dr Niamtu convinced me to get a browlift wich I did not needed.

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Every scar on my body can tell a long and sad...

Every scar on my body can tell a long and sad story. And you might think that I was fighting in Afghanistan. No I own my scars as "gifts" from when I was a child. With all those scars I've never felt ugly. I just got old. I'm 43. I worked so hard and that was showing in my expressions. Little by little lines were intersecting along my face creating scary , unattractive face, unrecognizable to me. I used a lot of make-up to cover imperfections but I do actually look older with all that powder on. I don't even remember when I transition from that cute face to this bitchy expresions. I'm asked by family just everyday "what it is wrong?" what? I'm soooo ok. No, you look upset, mom. How can I convince my son that my face expression has nothing to do with how I feel? So I decided is time to change this face. I went online . I love and trust the doctors that have reviews here on Real Self. Still when I came across Dr Niamtu picture, I said that's him, my surgeon!!!!!! I started to read his blogs, watched all his videos and ..... I was sold. The next day I locked my surgery day . I spoke with Ginger. She's an angel. I could not believe how easy is to communicate to her. I think most doctors don't realize how much business they loose hiring the wrong personal. Dr Niamtu got an army of sweet, beautiful, experienced girls. Pam, Alicia, Rachael, all of them. They make feel cared . If you'll ever have the privilege to be operate by Dr Niamtu you'll know that everything I'm writing is not enough comparing with the amount of love, care , and attention you'll receive while you're in his care. I don't have to repeat how experienced he is. The 7000 pictures on his website can speak not only volume but quality. We all are different, we all will heal different and we all will have different, so keep that in mind. My doctor and I decided that I should benefit most from a browlift in conjunction with a blepharoplasty. Then I opted for a lip lift, lower lid lasered and ear lobe repaired. The day of surgery I met the anesthesiologist, I hope I would remember his name, a sweet gentleman. We didn't fly imidiately to the moon. We talk, we laugh, and then .... I don't remember. I do remember they woke me up and I was thinking to cooperate with them in order to let me go. I felt just tired. Katy, my care giver..... Oh no she's my friend now. I hate that name care giver.. came and picked me up. We got to the hotel. Beautiful and quiet hotel, just 7 min away. Hampton Inn on 800 Research Rd. Everyone is nice here and the interior soooooo cozy. So back with Katy, I told her that I'm just sleeping but she can go and do whatever she need to do. Shopping, eating, anything. By night I pushed her to go home because I felt so good. Finally she left. I woke-up the next day knowing that I have my po visit and then I plan lunch with Katy just before I leave hack to NY. I will keep you guys updated with how I feel and most ...I'll post pictures.

4th day, back in NY

This is by far the easiest recovery ever. My pics looks soooooo scary but i am feeling AMAZING. So... don't cry for me Argentina lol

5th day

For some reason my update today was erased

5th day

7 day already

I wish I could say I feel better, but I can't cuz all this time , i felt.....wait for it....AWESOME.I am full of energy and if the first few days I pampered myself, today I could died without going outside. After washing my hair, applied little to almost no make-up, I did apply a lot of the cream from the doctor office, with spf 30 to protect my under eyes aria. I loved spending extra moments in front of the mirror today seeing less bruises and hardly avoided to be harsh and judgmental of what I saw..This is really not the time to be hard on yourself. Just say : " I am a beautiful woman. and will always be" Please say it loudly. ..... Doesn't feel better? It does. When you will believe that you are beautiful, so all those around you will, too.

About three weeks ago....

