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I started my breast reduction journey on May 24th...

I started my breast reduction journey on May 24th 2013. I can't even remember a time when I didn't wear a bra. In the third grade, i forgot to put one on one day an couldn't jump rope at recess because my boobs were out of control. I am currently in a 32H with the band and straps being a little loose and the cup a tad but small. It has always been such a pain to find bras. None of the bras in my size are sexy, cute, or comfortable. Not to mention they can get pretty pricey. After experiencing years of back and neck pain, trying all sorts of medications, and physical therapy with no relief, I decided I had to do something. I had an appointment with my gyno and asked him what he thought. He told me he would have his nurses start the process and make an appointment with a surgeon. After about three weeks of no one returning my calls or knowing what was going on in the office, I decided to talk to my PCP. However, many years ago I had mention to her that I wanted a reduction and she told me I had to wait until after I have children. There was just no way I could do that. I personally do not have any idea when I will be having children. Heck, I'm not even married yet! So I changed my PCP and made an appointment with him. At that appointment he prescribed me Cymbalta. According to him, I seemed depressed and depression can cause pain. I agreed to try it. I tried it for two weeks and it lifted my mood, but did not help my pain. At my next appointment he gave me a referral to see a surgeon! A couple of weeks passed and I still hadn't received a call so I called the surgeons office. We set up my consultation for August 18th. At my consultation I filled out paperwork, answered questions, asked questions, and had pictures taken. She said because I had a list of all the medications I had tried, a letter from my physical therapist, and a letter from my neurologists that I had a good chance of insurance approving my surgery. We scheduled my pre-op for September 5th and Surgery for the 19th. On Monday, August 26th I received a call saying that I was APPROVED!!! I was soooo excited and shocked. It took exactly a week for them to review and approve me. At my pre-op they drew blood, did an EKG, and had me pee in a cup. I also talked to a nurse about the anesthesia, etc... It took about two hours for all of it (waiting included). Now I am in search of a good front closure zip-up bra. They apparently aren't too common. I'm waiting to get the rest of my things ready until next week so that it will go by faster. September 19th can't come quick enough:) I can't wait to have my clothes fit me better and be able to go to a regular store an buy bras that are actually cute. I might even get wild and buy some matching bra and underwear sets!!! Lol!

3 More Days!!!!

Hello Everyone! Only three more full day to go before I have my surgery! This evening some friends and I had a going away party for my boobs and it was soo much fun! We ha little boob cupcakes for dessert. I also got a Victoria Secret Gift card and I can't wait until I can use it. I'll be going shopping in the next few days and was wondering if there is anything I should purchase. Or anything that helped some of y'all out?!

8 days Post Op

Hello Ladies! Today I am out days post op and am doing great! I've been up and about since maybe day 3 or 4! As much a I wasn't to rest, I also get really antsy sometimes. I do get really tired when I do go out though! I'm still pretty sore and am really itchy. I have a little drainage. Some of which was greenish, which really scared me:( I haven't had a fever and it isn red. Anyone else experience this? I also am still having some trouble with BMsbut I'm hoping once I'm off the pain mess it will get better. I only take the pain med at night to help me sleep because I'm so scared that I'll scratch or I'll mess up my new boobs.
Update on previous days:
The night of my surgery was horrible. I was so out of it, was nauseous, and couldn't urinate. My dr recommended that I stay overnight since I didn't get out of surgery until around 5. I was in surgery for almost 6hrs btw and had over 600 grams removed from each side. Anyways, the nurse discharged me from the hospital before I peed and said I was oriented an could walk alone. I don't remember much from that evening, but I do remember that I could hardly stand on my own and definitely couldn't have been very oriented since I don't remember much. I don't even remember signing my discharge papers. That night pretty much consisted of me throwing up everything and sleeping a lot. The next day I had to wake up to go see my surgeon. She seemed proud of her work and said there was a small amout of swelling. She said I could shower in 48hrs. I slept pretty much all that day too. Saturday I moved around a little more and kept catchin myself bending over and reaching for things I shouldn't. Sunday I showered and was terrified. My aunt helped me which made me feel much better. Since that day I have pretty much gotten back to my routine of doing hw, etc. I try to rest still because I know I'm not that far out of it but it's so hard. I always catch myself trying to pick things up or reach for things over my head. Which I know is a huge No No!
My bruising is worse that it was before but my PS said it would probably happen and I'm more swollen than before. I've tried icing and eating tons of pineapple and drinking pineapple juice. Any ideas on what else to do to reduce swelling?! Oh and I can already feel sensation in my nipples. It hurts pretty badly, but at least they aren't numb, right! Hope all is well with everyone:)

She is really nice and seems like she really knows what she is doing. Her staff is great as well!

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