475cc Mentor Saline Unders Coming Out After 12 Years

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Long time lurker on this site........ My story is...

Long time lurker on this site........ My story is the same as many others. I hated my tiny breasts. I was obsessed with cleavage and the idea of filling out cute tops and swimsuits. So, at 26 years old I went from a 32A to a 32DD. They were always ridiculously large on my small frame. I probably only weighed 115lbs and was 5'7" at the time of surgery. That's alot of ta-ta! My saline implants are Mentor round 425ccs overfilled to 475ccs in both breasts. I have nobody to blame but myself. I told my poor PS to err on the side of "bigger" and he sure did! If I was going to shell out $4200 I wanted to be at least a C cup. That being said, he did a fantastic job and I've been lucky......12 years and zero problems. Scar tissue is minimal, I've had no complications. They really look pretty darn good, especially after 80lbs weight gain-I know, how on earth did I let *that* happen?

I've been interested in having them removed for at least 3 years but just haven't been ready to pull the trigger until now. I've had 2 mammograms with them in and they have been very unpleasant. Plus, I am just over all the "what ifs" of having implants. What if they deflate? What if they deflate while I'm traveling? Working? What if I'm not as lucky on my second set and end up needing multiple revisions? What about the financial realities of implants over a lifetime? What if I develop breast cancer? I could go on forever...

So, explant is scheduled for January 23rd-only 7 more days! I'm mostly excited and partially terrified which, I'm sure, is a totally normal state of affairs. I'm keenly interested in how the unfortunate combination of aging and weight gain will impact my end result-many of you ladies on here are roughly the same weight as when you implanted so I feel like I'm in somewhat uncharted territory here :)

I'll try to get some pics uploaded. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories. As you all know, seeing actual "real people" results is invaluable in the decision making process. I'll try to document my progress as we get closer to the actual date and beyond.

Less than 3 days to go......

I'm excited and nervous! So many unknowns right around the corner! My husband is super excited as I had implants before we met and he's never really liked them. I, on the other hand, just want it all to be over with so I know what I'm working with. I've been super busy this week at work which has been a welcome distraction but let's get it over with already :)

Tomorrow is the big day!

Yikes. Only 18 more hours with implants. Very surreal after having them for 12 years. I feel a little conflicted, truth be told, about the whole thing. On the one hand, I kinda like having large breasts. Maybe "like" is too strong a word, but I've certainly become used to having them! On the other hand, I hate having implants-they just don't feel natural and nothing about them is maintenance free. Intellectually I know that taking them out is the right decision for myself but I still feel an odd sense of anticipatory dread as well. I'm sure it's just the unknown smacking me in the face. I know I'll adjust, it will just take some time. In any event, I'm actually going to try to attach some long overdue pics that I found. Pre BA I was barely a 32A and immediately after I settled into a 32D. Current is somewhere around a 36C or 36D. At the time of surgery I weighed roughly 115-120lbs. Current weight is 190lbs. Big difference. I'm most curious to see if I ended up with more breast tissue as a result. Guess we'll find out tomorrow :)

Well, they're outta here

Surgery went well but knocked my on my butt. Came home and slept and slept and slept :) Doc doesn't want me out of the ace wrap until I shower tomorrow so I don't have much of an update on the actual state of affairs but from what I can tell so far, everything seems pretty good. I can tell that I don't have any upper pole fullness but they're soft! I'll take it. I'll try to update and take some pics tomorrow after I get out of the shower. So many of the other girls on this site seem to have had big changes over the first several weeks so I'm anxious to see what ends up happening. In any event, I feel great now that I finally woke up and had some coffee ;)

Day 1 Post Op

I was very pleasantly surprised this morning when I removed my ace wrap and hopped in the shower. The pics don't quite demonstrate the amount of upper pole fullness that isn't there but overall I'm absolutely thrilled. Especially since I'm confident they'll fill out and fluff up over the next several months. In any event, this is way more breast tissue than I had pre-BA. So far, so good! My incisions are sore but not exceptionally so. I have some swelling under my armpits but I think that is probably some fluid that has migrated outside of my compression bra. I'll keep an eye on it but not at all concerned, really. So far I haven't felt inclined to take anything for pain which is awesome. No regrets! Real boobs feel so, so much better than my implants!

Best Decision Ever

Tomorrow it will be two weeks! Time flies when you're having fun :) I finally made it out bra shopping and was floored to discover that I'm measuring out at 36C. I finally found the one benefit of all that weight gain! For the first time in my life, with or without implants, I can truly say that I love my boobs. Not because after 2 surgeries and $7000 later I am **finally** a 36C, but because they're mine and I am finally comfortable with them. I've already started the next journey of getting my body back-I'm down 10lbs with 40lbs to go. I've joked with my husband about not getting too used to these C cups as I could very well shrink back down, but I don't really care anymore. Whatever happens, happens. At any size, they'll still be soft, natural, and mine. If you're reading this and you are on the fence about removing your implants-my advice would be to get your mental deck of cards in order, find a competent board certified PS, then do it. It's an emotional adjustment but it isn't insurmountable. Even if I had ended up back with my original size right after surgery, they still would feel amazing! And they do. Real boobs feel great! I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow.
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