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I'm 19 years old, 5'7 and 123 pounds. I've been...

I'm 19 years old, 5'7 and 123 pounds. I've been wanting a BA for years and it's finally happening. ???? Last month I scheduled my consultation which required a $200 deposit which goes toward the total surgery price. The assistant who did the consultation with me was very nice, she measured my chest and based on my measurements the highest size I could go is 450cc. They do order one size up because the implant is placed under the muscle. So I'm getting 550cc which realistically will look like 450cc. The next step was to make the $1000 deposit which also goes toward the surgery price. I've made my next deposit and now my pre op is December 22nd and my surgery is December 27th! I'm still in disbelief this is finally happening. I'm so thankful they let you do payments otherwise I could not have the surgery if it was to be paid in full up front! After my surgery I will make payments of $300 a month. They told me the surgery is called 'rapid recovery' so there's minimal pain and down town, I'm really hoping my body will tolerate the change and not cause to much pain! I do modeling and I want to schedule a photo shoot one week after surgery.. Does that sound reasonable ? Looking at the reviews, a lot of women who had this surgery with the same Doctor have no pain and return to work within the same week, some have even said they go out after the evening of their surgery. Hopefully it's true!

Surgery tomorrow!

I just had my post op appointment in the 23rd. I met the doctor and the medical assistant who went over the preparations for surgery. I got measured and it turns out My limit is actually one size down. Originally they said he largest I can get is 550cc, but now my limit is 455cc. I'm super excited but I hope they are not to small! I want to be a D cup, or double D. Everyone tells me since I am slim that you will definitely see a difference.. Any recommendations for before surgery?? I've never had surgery so I'm kind of nervous... I'm honestly just blocking it out so I don't think of the pain, etc.

The doctor said after surgery, I will go home and sleep for 2 hours to have the anesthesia wear off, then I should take a shower and get ready and go out. That way my body won't think I am sick. I'm super nervous about the pain, but reading the reviews everyone who says they've had a "rapid recovery BA" they say they don't feel pain they just feel sore.. I've taken off a week of work so hopefully that is plenty. I'll post pictures tomorrow! (:

1 day post op

So, yesterday was my surgery. There has been a lot of confusion with my size of implants. Long story short my limit for breast implants is 385cc which is what I got.

I wasn't to nervous going into surgery, I was given a Valium and antibiotic one hour before surgery. I talked to the anesthetic and I don't remember falling asleep, but next thing I knew I was awake from when the surgery was done. I came home and slept off the anesthesia, I was advised I should get ready after I wake up and go out so my body will not think it was sick. I was so sore though so I just stayed home and did my stretches.

The following night wasn't to bad, there actually was NO PAIN post op surgery! Just really tight and sore. The first night I was told to wake up each 90 minutes to do my stretches so I did. I can only sleep on my back so it hurts. Whenever I get up from sitting and laying down I feel a very deep pressure on my chest and slight pain. Other than that, no pain.

I went to my post op appointment today and they said my implants look good. I was advised to keep doing my stretches as well.

Overall, I wish I could have went one size up! To atleast 430cc. But, I definitely do trust the doctors professional opinion that my limit is 385cc so I can't complain :) I really do like the end result! Over time the medical assistants told me they will drop and fluff and can be swollen for up to the first 3 weeks.

Dr Kirk Moore and his staff were very professional, understanding, and honest. I love my end result and will definitely refer my friends and family to them! The procedure truly was pain free!

2 days post op!

Last night wasn't bad sleeping. I woke up and did my stretches. However my left incision burns everytime I move .. I texted the medical assistant and they said it could just be my nerves waking up and she said I could go in the office to have it checked for a possible infection... If it wasn't for the pain in my left incision I would be perfectly fine! Tomorrow I'm going to go to the office to see what's going on. Last night I did the "log stretch", where I had to lay on my chest for 15 minutes.. It wasn't as bad as I thought! I'm suppose to do it again today but my incision is really painful I'm going to wait until tomorrow.... Any of you ladies ever felt pain or a burning sensation with your breast implants?? Btw I have taken any pain medicine. The only thing I have is ibuprofen which doesn't help whatsoever. Hopefully tomorrow this pain will go away. My right side feels completely fine and no pain and soreness....

1 week and 1 day post op!

My new implants really feel apart of me now, this was literally a "rapid recovery" surgery as advertised. I went back to work on Monday which was 5 days post op and I was completely fine. I feel no pain and the soreness has even gone away. I'm satisfied with the results :) can't wait until I can start working out again.. Anyone know when you can typically start working out after a BA? My incision stitches have to be on for two more weeks although they are kind of coming off already .....

Update! 34 C

So sorry for the over due update, life has been hectic. However at this point, I love my new breasts! I have absolutely no pain anymore, I am beginning to work out and there's no discomfort. I got measured and I am a 34 C. At first, I wanted the fake look and was a little disappointed at not being able to get bigger implants. Bur now, I'm so glad that I got the natural look. With my body being so small, bigger implants would definitely look like to much, or it would make me look 'top heavy' lol.. they look kind of small in pictures, but with a bra they really look amazing to.

Update! 34 C

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