About three weeks ago I drove 8 hours to Virginia to met Dr Niamtu anxious to get a lip lift , eye lid tucked , and ear lobes repaired. We have decided that I will benefit from a browlift too and than we planed to add a CO2 laser on my lower lids. I left the office with the strong feeling that Dr Niamtu is not one of those doctors that you meet, give him the money, cross your fingers an hope for the best. He's practicing only facial procedures , for over 20 years. His agenda is impressive and the results ....I will let you judge my pics. Watching on YouTube his videos and reading his blog, I could feel his passion for what he does and the love for his family, patients and employees. So on the 20 of august I was driving from NY, and let me tell you that traveling for surgery is confusing especially if you hare not familiar with that area. To Dr Niamtu office you can fly, take the train, driving your car or a rental. If you don"t drive, you can tae a taxi or better hire Katy and arrange with her to pick you up and care for you po. Dr Niamtu office is close to everything . Walking distance to renovated pharmacy and a Diner , and about 7 min drive to few hotels. I myself stayed at Hampton Inn for 4129/night. It worth it every cent. Swimming pool, gym, coffee station, free breakfast, parking, cozy, quiet, ice machine......... love it. The area is full of malls, fast food restaurants, pharmacies and anything you need to make your stay restfulness. Just don"t forget your credit cared at home ). Driving from NY cost me about $80 in tolls and $150 in gas. For my next visit I will prefer to hire Katy so I wont need to deal with driving.
The office of Dr Niamtu is elegantly furnished and the girls that works there are making that place so welcoming. I loved every single girl there but I can tell you that Ginger, the patient coordinator, made my experience unforgettable. She is so experienced, and at some point I was wondering if she can read minds because she knew what I would like even without expressing. I would like you to know that after hearing your original quote for surgery be prepare to spend a lot more for traveling, hotel, food, medication, nurse, anesthesia and anything in between. What made me happy dealing with this office was the fact that every time I sent an email, either to the doctor or to the girls , I got a response immediately. In order to start the trust in your surgeon you must have great communication with him/her. Make sure you both vision the same result. The final result is what matter the most.
Now I would like to enumerate few thinks that I have learned and want to passed to you:

1) please make sure you need a surgery more than you want. Don't do a surgery if you eel vulnerable or sensitive about someone (ex you just ended a relationship/marriage, a girlfriend just ha a surgery and she look better than you do, the surgery will change your life or you believe will help you obtain a better job,) Whatever surgery you aim to get be reasonable in expectations.
2)The more serious surgery it is the more prepare you should be. Invest few hundred dollars to hire a professional nurse to drive you back home and stay with you in case you don't feel good, plus she will bring a handful tips .
3)Make sure you got enough money. Reading reviews here , only few stressed that aspect. I am saying this because i money will be one of your problem while recovering you will want to shorten the recovery time and it will affect you. After finding out what your surgery cost, ask if that include anesthesia. Than add for meals, medications, hotel, airfares, nurse. Don't be unprepared .
4)Make sure your chosen surgeon have experience/board certified and most importantly you have a great communication with him, not only with his staff If he doesn't have time to answer to your questions before surgery what chances are to find him available after? We humans have instincts. Use it. If there is something that doesn't feel right change your surgeon.
5)It will be a good idea to write down the reasons that made you decided to get this surgery. Consult at least 3 surgeons or sent them emails. The one that will point out same concerns and suggest the solution to your problem and coincide with what you thought, that helps you to make a easier decision. Also take lots of pictures and try to document your recovery.
