Sooo Frustrated but Sure It's Something I Want to Do

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Hi ladies. I decided on a BA after weaning my...

Hi ladies. I decided on a BA after weaning my first child 5 years ago but knew I wanted another child so I decided to wait. Ive now weaned both children and my husband and I know our family is complete.

So I started my journey with a consultation. This was my first mistake. I should have researched first THEN done the consult. Hindsight is 20/20 so oh well. Well the doctor & staff were awesome to me, I was excited & I booked on the spot. But I waivered about the size. I went back for two more consults & we all thought the 590cc high profile mentor looked great IN MY CLOTHES. After researching I learned that this is a huge implant & not often recommended on a first time BA. I was also advised on a crescent lift that I later learned wasn't the best option for someone who's breasts sagged as much as mine.

I had a second opinion with a diff doc who suggested a lift and an implant between 450 & 500 to fill my saggy tissue. I called my surgery office the week on my procedure & the nurse got testy with me but said she would order smaller implants as an option. First Red Flag! I went for my surgery Fri, 12/21/12 but the smaller size wasn't there due to a storm in our area. I knew this was a sign. My hubby & I looked at sizers again & I decided on 450cc. I posted questions on this forum and the ps's on the site all said I needed more than a crescent lift.

I called the Ofc to see if I could meet with the dr to discuss types of lifts before my 1/18/13 surgery date & the receptionist was RUDE!!! She mentioned I needed to make up my mind about size because they were about to order the 450s. I calml├┐ told her I wanted to discuss lifts not size. Now that I've thought about the audacity of this rude staff I have decided to request a full refund & start fresh with a new doctor. Besides I haven't had any work done and I am getting attitude. What would happen if there were post op complications & they refused to see me?! Very unhappy but would rather wait until I know it's the right doc/Ofc. Also, I'd planned for silicone but the research about silent ruptures and frequent MRI's make me wanna lean towards saline.

So long story short. I am going to request a refund from this facility and start fresh with my consults & ps search. Wish me luck. Oh! Almost forgot stats. I'm 5'10", 145 lbs & have a 12cm breast pocket which apparently is rare and limits size options. As such I want to be sure the implant isn't so wide it'll stick out on the sides. Stressful journey but will keep you posted. Hopefully my happy ending is soon! Y'all's before & after pics are the only thing that hasn't made me forget about implants all together!

Frustrated in the Midwest!

Hi ladies! I tried posting an update sooner but...

Hi ladies! I tried posting an update sooner but tend to error on the side of computer illiterate. :) At any rate, I wanted to update you all on my process. I am actually excited again and eager to get the ball rolling! I have two consults coming up this week. I have a list of knowns and unknowns as well as a list of likes, dislikes and red flags. First, I was referred to both of the PS's I'm seeing this week but then again I was referred to the one that I cancelled with as well. i was told that I shouldn't move so soon and take my time scheduling the procedure. I think I know I want to do it and want to get it over with but I also know I need to do my due diligence and take my time with the preliminaries so that I'll be pleased with the end result. One of the offices I am visiting has 4 or 5 PS's in it. I was originally going to see a doctor that my daughter's dance teacher used for a reduction but his online reviews said he was arrogant and judgemental with a bad personality. One of the other doctor's in the office was recommended by the wife of a local surgeon. Apparently he refers all of his patients to this doctor for reconstructive surgeries and swears by his work. I'm going to see the recommendation fo the local surgeon as I wouldn't feel right trying to see two different docs in one ofc. Especially since they charge a consultation fee. :( Oh well. The second consult is with a PS who is well known in the area and I've seen LOTS of women who saw, love and trust him but he has some poor online reviews too. :( On the bright side, one of the previous surgeons I saw for a consult before the previously scheduled surgery date called to see if I had any questions! Actually one of his nurses called but I thought that was really nice of them! The thing I didn't like about him was he mentioned a crescentic lift and all of the PS's on this site said I need more than a crescentic lift as this would not give the best results. :( Plus, he was a bit too professional. He didn't give that warm fussy feeling that I think the first doctor gave. Oh well, that situation was disastrous so I don't even wanna compare to him because his staff ruined it for me. I have some goal boob pics to show the PS's and want to straight up ask about a lift other than the crescentic as most of the surgeons said it would give subpar results. THoughts?? Is that too aggressive of an approach? Well, I'll keep yall posted as I proceed. I read an explant story on here earlier and was sad and nervous reading about the results that occurred from this BA gone wrong. :( I know with everything (even childbirth) there are risks. I just wish it was all fool proof but so many ladies I know who have BA's look FABULOUS and I want those results too! I'm also very happy with my new decision to do saline (after the cancelled initial procedure). :) I feel good about it and it has relieved alot of my tension as I error on the side of being hypochondriac. LOL!

Ladies, yall have been awesome with your encouraging words and I have appreciated reading your stories and your replies more than you know! This is a great site!

SORRY the pic is upside down. :( Computer...

SORRY the pic is upside down. :( Computer illiterate me can't figure out how to rotate it. I'm pretty sure you get the idea though. :) Sorry.

Hi ladies! I had a consult today and the PS was...

Hi ladies! I had a consult today and the PS was very informative and very nice. He was the one I mentioned that was recommended by a doctor's wife. The wife mentioned her husband sends all of his patients to him so that was encouraging. He did encourage the greater lift (not the crescent) and said the crescent lift would be pointless for me given the amount of ptosis I had (just like what the PS's on this site said). So far, he's the front runner and I'll let you know more after my next consult. Still hoping for spring break boobies. :) OH! I almost forgot to mention, he said he rarely ever uses implants smaller than 300cc or larger than 450cc. He thinks for my desired D cup I'd fare well in the lower 400 range. :) That made me happy to hear.

More later!

Okay so I did my final consultation yesterday. The...

Okay so I did my final consultation yesterday. The PS wants to do the lift in one surgery and the implants in a separate surgery 4 months later. I really don't want to have two separate surgeries although he mentioned more predictable results. I know I will need a moderate to full lift as told to me by numerous people. Did any of you ladies have lifts and implants at the same time? What kind of lift and how did they look afterward?
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Word of mouth- A coworker used him and her boobs looked great!

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