4 Weeks and Miserable - Midland, TX

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I am 58 yrs old and always been active but needed...

I am 58 yrs old and always been active but needed to get rid of some areas that exercise just would not take care of. I think my age and hormones just constantly worked against me. I researched, what I thought was sufficient, to decide on the laser/vaser lipo. However, did not discover this site until after my procedure. If I had, don't think I would have gone thru this process. I feel like I was misguided in my consultation regarding the healing process and possible side effects. I am 4 weeks out and basically miserable. I can understand my hardness and my swelling, but the pain I am experiencing is completely different. I had my abdomen, back, hips, and waist done. I still experience moderate pain in the abdomen except in the waist area all around, which is almost unbearable. I discovered on this site that it is probably nerve damage. I cannot stand any clothes touching that area. It is very painful even when the shower water touches my skin and even painful riding in the car. Been to the doc several times and he always seems puzzled. Symptoms are what I would compare to Shingles. I am very disappointed that I had to search the web and other resources to understand what is happening to my body. I've had 2 injections for inflammation, and having to stay on pain medications to make it thru the day. I massage regularly, follow all doctors instructions, wear the compression garment 24/7 (except to wash) and receive endermologie as required. I am also taking an anti inflammatory 3 times a day/per dr instructions. I am just so over this. My lifestyle has been completely shut down. And in some way, it has made me realize to accept "Me" as I am. After my consultation, the date of my procedure was schedule based upon my husband having back surgery July 9. I was assured that I would be completely healed and able to take care of him. So here I am, miserable and also taking care of him. The week in the hospital with him was a bit more than I could take. I have always had a high pain tolerance, but this has just gone on too long. But still hoping for the best and that the nerve damage is not permanent. So depressed and sick from the pain, hard tissue areas, swelling, and my body so uneven. Right now, I look worse than I ever have. Looking forward to a nice shower, applying lotion or even putting on the compression garment without crying. And also getting out of these stretch pants, which by the way had to buy a size larger.

Day 33

Endomologie in the am. On the way the car ride did not seem as painful. After the endomologie, have hurt all day. Especially around the navel area and lower abdomen

Day 35 and 36

Day 35: Called for appt with doctor. Really over all this pain. My skin continues to feel like someone has scalded me with hot water and can't stand my clothes to touch me. Was told to stop taking the Lortab as it was really constipating me and I know it is not a good idea to stay on this narcotic for a long period of time. Doctor gave me Lyrica for neuropathy pain. My doctor is still puzzled my pain has lasted this long. He seems to be concerned about me. Hopefully the Lyrica will help.
Day 36: Had endomologie this afternoon. Second day on Lyrica. Continue to have the nerve pain. Don't even want to move to aggravate the pain. So miserable and so over this. A few days ago I bought a Wahl Massager at Walgreens with a rubber like head. I have used this 2-3 times per day and it seems to help me right after the message for a little while. I am still swollen and so uneven. Gosh, if I thought I looked bad before this procedure, I was dead wrong.

Day 41Still have nerve pain and swollen

Been on Lyrica since June 24. The dizziness from the drug has subsided. I still have the nerve pain but the Lyrica makes it tolerable. Tomorrow will be going into my 7th week. So disgusted with the pain and the way my body looks. Worse than it ever was. Still have the swelling and my hips are terrible. I look like I have a deformity. One hip is swollen out in to a round shape and the other is like square shaped. My abdomen is swollen and the lower abdomen is horrible.
July 25 was my last schedule endomologie. The girl that did the endomologie thought I might need more sessions since I was so sensitive with the nerve pain and swollen. Said she would talk with the doctor and have him call me. This is Tuesday July 29th and I have not heard from them. This does make me worry as to what is going on. Did I go the right place for the procedure?

Day 43 Still have nerve pain and swollen. August 1, 2013

After no contact from dr. office, I called the office July 31. Receptionist went and talked with Dr. Syed and he stated I would need more endomology and the package of 4 sessions cost $204.00, but he would give me 6 sessions at that cost. Scheduled session for Aug. 1. After session I met with Dr. Syed who seemed concerned about my continued conditioned. He assured that I should get better and the swelling, lumps, and unevenness would go away. He is including 2 Vaser Shape sessions with above package but with 4 endomologie sessions. Replacing 2 endomologie sessions with 2 Vaser Shape sessions. Not sure what this involves and need to read up on this. Both the dr. and his assistant assures me it should make me feel better. I let Dr. Syed know that I have had a few dizzy episodes on Lyrica and I woke up yesterday with a itchy red rash on my chest. Used cortisone cream on the rash and no other rashes have occurred as of today. Told Dr. Syed that I still feel like my skin is burning and very sore but I think the Lyrica helps me to tolerate the pain. Most of the nerve pain is around my waist in the front around to the back. I still have pain riding in the car. Any movement or vibration brings on the pain like my skin has been burned. What I can see, the Vaser Shape involves ultrasound and massage. Hopefully there is not any heat involved as not sure I will be able to tolerate any kind of heat at this time. But who knows, may help. Will keep this updated. Dr. Syed's assistant took some pictures and showed me the comparisons of before surgery. I must agree I look better after the surgery. Just hoping the remainder of the pain and swelling will get better with time.

Going into my 7th week

Doing better except for some hard swelling places and so uneven. Less swollen in upper abdomen. Lower abdomen and hips swollen. The nerve pain has subsided some, but still sore in places, especially, when I do my massages. Still taking Lyrica. No appts with dr. this week as they most staff are on vacation. Monday Aug 12 will have my first Vaser Shape and then more endomologie.

