Picosure on Two Dense Black Tattoos

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I made this huge mistake starting from the age of...

I made this huge mistake starting from the age of 18 when i did the first tattoo on my left arm. Since the beginning i decide to start tattoing myself because i develop big stretch marks on my body especially on my arms, thus i thought that these would have been my only hope to make them disappear. The big dense black samoan tattoo on my left arm is a cover up of tribal and is very recent (about 6 months ago) and you can see that is a real mess, the other tattoo with the sun it's not a cover up, but as the first was made to hide stretch marks. Well, let's say that stretch marks are much less visible, but as soon as i realized that stretch marks were no longer a problem, tattoos have become. Now i'm 26, i'm an Engineer and i don't think this ink describe myself , so i want to get rid of it . I'm italian and i live in Milan, two months ago i started looking for information about the process of tattoo removal and i found this fantastic forum, then i realized that i would have preferred only the best technology available so i search for a picosure clinic near my place. Before starting the picosure treatments i made one treatment with the qswitched alex trivantage , then i found a doctor with a picosure laser 15 minutes by car from my place and i decided to start this long process. I know that it will be very expensive and stressful but i want this complete mess removed. Need some hope from you guys.

First picosure Milan (Italy) , three weeks later...

First session done.
To anyone says that is not painful, total bullshit, it’s painful as fuc*, i did 45 minutes of non stop lasering with no anesthetic, the doctor was able in one single session to made both the tattoos, and i was very hurted at the end, and i think i can tolerate pain very well.
I did this session three weeks ago and to be honest i don't know how to judge the results, the tattoo with the sun has faded quite a lot on the lower part (especially on the dices) with different lines almost broken , while the other one looks like the same, maybe because it’s very recent and it contains a very dense ink so it will probably take more time.
Another thing i want to warn you about is hypo pigmentation, i have brown skin and on the sun and the dices i see some lost of pigment, i've already called the doctor and he told me is normal and that the pigment will come back within few weeks (for real??)
Sometimes i just think about it and if it worth or not, spend thousand of euro with no warranty of success. Not only this, sometimes i even think that is a matter of accepting myself , but to be honest in a world where the appearance is so relevant i want these to be removed.

5 weeks post first treatment

These pictures are a little bit brighter than the other one. As i said, the one with the sun has faded very well, while the other one (samoan) it looks almost same. Next week i'm going for a new session.

5 weeks post second session

This was my last session with the picosure, on saturday i'll go to a new clinic here in Milan for a new session, they have the revlite hola combyo, they offered me a package extremely cheap compared to the picosure.

5 weeks post third session

Hi everyone, here are the pictures after my 3rd treatment (first one with the revlite), as i said at the moment i decided to give up with the picosure and give the revlite a try, i took this decision only because of picosure’s price, i’ve been offered an extremely cheap package with the revlite that include all the costs until the complete removal, and in case of fail they should refund me (at least part of the cost).
Talking about the improvement i didn’t see a clear fade so far, honestly i’m a bit disappointed, but i want to be confident and possibly i will come back to the picosure, in this period i even read on Facebook of a new cream made by an american student that should go through the process of acceptance from the FDA, and that should be very effective and so much cheap, do you guys know anything about that?

short comparison

A comparison of the first three treatments. What do you think guys?

same comparison...

just a bigger image...

5 weeks post 4th session

Here we are guys , a short update of my tattoos after the fourth session (2nd with the revlite)

8 weeks after 5th session

Hey there,
these are my progress after 5 sessions (3rd with the revlite)
before seeing the comparison with the older sessions i wasn't really satisfied, but now i think i made some little step forward.
In the meantime i found out a phenomenal way to cover the tattoos, i tried with the lightest and it works like a charm, with two covering creams from dermablend, soon i will post some pictures, and all the details.

i finally find a way to cover my tattoos :)

As promised i've attached some pictures with the cover creams on. I hope you can appreciate the difference, i cover the sun tattoo completely, while the other one only in the upper part.
Apparently the difference should be not as big as i see in person.

If you're interested i've used three different products from dermablend.
1) Dermablend Professional Quick Fix Body Stick Foundation, tan shade (it has a lipstick shape)
2) Dermablend Leg and Body cover, natural shade
3) Dermablend Setting Powder, normal shade

I've waited some time between each step to let the sky dry, i was looking for a method like this from a long time, i've tried different products but i haven't achieved a result like this before.
One thing to note is that the shade is very important, you must find the one that match 100% your skin tone, otherwise it will appear clear that you have something on top of your body.

The cons is that after one day you can see the product start to fade..

If you have any questions feel free to ask :-D

6 weeks after 6th session

fading is too slow...

8 weeks after 7th treatment

no improvements so far..
very sad about that, i don't know what to do, should i go back with the picosure even if they are both black? it's just so expensive.....
need some help from you guys

2 months after 8th treatment


Just to update you guys. I gave up since february, i dont know what to do right now, sometimes I think about getting a new cover-up even if I know that is not what I really want...
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