39 YO Time to Undo 5 Years of Breastfeeding!

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My youngest is 9 and the condition of my breasts...

My youngest is 9 and the condition of my breasts after mommyhood always made me shudder. However, I was divorced when all three of my kids were small: I was broke and exhausted all the time. My hands were full with just trying to survive and single-handedly raise kids, so I didn't date or have much of a social life. Well, the days bled into years and my kids are much more independent. They are awesome, smart, well-adjusted kids. I feel I am at a time in my life where I can do something for myself. I have a great supportive guy in my life and I'm ready to do this.

The Re-Visit to the Surgeon

My stats are tall: (5'10") 130 lbs. I've always been boney on top. Once upon a time I did have breasts, but modest. They fit my shape... the PS originally recommended a smooth round saline implant of 425 cc. But I've been agonizing over the size, worrying this is too large. So I finally went back to discuss my concerns and we changed to a 350 cc. He said anything less wouldn't have a large enough diameter for my chest wall. But I feel so much better now.

My biggest fear

I was plagued with worry that I was going "too big" for my comfort level. After consulting the PS and doing one more sizing, that fear was laid to rest. But now I'm worried that I won't heal properly.

Pre Op Exam

Today I see my primary physician for clearance for surgery. I also need to buy my meds: a script for antibiotics and four (yes only 4) norco... Is that going to cut it for pain? Makes me nervous it won't be enough.

24 hours till b-day

Nerves. Ug. I wish I could relax. Tomorrow morning I'm going to be a mess because I don't go in to surgery until 1:30 pm. Help!

Scared shitless

I hate to be such a whiner. But I keep wondering if I'm about to experience the worst pain of my life... and will it be worth it?

The final countdown

I go into surgery in 6 hours. Wish I could just fast forward through this part.

I've felt like I have the figure of a twelve year old boy for a long time. I'm not going for very large implants--350 cc, but enough to restore some femininity to my shape. Hope the boyfriend isn't too disappointed when I come back and I don't have a chest like Pamela Anderson. But what can I say, my body, my style, my choice. And I'm being a little silly with my random worries. (Hell, he's w

Out of surgery

Went into surgery at 2:30pm. The anesthesiologist was kind and answered my questions. The drug used to induce "sleep" is Pentanyl. I was out before he had the oxygen mask on my face. Then I woke up in the recovery room with a warm blanket at 4:20 pm. (Well, apparently I had been talking and cognoscent There is an Ace bandage tightly wrapped around my chest and it is restricting my breathing. It feels like my sternum is being crushed. It is now 5:37. I cannot see the results until tomorrow. But my head is clearing up. I can think a bit. Can't wait for coffee.

The Installation is Complete

350 cc is a perfect size for me. Once the swelling subsides, this will be a size I can live with and enjoy. Mom and my fella both think it suits my figure well. I look proportionate. And I agree. It's been so long since I looked in the mirror and felt comfortable, complete. I was My expectations were not to feel that way. I figured it would be like trying on a great dress, but it's so much more than that. I feel restored.
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