6)Prepare your meals and plan your diet in advance. Avoid salt to eliminate excessive swelling that can promote popping out prematurely stitches that are melting on their own. also eat a lot of protein to avoid loosing a lot of hair after surgery.
7) Be prepared to take 3 weeks to a month off from work (add this time off to your expenses) If anyone is telling you that in 2 weeks after a facelift, full face laser , or extensive tummy-tuck is telling you a lie. I'm 3 weeks po and i am not fully healed. Also take in consideration that everyone heals differently
8)Do not tell to all your FB friends that you will have a surgery. People, for whatever reasons, including jealousy, can come up with 1001 reasons why you should not get this surgery. You might end up more confused than you are already. Choose wisely who you decide to tell to. Not everyone is pro-surgery.
9)Prepare comfortable clothes to wear. Sometimes an extra pillow can make your recovery extra softer .
10)make in advance a list with what you need for the 3 weeks recovery, and never over buy. Not everyone have a large family or sportive friends and all you have is YOU. Don't get discourage, you have enough. You have GOD. You are God preferred child and he will give you the ability to take care of yourself. Keep in touch with women here in RS for moral support Say a prayer and smile.
11)If you travel for your surgery it will be good to leave back home right after surgery or stay there at least 12 days. Right after surgery you will feel pretty good, but rom day 3 to 10th day your look change and worsen.
12) Every doctor will have his/her own recommendation po. Follow that
13) Drink plenty of water/ juice.(i love pineapple juice), avoid salt
14) After surgery , the first month is more important how you eel than how you look. Avoid infection, take your antibiotic .If you feel bad contact your surgeon, if you feel good, relax. Watch a movie, or read. Keep your head elevated above your hearth Apply ointments and ice by your doctor order. Do not pick on incisions.
15) Rest. Do not rush to go out in public to early even you feel good and pretty . Tomorrow you will regret.
16) Don't loo in the mirror every 5 min even if you die to. The recovery is tricky and you will go from I love it to "I hate it" faster than Maserati "0 to 60" Your recovery will seem slooooooower.
17)Less is more . The less you do to speed your recovery the more chances your body get to heal at it peace. There is no miracle pill to heal you faster.
18) Back to work. You secretly are waiting for a compliment or a comment from colleagues/friends regard your new look. Wrong. You can easily get disappointed because people don't react the way you want it. They might have bad time and their minds are not aware of any change. Some people do not even care when others change something. Whatever it is, go on with your life. Be happy and keep being beautiful inside as beautiful you are outside.
19) Not everyone is satisfied with the outcome from a surgery. If you have had a facelift , I suggest you , after recovery, to change your hair color and style, buy some make-up, or go to a department store and let the professionals to do your make-up and teach you how to o it at home. Get inspired by reading fashion magazines, anything to make you feel better about your new loo. DO NOT ISOLATE YOURSELF FROM OTHERS.
20) There are no guaranties. The results, after surgery, are stupidly unpredictable. Even the best surgeon can not predict your exact result , less your satisfaction. We are our worst critics, and even when we look good , we find something to complain about it. Make sure you have realistic expectations. If you paint just a wall of your room, that room will look different not necessarily renovated.
21) Alcohol. Eheheeeeeeh , i heard you girlfriend . I do too love uncle "Johny" and i "Absolute" adore every single shade of that "Grey Goose" but during recovery is not a good idea to consume any alcohol that can interact with any of your medication. I better be sober than sorry.

