35 Year Old Tall, Thin Rapid Recovery Dual Plane Breast Augmentation - Midvale, UT

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I am 35 years old, 5'10" and 135 lbs. I've always...

I am 35 years old, 5'10" and 135 lbs. I've always been a B cup but during both pregnancies, breast size increased to an F. Unfortunately this meant that subsequently the girls were more like old socks with the old breast tissue hanging at the bottom. I decided to take the plunge and undergo breast augmentation. As a professional, I wanted to have as little down time as possible so opted to go with a rapid recovery procedure. I'm post-op day 2 and cannot understand this concept. I was told most women go out to dinner the day of their procedure. I was discharged without a compression bra and only recommendation of ibuprofen 800 mg TID. I learned after the surgery that in order to get the "lift" the breasts would have to remained taped in this weird cone shape for 3 weeks. The first 24 hours were brutal. Not only would I never go anywhere with the funnels on my chest, the pain was extraordinary. I followed up the next day and learned thinner people tend to have more pain. Fortunately I was given some pain medication, which helped somewhat, and also a compression bra that changed the appearance of the funnels to more like the 1950s triangle cone bra. I was reassured the taping was normal. Now today is post-op day 2 and I had more difficulty getting out of bed bc of pain than I did the first morning. I'm hopeful that this will improve as it is really difficult and makes getting around a challenge. I suspect that I am simply not one that rapidly recovers.


Post-op day 3 and the pain is still present and, at times, overwhelming. Still can barely get out of bed in the morning. Stiff and severe pain. Hard for me to breath. The swelling should be subsiding. The cone shape still in full effect due to the tape but with compression bra and additional spanx like tank top makes the shape somewhat normal.

I believe that my biggest problem is the fact that it was touted as a rapid recovery procedure and I was considered abnormal/weak for requiring additional pain medication. I felt guilty asking for medication and as a consequence, received a low dose that was ineffective. As a result I have to take 2 every 4 hours and cannot even get up from bed for 30 minutes after I take a dose in the AM.

In the future, I would encourage anyone undergoing this procedure to request a prescription just in case they too have substantial pain.


Here's a photo post-op with the taping. Can feel the implant of the right breast just above the scar. Not sure if this is normal but will see the doc today to evaluate. Still very tough to get out of bed and move around.

Patient care lacking

It's post-op day 5. Yesterday I felt a something fairly firm under my left breast and was concerned the implant had slipped out of the pocket. I called the surgeon and was asked to come in for evaluation. Dr. Moore didn't see me but his nurse and M.A. did. I've not been in a patient-clinician encounter in which the provider rolled their eyes until yesterday. As on my first post-op appointment, the nurse acted irritated and made me feel stupid for expressing my concerns. I was also made to feel guilty for having pain after the surgery, which was touted as being "rapid recovery."

I will be honest and admit that I myself am a board certified physician so I am fully aware of what is appropriate bedside etiquette and patient-provider interactions. Never in my career have encountered such behavior.

Again today I had great difficulty getting out of bed. The exercises prescribed are almost impossible without pain medication. I have been irritable and depressed due to the pain. I took the last pain medication early today but could not perform the exercises later in the day after it wore off. Because of the treatment I've received, I am reticent to call the clinic to inquire about additional/alternative therapy.

I would not recommend this clinic based solely on the patient interactions. As previous reviews have noted, interactions with the physician are very limited - probably 5 minutes total immediately prior to surgery. The remainder are with his consultant (who consistently tried to up sell more expensive implants and different cosmetic services) and nurse (condescending, irritated by any questions or pain).

Post op day 7

Recovery is on the way. Feeling much better and have been able to perform exercises. Not being in pain makes me much less grumpy and/or critical. I believe my harsh critique on POD 5 stemmed from 4 nights of bad sleep and consistent pain. While I believe that patient interactions could be improved, the absolutely most important criteria for a surgeon is one that does a good job and knows what he/she is doing. I think a lot if reviews I've read have focused on interpersonal interactions but when it comes down to it, the most important evaluative criteria is the quality of the outcome. Though it is too soon to tell what my personal outcome will be, I encourage folks to be careful about selecting a surgeon based on his or her bedside manner or that of their assistants/ancillary staff. Dr. Moore answered alll questions asked and was personable and likeable. I hope that rapid recovery occurs for others and that I am the outlier (with low pain threshold). The ultimate determinant of whether I recommend this clinic will be the appearance of the augmentation. More to come.

Post op day 17

POD17. Right implant has dropped but left has not - either a frankenboob that will go away or a waterfall deformity. Am regretting going with the Sientra textured bc I suspect smooth would drop more easily. Will see what happens at post op visit tomorrow.

Post op day 18 -- Changed Impression

Post-operative visit on post-op day 18. Tape fully removed. Discussed elevated left breast - will just take time, Singulair and banding. Patient care and interactions were excellent - it is possible that my jaded perspective was influenced by post-operative pain and lack of sleep. The RN was attentive and apologized that she made me feel like my concerns weren't heard. I will change my comments about rapid recovery. I DO think I recovered more rapidly than most BAs. However, rapid-recovery doesn't mean pain-free so I would caution anyone considering the procedure to expect as much. Am still somewhat uncertain about the Sientra's but time will tell. However, the explanation, planning and thought put into today's visit have definitely changed my perspective on this practice.

Sad and disappointed.

I went in for bra fitting this last week. The results without a bra are bad and make me feel very self conscious about my body. I don't want my husband to see me unclothed bc of the snoopy deformity on one side and double bubble on the other. I was even more upset at the bra fitting bc the surgeon said he thought I would be a full C based on measurements. At Victoria's Secret, I was 32 DDD and at a lingerie fitting I as a 32 DDDD. Hence I cannot find a swimsuit that looks cute. My bras a enormous. I'm overall very disappointed.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Knowledgeable, efficient, personal. Not much interaction face to face but I want a surgeon who knows how to operate rather than visit. His ancillary staff are knowledgable about the basics of the procedure and overall friendly but can be abrupt at times. My only real complaint is that pain was not adequately managed post-operatively, making the first 24 hours difficult. Hopefully I am an outlier and others recover more rapidly with less pain. Full-disclosure, I am a bit of a wimp.

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