51 Yrs of 2 Children and Had a Hysterectomy Incision Going Across Lower Ab

Well my appointment is this Thursday. They are...

Well my appointment is this Thursday. They are doing ten areas. 2 flanks , 2 muffin tops and are using 6 different treatments on upper and lower abs.
I'm hopeful to see some type of results after reeding a lot of posts here. So counting down days. They said I may need two rounds , but i will wait to see how first round of 10 goes

Day of procedure

Well just got home. 6 done on upper and lower abs and 2 flanks and 2 on muffins tops.
The worst part of procedure was the massage. All parts. The flanks burned after machine was taken off and even after massage. The were most sensitive.
I suggest to anyone getting it done to take a pair of spanks to appointment. I put them on and don't feel nothing. Tried pull them off when I got home, boy is it sensitive. With them on feel nothing.
Going to lay down. Got up early but I really can't say anything really bad about procedure.
Will post pics soon

Day of surgery

Not that bad

one day after

Very surprised. A little bit of numbness but no pain. Able to work, clean my house, sleeping is no problem. A little sensitive to touch but not bad at all. Now the waiting game to see if it works.
10 cool sculpting advantage applicators in 1 day........time will tell
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