And a final thought. You don't need anyone to tell you that you are beautiful because deep down on your heart you know that you are GORGEOUS.

The one think i am sure

About Dr Niamtu, and that is his incisions heals like there was never cut the skin. The scar on my forehead is INVISIBLE. I don't know what is his secret but the way he hide the scar into the hairline is unique. On my right side I had a stich pop out prematurely while I was puking but the rest of the incision in impossible to detect. I love my new hairline. Before , I used to have high temple and now that area is covered by hair. My scalp is still numb and from time to time itching terrible. In rest I feel fantastic.

not recommended

Not recommended

So disappointed

Just reading some of the comments made me feel bad that I did not update my review in time and made myself clear. After all the swelling went down, which it took about 4 months, I realized that not only the eyes were not even but they looked weird. One was open wide like I'm staring to something. The forehead was colapsing leaving me with an ll between my eyebrows. The earlobe split back in less than a week and had to spend 750 to Dr Eric Joseph in NJ. The lip lift was in the end a disaster. As I said , after all swelling was gone I took many pics to posted here when I realised my lips were not identical lift,. So all those complaints were addressed to Dr Niamtu during a consultation via Skipe in May 2014. During that conversation we agreed that I will need a lip lift revision which I will be charge an extra 1300. Another 1350 was the set price for revision on my eyelids. I wanted a neck lipo witch was about 2400, extra laser under eyes , about 450. I also planed to have a lower lip implant , 1300. I left home with 12,000 just in case I need more revisions. I got to Dr Niamtu office on the 20 August. He was "extremely busy" viewing other patients while I was left 3 times alone in the office waiting. He came brefely to consult me. He completely changed the plan. No surgeries. Just patching up. He wanted to perform only laser for my eyes, forehead and for my uper lip "just some sillikon 1000". The only procedure was still on from initial plan was the lip implant. I was disappointed. As I said he came to see me in the office and at my complaints he answered "dear, that's the best you can get". I did not know that mediocre is his best. After 5 min he excused himself that he has other patients waiting to be seen, that were there before me and left. His voice was so severe, I thought he yelded at me.When the patient coordinator returned she brought me the papers to be signed for sUrgeries. I asked , didn't he said he won't operate me? He said laser and sillikon, but the papers were for revision lip and eyes , and anesthesia. She was more confused than I was and she replied "THE DOCTOR IS ONLY HAPPY WHEN HE OPERATE. DON'T WE WANT TO MAKE HIM HAPPY" If anyone can translate what she meant, I will be very apreciativ. No one in the right mind drives 8 hours for a 5 min appointment and pay bunch of money and not even knowing what the hell the doctor will do while under anesthesia. I left. Yes I left the office without saying sayonara . After half hour , while I was already back in the highway in my way home they realized i left and started to call me. What was to explain? That I was hurt? Disapointed? Disrespected? Frustrated, confused, maybe mad? I have had all kind of mixed feeling, besides being tired after waking up at 4am and driving for 8 hours for a 5 min consultation. I am still looking to find a good doctor to fix what this doctor was messing up. What made me very suspicious is the fact that there was an intern, a student that was introduced to me at the office and latter, his name appeared somewhere in those documents that were giving to me to sign. I have a feeling that Niamtu does not make all the operations, he most likely allow the residents to operate us. That's the only explanation that I have seing his mediocre results. His webside is very comprehensive . I liked my initial consultation with him and that dragged me all the way to VA. He sounds initialy very knowledgeable and kind. It could be that I founded him in bad mood, the second visit, we all have personal problems from time to time and that's the reason I did not wanted to come here to bash him. I am a very forgiving person and I do believe in second chances. We are humans and we all make mistakes. However I did not allow him or a resident to touch my face . So , in stead to come here and cry for what happened that day, i decided to move on with my life, keep being happy with whatere and whomever I am. As I said still looking for a good doctor. And thank you to those who called me crazy. Thank God you're normal

