Time for a Refresh for this 50 y.o. - lower facelift & revision rhinoplasty

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I had my revision rhino. and facelift 3 days ago -...

I had my revision rhino. and facelift 3 days ago - not a lot of pain just nausea and headaches. The surgery lasted 9 hours from what I was told. So, needless to say, I've been really out of it since Wed.
The 14,000 was for both surgeries by the way not just the one. I"ll post pictures later and I have been documenting the good, the bag and the ugly.

50 YO Revision Rhinoplasty and Lower Facelift

Okay, now I'm on day 6 of this "journey" and have been documenting with photos everyday but too chicken to post yet.
I chose my surgeon after interviewing some of the "famous docs" in Manhattan and Florida. I was looking for a face-only, board certified surgeon, of course, great attention to detail and just someone I trusted and clicked with.
I have been looking at before and after photos for years and years and I think I found the right guy! (And only 20 minutes from home). Noses seem to be the absolute hardest body part to do so those before and afters had to be natural and not "over done" looking.
My first rhino. was 15 years ago and wasn't terrible looking but ended up not straight with arched nostrils, lots of issues...those of you born with beautiful little noses - so lucky!!


Just a few BEFORE photos - just needed a little "tweak" here and there to celebrate turning 50 : )

Night before surgery

Night before surgery - freaking out in my hotel room

Surgery over! I survived!!

The surgery was 9 hours total - I called and talked with one of the anesthesiologists before the surgery to make sure that amount of time was safe to be under and he assured me it was.
I hired a sweet nurse to take care of me from the hospital and stay with me for 48 hours in a nearby hotel.( I didn't want to scare my family and it was kind of a scary look. )
Was really nauseous after the surgery and threw up once - not to be gross but so much blood goes down your throat and it might come back up....the pain meds. don't agree with me I guess. They make me super sick...

Day 2

Day 2 was pretty uneventful - no real pain...still took the narcotic as needed along with a anti nausea med. Amazed at the lack of bruising (yet!). So wiped out though I guess from the surgery itself.
Had the first post op appointment and the doctor said everything looked great...so back to the hotel. More sitting....

Day 4 (somehow I lost day 3)

Day 4 feeling better - not needing much of the narcotic pain med. just extra strength tylenol.
Sorry the photos are so graphic but I'm impressed with his great stitching. I can't even sew on a button. The bruising isn't too terrible either. Just tight, swollen, numb and hard feeling.

I definitely recommend taking Arnica and Bromelian before and after surgery (if your dr. allows it). And eating lots of pineapple and blueberries.

The website VitaMedica has a surgery recovery vitamin pack that has lots of good things in it to help with healing and they sell Arnica 30x, Bromelian, and Arnica K cream.

Day 6

I came home yesterday - missed my family SO much that I cried everyday towards the end. But my son isn't really speaking to me - think I scared him...hopefully, he'll go over that. He's 14 so they can be kinda grumpy anyway. My daughter will be home in a few days and that should be interesting too.

I go in today to have my nose splint removed - yay! but I"m SO scared because I know my nose is super swollen and hope I'm not too disappointed when I first see it. I read about people loving their nose right away and being super excited about it. Don't think I'm going to have that reaction. He had to do so much work and added fascia from my ear and a lot of tip work so mine might be extra swollen. Which is kind of a bummer but I should have known this would take time to heal.

Same day 6 - splint removal

Yes I look absolutely terrible - do like my stretchy headband from Whole Foods tho. I put my ointment on then the anti stick pad then the head band.
You can see the derma blend line - still the bruising is getting better and better. Still very swollen.
Like I thought, my nose is super swollen and I'm a little upset but keep telling myself that it's just temporary. Really don't want to see anyone or go out in public though.

I've definitely had the depression they warn you about and wondering if you've mad a horrible mistake. Hopefully the outcome will be worth it and then I'm never doing another thing!!

I trust my surgeon as he has done really beautiful natural work so I'm just trying to be patient and re-reading some of your stories for reassurance.

Okay now I'm caught up with the story so far - your stories have been so amazingly helpful and generous that I felt a little guilty considering not putting up mine. I'm a very private and shy person and didn't tell but a few people about this so this is WAY out of my comfort zone.

It's been a week already!!

This time last week I was in the middle of a long surgery - I still feel great just making sure I don't try and do too much because I think it's makes the swelling last longer.
Obviously still have some bruising and swelling - trusting my great surgeon that my fat nose will be smoothed out soon enough. I go in to see him in a few days so I'll ask again. I'm sort of obsessive and his office has been great with me - patiently answering ALL of my questions. (And there have been many!!)
Sorry these photos are first thing in the morning - no makeup shots.

Day 8

Hi friends, I'm on day 8 and feel tired still but good. I'm told that you start to feel more like going out around the 2 week mark. I still feel like I would scare small children at this point...(my son has stopped avoiding me at least). I have to make sure I don't overdo it with laundry, etc. but it's hard with a family of two kiddos.
My face feels numb, the bruising and swelling continue to get better.
I'm using Arnica K cream many times a day on my face and neck as well as taking Arnica 30x tablets and Bromelain capsules three times a day. (That may or may not help but at least I feel like I'm doing something proactive).
My surgeon wanted to see me in the morning before he goes on vacation for a week just to make sure all is good before he leaves.
This medical group could not be more great or attentive. From the lovely patient coordinator, Mary, to the sweet nurse, Tameka, all of my questions are answered quickly and they've been very patient with my obsessing. : )

Day 9

Day 9 and feeling better and better physically - my face is still numb of course and swollen. Trying to rest which is hard with two kiddos but Aug. is a great time to be a shut in. : )

Day 10

getting a little impatient with this healing process. I can't wait until the magical 2 week mark. Hope that makes a big difference. Can't help but to focus on the fat nose tho. I know it's too early but still difficult because I refuse to leave the house or see anyone yet.

Day 12

Swelling and bruising coming down...incisions look awesome. A lot of work done to my nose so I'm thinking that could take a while to look more normal but I think it's better.

2 Weeks

What a difference at 2 weeks - I feel so much better, swelling is coming down, bruising lots better. Still hiding out thought - maybe another week??

Day 18

Get the stitches out tomorrow - can't wait!

3 weeks

4 Weeks

Still a bit swollen but so much better - started seeing a massage therapist for manual lymphatic massage...maybe that will help?

Still 4 wks.

Sorry I can't seem to edit once it's published...

6 weeks (+ 2 days)

9 weeks (I think!)

Still very happy with the outcome - I think my nose is still swollen, it's still a little stiff, the incisions look great

5 1/2 Month Update

Sorry it's been so long! Feb. 3 will be my 6 month mark..
Richmond Facial Plastic Surgeon

After much research and interviewing doctors, some in Manhattan and Florida, I chose Dr. Bridges. His kindness and professionalism were apparent at the first meeting. I knew he would take my case very seriously and do his absolute best work. My surgeries took several hours but I got a great result and will definitely go back when (if) I need any touch ups.

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