23 y/o wanting bigger breats (: Midvale, UT (procedure is May 5, 2016)

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I went to a consult with Dr. Kirk Moore's office...

I went to a consult with Dr. Kirk Moore's office on December 3, 2015. I never met the doctor, but one of the ladies working there did my consult. I only tried on one size 400 CC HP gummy bear implants and that's what I plan on getting. Right now I am size 32B. THANKS to this site for letting me view similar results. My procedure will be cheap because of a new office opened per Dr. Kirk Moore and I will be getting a discount because of signing up at this new office, and doing my consult before the end of this year. I am planning on having surgery in January 2016 once I pay the $999.99 deposit then it'll be $299/mo for a year. VERY great. All I did was sign some consent forms, and the consult was great!

My Boobie Inspiration

I should be scheduling surgery next week, I am really excited. I've been reading a lot about the pros and cons, along with reviews. And I was put off about silicone leaching into your body, but my dream of having bigger boob's are too strong to care. Ha I'm crazy. I want boob's, and always have. After I had my daughter I knew they weren't getting any bigger, I even used Fenugreek and Pueraria Murifica herbal pills, talk about desperate. I was researching and researching. Anywho, Katy Perry has the best boobies and I would like mine to look like hers! What a beautiful rack. I do not want to go over 400ccs though, hers looks bigger than 400ccs. IDK. I know they will cause a bit of attention. But most people that know me know I am insecure about them and are supportive of my decision. Dr. Moore office has definitely called to check up on me and see if I have any concerns and they are great. I love the lady that handles the phones very energetic and homey. My bf kept telling me I was perfect how I was and he gave me money for the deposit on the boob's for my birthday. I didn't see that coming ha. He must be getting excited to. I am hoping the recovery is as quick as it sounds, because I have to go to work the following Monday and the surgeries I believe are on Thursday's. So we will find out shortly, a few more weeks!

Yikes...wisdom teeth removal and pics!

So I've been really nervous with me getting closer, and closer. Now to get my nerves going I have to get my wisdom teeth removed this week, and surgery for the BA in less than a month, hate having them all close together like this, might postpone if I'm not feeling 100% around BA. Anywho... I believe I am a B32 and am aiming to achieve a small D after surgery. Just thought I'd post some before pictures for comparison.

Pre op April 21, 2016

I'm so close. My pre op is next week and I'm terrified and excited and trying to stay calm. I wonder what the pre op will intel. The scheduler said that we will try on more sizes and make sure they are the ones I want that makes me excited. One last chance to change my mind. The surgery is set for May 5. I planned a trip to Vegas on the 6th.... I wonder if I should cancel my trip because my surgery is the morning before I fly out. Is that okay? It's the rapid recovery, but IDK if it will be too risky?

Pre op: April 21, 2016

I had my pre op yesterday. They said I was an easy appointment. I knew what I wanted and had no questions. Thanks to everyone on here. Ha. Dr. Kirk Moore explained everything so precisely everything was clear. I know what I'm doing and what I want. I originally planned on 400cc hp gummy bear implants and I tried them on and loved them. The assistant in my stall told me they won't seem as big and that if I wanted to go the biggest I could and stay withing my rapid recovery that 415 would be my limit and that they'd be a bit bigger and I won't regret not going a little bigger. I agreed. I said let's do it! She ordered them and told me to refill my prescription for Valium and an antibiotic the day before. I am scared more taking the Valium then this whole procedure. I am a very homeopathic person that absolutely despises being in any mind altering man made drug. Will I be okay? Lol I don't want to die or get addicted to that (I watch intervention). Lol I'm just being a hypochondriac but I am glad this procedure doesn't involve pain meds because I think those are the worst. This is also why I think the rapid recovery breast augmentation is for me, I was shocked that they prescribed Valium. Oh well. The price of getting the body you want is going to have some costs. Surgery is set for May 5. Please wish me luck :)

*Cinco de titties* - two days left!

I'm so excited. I refilled my prescriptions yesterday because the power has been going out in my area and the day they told me to refill them I fear my pharmacy will be out of power and closed. I was given Valium and an Antibiotic. I have been googling the heck out of Valium because I am scared to put things like that in my body that mess with my brain. I hate feeling cloudy, but I don't know how nervous I will be the day of surgery so I guess it's good to have it on handy, I read it helps assist general anesthesia so I'll do what the doctor ordered of course. So I believe I noted at my pre-op that we went from 400 cc to 415 cc HP Gummy Bear Sientra Implants. STOKED! I am afraid they will be too big and I will face the judgement of my fellow Utahans, but I mean I'm doing this for me so I need to push my insecurities of being judged because they really don't have a place with judgement on my body :) I am very excited. My best friend will be accompanying me and really nothing could be better at this point. :)


My surgery is tomorrow :) AAHHHHHH they just called and I have to be there at 7:30 A.M. It's an hour drive woohoo I can't wait to get the perfect breast I always wanted. From reading reviews I probably wont even look at them for a month which will be easy for me, haha YAY about 14hrs to go!

