Dentist Bewared! They Absolutely Dont Know What They're Doing

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Here is the long story, but if you are in Oklahoma...

Here is the long story, but if you are in Oklahoma please read it!

The dentist said Im perfect for Invisalign and only took 6 months. I did everything she told me to, taking great care to my teeth, wearing them 22 hours a day, didnt eat any hard food at all.... and my teeth still looked horrible with obvious overbite. So I asked for the correction and doing it for another 6 months without much improvement. But the people in that office kept telling me I looked great already, I was so hard on myself (right, if I am not then why I had to pay over 4,000 to do that instead of go traveling) and it cant get any better with another correction. My treatment time had to be much longer and they asked for extra $650 if I wanted to do that (I paid for the whole package already) and also I will be charge for the retainer as well even though at the beginning they said I will have a free correction and one year free of retainer! After I made a fuss about it since I must be the first person wanted it to be done early, and I still kept pictures throughout the process to prove that my teeth didnt look right (one side of my jar is obviously shorter than the other, and the midline didnt match up) they said they will do the correction for me without charge! But after that amount of time my teeth still not as I wanted.

I then decided to come to an orthodontist to evaluate my teeth while waiting for appointment for the retainer, and I thought that if even an orthodontist said my teeth are ok then I will stop being hard to myself as they said. But it turned out I had more problems than I thought and the orthodontist can see through all that within seconds (overbite, overjet, midline 1mm off side, spacing ....) and he told me it would take 2-3 years to correct them with the metal brackets. Obviously not easy as the dentist said it can be done within 6 months! So I knew that I shouldnt waste my time with the dentist anymore because she will never able to fix it without knowi g what's wrong! Oh, and the cost for the orthodontist treatment is $ 5,700 not at all big different from the amount I had to pay for that Invisalign, and I sure the orthodontist knows what he had to do.

I dont say that Invisalign is a bad idea, but you have to choose a reliable person to do it. I was totally messed up by the dentist I chose and wasted over 1 year of my life. They only concern about sweet talking to get my money and then get rid of me. At evaluation appointment with the dentist she didnt explain what wrong with my teeth and how she will correct it, she only said I can do Invisalign and quoted me the price. The office is close by my home so I decided to do it, also because they seems friendly and other patients I've seen there seems to had good treatment. But the appointments every month with the dentist only lasts 5 mins by taking a look at my teeth and handed my the new trays. Lately I learned that she was dishonest or absolutely had no knowglege about teeth movements because the treatment I had is Express invisalign, which only lasts 6 months or less for minor cases, which is not my case since I supposed to do full invisalign which will take much more time (1 year or so). So I think she did it because she wanted me to get done fast and get lost, since I paid all money already.

So now I had to start my treatment with braces for another 2 years, paying more money to fix my teeth due to my mistake. So if you wanted to do Invisalign please search carefully, dont go for dentists who didnt learn about teeth movements , otherwise you will just wasting your time and money. And if you went to the same dentist with me then I wish you many lucks, hope that your case is minor that she can do it. But I will never, ever recommend anyone to that dentist office, which I think is overcharge, dishonest and have no idea what is the correct bite, also the teeth cleaning was not very great either. And if you live in Oklahoma, I understand that there are not many orthodontists in here so it will be harder. But this is a great deal in life so even if you have to drive 30 mins for your appointments please do so, it totally will save you much more problems in a long run and your teeth will thank you for not letting bad people messing them up.

Oklahoma City Dentist

The dentist herself didnt know what to do with my teeth, assuming they look great even though i can see how wrong they are with just bare eyes and without knowglege about teeth. Only care about the money so if you already paid them in full they will no longer care about you. Making me do the Express invisalign so i had to make payment within 6 months, even though my case needed much more time than that.

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