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I met for a final consultation last night and...

I met for a final consultation last night and booked my procedure for 9/24 so really only a week away which is crazy! I had my c-section almost 3 years ago and run more than most people walk in a week! With the way they stitched me up, I've never been able to loose that last shelf after the c-section! I'm so excited and not as nervous as I thought I'd be, I just can't wait to see the results! I have 100% faith in my doctor and he has made me feel very comfortable thus far! I'll keep you all posted on the results! Thank you to all the doctors who responded to my questions - this forum is much appreciated!

One week away!

I'm posting the pictures from about 2-3 weeks ago that I used to 'ask a doctor' about my procedure. Now I'm a week away! I'm super excited and my only remaining concern is what will my body look like after baby number two! I'm hoping all the fat that would've taken to my stomach goes right to my boobs...or my butt would be great too, but only time will tell! Other than that, the doctor has made me feel really comfortable and I'm really looking forward to everything! I go in at 9am next Wednesday and he said the procedure itself will probably take about 2-2-1/2 hours but he booked the room 9-2 so we will have ample time. That reminds me though, I NEED to fill those prescriptions today!


These are from about 2-3 weeks ago

One more before

'Twas the night before lipo.....

EK! I haven't really been nervous until today..my appt is at 9am tomorrow morning so tonight I'll take two doses of the anti-biotic and use the hipa cleanse in the shower tonight! I hope today flies by and I'm somehow able to sleep tonight! My stomach is in knots and I'm so anxious, but seeing so many success stories on here has been so helpful! Im doing a combo vaser/smart on my upper and lower abs and will have a massage scheduled I think at my one week check up. My husband took the day off from work so he can take care of me tomorrow! I will definitely post my last 'before' pictures tonight. If anyone had any tips on best compression garments or at home massagers or anything to help me heal with the best results as possible please let me know! The doctor will give me a compression garnet as part of the surgery, but I've heard some people grow out of them so just curious what others use to make sure you get a nice flat contour!

I'm definitely not one to want to rush time, but boy do I wish it was next week already so I could see some results!!!! WISH ME LUCK!

Pictures as promised - 24 hours to go

I'm having pizza tonight as a farewell gift to my tummy! It's been real but it's time for you to go!!!! So excited! Last before pics! 15 hours to go!

Better lighting!

These are for me just as much for all of you! I took a few more under better lighting!


Got home from the procedure around 4 and just woke up from a nap! Feeling great, just about to tak an anti-biotic, a pain med, and change my dressings. The most painful part of the procedure was a little punching while they were numbing me up! I'll post pics when I'm able to take the garmet off! I'm just as anxious to see the results!!

First after pictures!!

Changing my dressings...clearly super swollen and starting to bruise! Relaxing and taking some arnica! So excited to shower tomorrow!!

Two days post op...

Still really swollen! Probably more than yesterday, but feeling really good! Stopped taking the pain meds and switched to Tylenol and have been fine all day! Even cleaned a little and actually worked all day from home! Still in relaxation mode until a 5k walk tomorrow with my 2-1/2 year old! I'm really only worried about having to pick him up (since he's 40 lbs) and my husband won't be with us! I definitely feel good enough to walk the 3 miles though and can't wait to get back into the gym! I don't think my stomach looks great yet, but I'm hoping the when the swelling goes down it will all flatten out! My husband picked up a pineapple since we read it's good for swelling and I'm still taking arnica which seems to have helped a lot with the bruising! I'll keep you all posted!

Day 5 post op

Feeling fine...walked around a lot the last two days and I can definitely notice the swelling subsiding this morning! I've read so many reviews about swelling lasting up to three months so honestly I'm not even too worried about it..I got the procedure done in September so I'd have all winter to heal and make sure everything was flat before next spring!

I'll be honest though, I'm getting SO sick of this damn garment! I don't know why they gave me a garment with long shorts but I'm definitely asking for an exchange at my 1 week checkup! Hopefully he doesn't make me wear it a full month! I'd cry! Haha

I have an ultrasound massage included in my procedure schedule for the three week post op appointment that I'm also not looking forward too! Lol hopefully I'm healed a little more because although I feel fine, my stomach is still really sore to the touch so a massage there would def hurt at this point!

5 day post op pics

8 days PO, gym trial....

So I had my week checkup on Tuesday, he said I looked great and was healing great...he took out the sutchers in my upper abs and told me I could start wearing a spanxx tanktop for only 12 hours a day - I was ecstatic! He also told me to start massaging but let me tell you - IT HURTS! My abs are still super sore to touch...like I did a 3 hour ab workout! He told me I was good to start working out (regularly again) and I am actually writing this from my treadmill! I came to the gym yesterday and it honestly hurt to 'bounce' at all so I did the elliptical and paid attention to my posture! I'm gonna do the same today...only 45-60 minutes and nothing super intense, but just something to get me moving and hopefully help with swelling! Anyways...I went to work without anything on and planned to wear my spanxx to bed from now on since he said 12 hours is all I need BUT I have a crease in my stomach from my pants! Just a heads up! I should have just worn the so anx during the day so I have some sort of barrier between my clothes and my stomach! ( just a FYI for everyone else!). I'll keep you posted because I definitely think the crease will go away, but I definitely don't want to screw this up so regardless of what the doc says, I'll prolly wear a spanxx tank everyday!

Ok, so I've read about the hardness that people experience in their stomach after this procedure, anyone out there that's been through this give me a heads up on what to expect or how to help alleviate it? It's not all over, just in certain spots! Not sure if it's from working out, taking the compression garment off or what but it def makes me a little nervous!! Please if anyone has any input it's greatly appreciated!!
Dr. Edgar Balleras

An update on Dr. Ballernas - he's amazing! He was so meticulous and took his time with everything. The procedure went well and he just called to check in on me and gave me his private cell number to call if I have any questions before I see him next Tuesday for my one week follow up! Always nice to know a doctor cares and you aren't just another patient to them!

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