A Well Deserved Gift to Myself - South Africa

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Hi realselfers ive been on this website for the...

hi realselfers ive been on this website for the last year and helped me so much when i had my breast reduction done in november 2013. after my boobjob i was so happy with my results i went on to loose 15 kgs and now im stuck with a belly that wont move, so a tummytuck seemed like an option. i ve seen so many amazing results from you ladies and it as realy inspired me to do my homework in finding a good board certified doctor in south africa where i live. i chose dr nicolette landman as i felt so comfortable with her during my consultation and her work looks amazing and i realy want to get it done right the first time as il be paying this myself. a few facts about me, im 30 years old ,1 son who is 3 years old and i cant remeber a time when i was no heavy but after my son turned two i decided enough is enough n started a lifestyle change , my starting weight was 113kg and i currently weight 87kg and my goal weight is 80 kg as im 1.67m tall. i excersise 5 days a week bt i cant seem to shift this belly , i will be getting a tummytuck and flank and back lipo.

here it goes the pictures that got me crying n decide enough is enough

finally posting the fat pics that got me started on this amazing journey

more weightloss pics

Now im left wit all this

more pics

I can not wait to jst b norml n tuck my shirt in

thank you

it is soo good to have ladies in similar boats as me and it realy makes me feel im not alone and your support is so appriciated ladies

my dream bikini tops

Tried on bikini tops today n i cant wait to b able to wear dem only one month to go. I bought my compression garment today in size l will purchase a medium in abt two weeks so as to start gathering all my supplies n im getting my compression sox mearured over de weekend

new bikini

I went out n got a bikini i will use to do progress pics with

three weeks to the flatside

Hi ladies i cant believe its time already im so excited to b goin through this with you guys please keep me in your prayers

date change

My doctor has changed my date to 28 jan so im ready to go just getting all my supplies

3 weeks to go

Workin my ass off at de gym to get heart healthy

rolls be gone

Want this rolls gone

gettin supplies

Compression socks,anica tablets,scarscience,bactroban


on the flat side

I made it ladies even thou im waitin for my doctor to take of de binder so i can see my nu tummy

startin to feel like me again

Hi ladies ive been recoverin well but this drain is driving me crazy bt havin a great dr has made this whole process amazing . M so happy for the first time in years i tried on a crop top

drain out bt have too go get drained every second day

Hi ladies im doin well n enjoyin how i look i cant wait to heal fully. I cnt stress enough finding a good dr coz dat will make healing better n easier.

finaly starting to see shape

the seroma is starting to dry up so so hopefully in a week i will be done with syringe drainings but now im in swell hell . all my pain is gone as im 5 weeks post-op and now im just waiting for 8 weeks so i can get back to the gym and start working out as i miss it so much.as you can see from the pictures my flanks are so swollen from the lipo but my dr has reassured me it will subside as time passes bt overall im very happy with my results and cant wait for the final reslts to start showing , the best money i eva spent in my life

more pics

back at gym

hi ladies so im 7 weeks post op and im back at gym doing 45 minute spin class and i feel great the only down side is the swellin by the end of the day im so swolen. a good compression garment and a corsette helps for exercise and keeps it a bit down


Dr. Nicolette Landman

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