as the batteries in this thing are meant to last for about 2 years!!

Speeding up my Treatment! Changing trays every 5 days!

I just finished my tray 15 set and thought I would update you all on my progress. I wore my trays 3-12 for a week each with 22 hours of wear time every day. Wearing trays for a week is a lot better than wearing each tray for two weeks and acceledent makes it possible. At the end of tray 11, by day 6 I noticed that my trays had become loose. If you're an invisalign user, you know what I mean by "loose". it's not like the trays are falling off your teeth and out of your mouth, It just means that they are barely putting any pressure on your teeth, indicating that, that set of tray has done its job of aligning the teeth as much as it was supposed to. I noticed that some trays it took about 6-7 days for me to notice the looseness of those trays and for some sets, it was after 4 days or so that I noticed that trays were getting pretty easy to put in and take out. So after day 5 of wearing tray 13 and making sure that it was easily snapping on and off, I decided to move to tray 14. That was the first time I had a tray in for less than 7 days and to be honest, I wasn't sure it was going to work. I decided to put in tray 14 and to my surprise it fit like a glove! It was perfect! I ran my finger on both trays, pressing them down and making sure the tray fit over all the attachments perfectly and it did. So exciting!! Ever since then, I have been wearing my trays for full 5 days for 22 hours a day and haven't had an issue with any of them not fitting. Now I feel like finally my treatment is going at a pace where I actually see some progress within a month. I did the tray 13,14 and 15 for 5 days each! I religiously use Acceledent every night before bed and haven't had any problems with trays giving me a headache or too much discomfort.

I plan to keep up this every tray for 5 days routine from now on and let's see how it goes. I have my next appointment with my ortho in about 4 weeks and by then I should be on tray 20. I want to see what my ortho says after seeing my progress and my experience with changing trays every 5 days.

Disclaimer: Please don't change trays too early if you haven't run it by your doctor first. What works for me, may not work for you, especially if you have a complex case.

Halfway done. Still loving acceledent.

I am now officially halfway done. I have 38 trays for the lower arch and 37 for the upper arch in total. I just started on set 21 so I am a little over halfway done. I waited for an extra week to update because I had an appointment with my ortho this week and I just wanted to get done with that and get my new trays too and also to make sure my teeth were tracking well. They are, except the movement on one side in the upper arch is a little slow, which can be a problem but for now, my ortho just told me to be really regular with my elastics wear. As I mentioned earlier, I am getting married at the end of this year- last week of december so I am doing all I can to speed things up and be done with invisalign before that. I also got the okay from my ortho on leep on wearing my trays for 5 days instead of 10 days as initially told. Everything is going great and I couldn't be more satisfied with invisalign AND acceledent. If everything goes according to plan, I will be finishing my treatment in 7 months exactly. My initial treatment was 18 months without the use of acceledent. How freakin' crazy is that!!!!

here are some more update pictures. I usually take the pics after I am done with a set. So there are AFTER the tray mentioned in the caption.

Almost done...

First I need to point out that my acceledent cost me $1000 and not $1200. I was recently looking at my receipts and figured that out. So I guess I should stop complaining that mine was too expensive as $1000 seems to be the average price. I did read about some people getting it for 700 ....what a deal. Oh well. I am almost done with my invisalign journey and my results are good enough that I shouldn't complain and seeing that I'll be finishing my 18 month treatment in 7 months, I really shouldn't complain. :D

I am using acceledent everyday for 20 minutes each. i still do it before going to bed and that routine is working out really well. I did notice some more pressure as the trays focused more on lower arch where I have a lot of crowding and made the point to use acceledent every night especially after putting in a new set of trays. Here are the progress photos till tray 30!!
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