Day 53. Still have Nerve pain around waist

Thought I was doing better so tried not wearing undergarment today. No way. Cannot stand the friction of my shirt touching my waist and sides. BYW. I stopped wearing the spandex as they ride up around my waist. Been wearing Yummie Tummie. They are longer and don't ride up. Yummie Tummie does not hold you in as tight as the Spandex but has enough support to help with the pain and keep the outer clothes from rubbing the sore areas. Tomorrow is my first appt. back with the dr. after a week off (staff was on vacation) Will be first Vaser Shape. Hoping it helps with the swelling and unevenness and does not make the nerve pain worse. Will keep you updated.

Had my first Vaser Shape yesterday Aug 12, 2013

Had my first Vaser Shape yesterday. I'm scheduled for one more sessions in between having 4 endomologies scheduled thru Aug 23rd. Vaser Shape, (per doctor) should help with the swelling, nerve pain, and the the unevenness I have. The Vaser Shape made me feel so much better right after, but this morning I feel the same. Hopefully after the endomologies and the other Vaser Shape I will feel even better.
And I guess it is just my luck. The regular staff member that does the Vaser Shape was training a new staff member on the procedure. The Vaser Shape does not hurt unless there is loss of contact of the skin with the hand held tool used. The new staff member lost contact on my skin several times. When that happens, you feel a tinch, like a slight 110v shock. Also, after a few minutes, you get too much heat, that feels like they are burning your skin. I did not finish the last few minutes of the procedure because the heat got too much to handle. As you can see from my previous comments. I had to pay for additional endomologies, but the doctor included two Vaser Shapes. Having to pay for the additional endomologies came as a shock to me since my doctor said my nerve pain was unusual and he had never had anyone have this long term pain before. Note: I am still on Lyrica to control the pain. So worried that this pain/nerve damage will be permanent. I read over and over on this site that it gets better with time, but I think that is mainly regarding the swelling and lumpiness, not necessarily regarding this long term nerve pain.

9th Week update, Feeling Better

Had my second Vaser Shape yesterday. Another staff member did the Vaser Shape and it was much better. Vaser Shape was only in my abdomen area, and not the hip area. Feel much better this morning. Seems like the nerve pain is much better also. Swelling is reduced and area looking better. Staff member scheduled me an additional Vaser Shape. I feel like the staff is trying to help me get better due to what they say is unusual lingering pain. Going to continue the Lyrica for a while longer to make sure the nerve pain is healed. I still get very dizzy and woozy for the first couple hours after taking the Lyrica.

So much better today

So much better today. Seems like the nerve pain is almost totally gone. This past weekend I decided to not wear my Yummie Tummy to keep the friction of my shirt off my waist. Suffered thru the weekend and so much better by Monday Aug. 19th. I think I desensitized the nerves and they regenerated. May be a combination of that with the Lyrica, but getting better is what counts. Had PO visit with dr. Monday Aug. 19th. Dr. stated the swelling and hardness will continue to improve. However, I am still disappointed with the looks of my areas. I can see a difference now, but so uneven in all areas. Dr. noticed where I still have fatty area above my navel/abdomen area and suggested he may have to correct that in a few months if it does not go away. I just let him know that there would be no way in hell I would go thru this again!!!!!!!!!! Totally not worth the pain for weeks and weeks and now it looks like the results was not what it was suppose to be. I will never "shut down" my life like that again.

Sept. 10, 2013 Surgery June 19, 2013 Not totally over this surgery yet

Still have sensitivity to the waist area, more around the navel area and left side but better. I have stopped taking the Lyrica. However, still so uneven in the hips, and fatty tissue above the navel. You can see the previous comments where doctor suggested doing that area again. But there is no way that is going to happen.

3 month update

Still feel about the same I did last week. Still have some nerve sensitivity around waist when my clothes touch my skin. At times I can have a needle like tinge and itch but can deal with that. Still waiting on the nerve damage to completely heal, but still better from all the pain I went thru. Abdomen and hips still uneven. As stated before, Dr. wanted to do another lipo of the small fatty area just above the navel. I am disappointed that this area is not better than expected as this was the area that bothered me the most. I will definitely live with what is left, as I would never go thru this again.

3 month update

Forgot to add that I still have areas of numbness and soreness in the navel area. Hopefully that will also get better with time.

Been almost a year now. Totally not worth it. Total waste of money

Yes, been almost a year now. Still lots of unevenness in the hips, stomach, back and abdomen areas. Hips still look rounded on one and kind of square on the other. One back area looks better but the other side looks like nothing was done to it at all. And the fat area around the navel/abdomen area, the area I was most concerned with, is still there with no noticeable difference. No positive result at all. I can also look down to my lower abdomen area and can see like a pouch sticking out on the right side. The pain I endured for weeks was so not worth it for the results I can see now. Please Please, do your homework before considering lipo. Research and read all you can on this site and others before making a hasty decision you will regret. You may have a different outlook in considering the consequences ahead. I have lost 25 lbs and been working out the past few months. The weight loss and workouts have not remedied my appearance of what the lipo has permanently done.
Dr. Mohsin M. Syed

Cost above included Juvederm around the lip area and Healthy Aging consult and blood tests to determine my hormone levels. No payment process was rated as the procedure was paid in full before procedure. I think Dr. Syed is concerned about my pain and expects my swelling and hard tissue to resolve. His nurse is professional and compassionate. Easy to talk to and concerned with my condition.

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