Hello from the other side :)

.... I've been WAITING to post that title. So I went in at 7:30 AM. The anesthesiologist, Dr. Moore, and his assistance are fantastic. I felt so happy and prepared and wow! I just couldn't be happier. It's been 10hrs since surgery and no pain, just pressure. I took the Valium and the antibiotic before, and honestly the Valium was not scary, I actually didn't even notice if it was metabolized or not, but I felt calm and good. I haven't had pain, just wow do I feel a wee stretched. I can raise my arms over my head and do the chicken wing exercises. This is fantastic I thought it'd be way worse. This is just the first day. I feel like they look great. Backs killing me, but I've had a cesarean and gallbladder surgery so nothing I'm going to freak out about. I took a two hour nap easily. Ah never slept so good. Thank you Dr. Moore, you're amazing and I really am thankful for your Club Image facebook page and your ads on Pandora, that's how I found you. Glad I did this.

3 days post

Yesterday was rough, getting comfortable to sleep is rough, I've taken Valium to help bring on drowsiness every night so I can sleep. I can't sleep without some kind of drug lol. It's terrible, but whatever. I love my boob's already. They aren't perfect or anything yet very swollen, but just today I realized the tightness isn't as bad as yesterday and day one. My incisions burn and sting from time to time. But I know that's a part of the process when your nerves are waking up. My nipples are very tender. I have absolutely no sensation on my boob's other than my nipples. It feels like someone is holding a lighter to my nipples lol. Just uncomfortable experience. But not today, third day is the charm :)

5 days post - Recovery

I didn't take anything last night to sleep. No more pills Yay! I don't have pain only when I get up in the morning I can feel a extremely bearable irritation near my incision, which has no drainage by the way. I've had none at all and no bleeding. Since the day of surgery I have been able to move my hands in any and every direction. I go back to work today and I know I'll be fine. I'm a receptionist so the worst thing that could happen is a huge package delivery which I could get someone to help with that. Getting used to the new weight on my chest is pretty much the only challenge I will face this surgery. My boob's look awesome. Boyfriend can't keep his hands off me and they are still looking like day 3 pictures so I'm not going to post picture updated until another week, if I can stay off this site that long. Ha. My experience has been great. Dr. Moore did as promised. I follow up with him on the 27th of this month for my three week follow up :)

One week post

Feeling great. No complaints.

Two weeks post op

I feel completely normal. I am able to sleep on my sides again. My boob's look good. I am happy with them. I get many compliments. My friends are a bit jelly and want to get theirs done now. It is interesting how my nipples go from hard to soft and sports bras don't really hide that. In my line of work hard nipples are not appropriate. Lol so it's a bit hard to hide. Otherwise. Love everything still doing great.

One month post

My boob's finally feel apart of me instead of a foreign object. I love them. I had an old bra that I got on sale YEARS ago. It was like 50ยข so I bought it and have kept it all these Years, yes I'm one of those people. It was 38D. Well that bra now fits me to a T. I went from 32B to 38D. I am so glad. I love my new boobies. The bra is in the pictures. It's pretty cute for a big bra. I do hate how my nipples go hard soft and hard in the most awkwardest of times so a padded bra is needed to hide My nipples a sports bra just does not do. Anywho. Im extremely satisfied. I have broken out all over my chest and experience oily chest but I'm guessing the pimples are from my natural oils from my skin stretching and trying to lube itself. I got my ten year warranty last week at my 3 week post and everything checked out great.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Moore is a fantastic surgeon. I literally have no pain and I don't know why people feel like rapid recovery is a gimmick because I feel amazing and it's only day one. His whole entire staff I met are so sweet, honest, with a hint of humour which is just what I like! I would recommend anyone for a BA to Dr. Moore. He does miracle work :) I can't find any room to complain for anything, sometimes waiting sucks, but really what else do you expect when the surgeon does immaculate and everyone wants to see him? Patients/Newcomers are always in his office, but it's never overloaded. Thanks to his whole staff. :)

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