ICEWHATEVERNAME you are not welcome to comment here anymore

Please allow me to jump into the conversation IceWhateverYourName and clarify something just for you. First the new name spoildidentity was changed bcuz when i have had my tummytuck in FL I was not sure if I will be able to write and made the mistake to share with my boyfriend the pasword of my account for him to write on my name Without my knowledge he had here another account on my name . However , one day when I received an email from RS about my other account, I confrunted him and he said that he did it bcuz he was jealous that my nude pics were exposed for everyone to see it. Now the reason that I changed the rate from 5 stars to one star is not because I was unhappy with the outcome but the result of me beeing disrespected and mislead of new procedures by Dr Niamtu. And will never wanted to write anything bad about him until you and that other sceptical girl called me crazy. Instead of coming agresevly and acuze me of being cucu please read my last update which I've wrote it for you as an explanation of what happened while I was there to Virginia for the second time a year later.If Dr Niamtu was such famous doctor how you explain that before my reviews with pics there were no reviews such ? So back to rate, if I have had a mental problem i will come here right after mt surgery or few months laterb and post pics and blame the doctor. Not waiting two years.No. I have waited patiently one full year for him to revise my scars and get a lip implant. I have not even mention once that it was his fold, but just because he made me feel less than i deserve . I will never allow someone to treat me like that, and after reading your mean ccomments I've decided to come back and keep my name and update my review. I do have one Q though, do you know me personally? What you don't know and i truly like you to know what else really hurt my feelings when I went to visit anyone even Dr Niamtu is that I bring gifts with me. Big gifts. And not because I am expecting anything in return but because I am like no one in this universe. I love to see people smiling. I love to see that smile and to know that is because of me. And dr Niamtu said "I will only charge you this much because you was nice and brought us gifts" Are you seriuous? That bothered me . I could not believe that he saw my gesture as manipulative act to get cheaper price. Enough with this. As I said the reasons I came back after two years and changed the review is because of the way he rushed me and did not get the respect and time i DESERVE. I was actually back with the intention to get a facelift , and while he tried to take a picture that will resemble my neck after surgery he was so in a rush he did not even took that pic. He jumped from chair and said "i gotta go see the other patient". When I checked the phone to see that pic , was not there, but I blamed the phone :)) . I did feel like he does not deserve me to keep my positive review here neither to touch my face ever. That's all. Simple as that. Even though I did not signed any contract with you Icewhatever neither with RS that I am obligated to keep posting I will delightfully satisfy your curiosity and post pics that will reflect my unsatisfaction and the reson of me going back a year later to VA. Out of curiosity Ice, do you know I've lost two weeks of work, couple of hundreds for gas driving 8 plus 8 hours to see Dr Niamtu? For a 5 min consultation. And for surgery that was not any more in plan. HE CHANGED HIS MIND. Not me. I still have the scar that he refused to fix it for a promise of some Sillikon 1000 on the corner of the lip. I could get that from NJ at dr Eric which I ador. He always treated me like a Lady that I am. And you know what else I would like you IceCapadeWhatever to know? I refuse to be an ordinary woman, because I have th= right to be an extraordinary one. I don't need, want or expect anyone to say or think that I am special because I am an extraordinary woman and my opinion is the only one that matter to me . Now, if you don't mind I will like you to get out of my page and stop bully me. You're not welcome here any more. It is not my fold that you have a miserable life.. That is the only conclusion that I could come up after reading your vicious comments on my blog. You told everyone here to read all my unhappy reviews that will reflect my mental instability. Hahahha . Honey I write what I want, how I want and for whom I want. Why were you reading them all, any way. At least I have 8 reviews, you got none hihihi. And as famous Marylin Monroe said "IT'S BETTER TO BE ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOS THAN ABSOLUTELY BORING" Do something with your life, honey, before you realize you're old and wasted your time commenting on my blog. Because from now one I will ignore you and your mean comments, as you deserve. I am way to smart to keep up with your madness. Hahahhaha. SILLY ME Hahahhaha

Updated with pics

After almost two years, I do believe the blepharoplasty is worth it, only if done properly. It is a quick procedure, easy recovery. My surgery was not as expected, and even though I have never wrote that I was insecure with my look before, I did not say it even after my unsatisfactory result. I strongly believe that we should have realistic expectations, so for that, I patiently waited one full year before asked for a revision. I went on with my life, wearing sunglasses to cover my life, having faith in my doc, that he will fix it. At the revision consult, he changed the plan saying that 'this is the best it can get". besides, I was rushed under the pretext that there are other patients waiting. Weirdly , one the papers that were brought to me to sign, were for eye revision. after minutes waiting for nurse to clarify for me if I still get revision, I left the office, feeling awfully sorry that I drove 8h, one way, to be treated like this. So, this was the mainly reason to rate one star. Since I came back, I start to pull the skin on the bleph was cut shorter to make it evenly . Today looks much better and with the help of make up i don't look that bad. :)) however, my eyes shape changed from slightly almond to rounded shape. Who cares?

Life after surgery :)

hello gorgeous girls,
If you had , or just plan to have any surgery I want you to know ,there IS life after surgery. The reason i am writing today is to show you few of the thinks that I've used. For the nose scar, a dermapen and alternativ a medical grade 70% glycolic peel by Magnificent Face from Ebay. For the redness and itching at eyes I use Innoxa , a blue liquid from Amazon. I also pinch and pull to skin to eliminate the anesthetic gap formed above the left bleph. It takes time and patience . I have both. No matter what happen after surgery, do not allow yourself to act like a victim. love yourself regardless. Go do your hair, spoil yourself at spa and buy new make-up and/or new shoes. That's what I did. It felt AWESOME. For lips, which were not remained plumb after one year, I searched for a no surgical solution and found CandyLipz. My nose started to chane after sx. the tip was more bulbous so I bought a device from Ebay, Those are few of the items I used and did to made a difference in my result.


Dr. Joseph Niamtu III

Poor comunication, mediocre result

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