500 cc silicone subpectoral !!! - Midland, TX

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A little about me I am 23 years old with 3...

A little about me I am 23 years old with 3 children ages 7,5,1. I am 5'6'' 165 lbs. I am very flat chested puberty and genetics haven't been nice to me in that area. I am barely an A I have always relied and cheated with very padded bras. As a child I struggled with my weight by jr high I was a little over 200 lbs I have since then dropped a lot of weight and like to strength train. I am very proud of having the will to push myself to lose weight even though I am not completely where I want to be yet. My breasts have never grown not even while I was pregnant I never breastfed my kid they could never latch on. I used to always complain to my mom as a teenager when I would see girls at my school with full breasts and mine were just stalling. She always said they'd grown in eventually and that if I lost some weight shed help me with breast implants. Now that I am 23 years old done having children blessed with a great career in the medical field I finally decided to make my first consultation appointment. My appointment was back in July 4 weeks ago I really like my plastic surgeon. I made sure he was board certified. Dr. Eric Minns was very sweet and helpful answering all my questions my husband went with me. When I met my husband I told him eventually I would want to have this procedure done. He always said he loves me the way I am but if this will make me happier with the person I see in the mirror he will support me all the way. Dr Minns measured my breast thankfully they are not uneven or misaligned. He asked what size I was thinking about wanting I said a full D. He said they didn't go by cups but by ccs. He let me try on a bra that he has in his office one side had 450cc the other was 500ccs he stepped out of the room and let me see myself in the mirror and discuss it with my husband. I decided on 500ccs he said the incision will be under the breast and he will place the implants behind the muscle. I am very excited! My sister actually told my father about my visit and I was expecting a lecture instead he paid for everything! I was thinking about saving up for it but instead I was able to call my dr and schedule my procedure. I am scheduled for September 11th less than 2 weeks away I thought I'd be nervous but I'm more ecstatic and impatient at the moment. I've already scheduled a week off work and my husband is taking off a week as well to tend to me and our children. I had my preop app this past Monday 8/26/2013 I signed all my consent forms had my labs drawn got my prescriptions and now I am set to go! I am a smoker so he advised to quit. He said because I am going from barely anything to very big. He said 500 ccs are big and I would be putting myself at risks for healing. I already bought some ice packs ,a smoothie champion sports bra I wasn't sure how big I'd be afterwards so I ordered a 38D. I am not sure what else I will need please help! Any advise I'd greatly appreciate it.

September !!!!!!! 10 more days !!!!!

I'm so excited its finally September I have been cleaning so much. Time is flying so fast I must remember to stay positive. Can't believe I'm finally doing this!! Anyone else having surgery Sept 11?

3 more days!!!! so excited and nervous!!!

Today I started packing my bag since I will be staying in a hotel overnight. I want to be as comfortable as I can and hopefully I don't forget anything. Can't believe I'm almost there.

Tomorrow is my big day!!!!

Just got my phone call to arrive for surgery at 7 am tomorrow !!! Can't believe my time has finally arrived new woman here I come

out of surgery

Had my surgery at 7 am will update pics soon

so in love with my 500cc

I arrived at the Surgicenter at 7 am like I was told I waited in the waiting area until they called me back around 720. I changed into a gown and hairnet and foot covers. I was asked to give a urine sample for a pregnancy test. Negative . Yay!! Lol. The nurse got my IV in then my surgeon came in and drew on me. After that my anesthesiologist came in and introduced himself . I kissed my husband and children for good luck and then the nurse gave me a shot through my IV to relax me. It took about 2 seconds and I was laughing and smiling in a good mood. Honestly I was very nervous I had been up since 2 am packing and doing last minute things. There were moments when I was feeling my heart race. When they wheeled me into the operating room I was asked to scoot myself over to the operating bed and as soon as I did that I was out .waking up from anesthesia was a bit confusing. This is my second time undergeneral anesthesia so i knew what to exexpect. I do remember groaning and my teeth were chattering. The nurse ask me if I was cold I wasn't cold at all I just could help the chattering . I did ask for some ice because my throat was dry. I kept dozing in and out I was trying so hard to fight it . I remember seeing my husband smiling at me and then I fell back asleep. I imidiately looked down my shirt in front of my mom and husband And asked how did they look and they said big!! Lol I am now at my hotel room and I love it. My first day of recovery wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I am sore but I feel like I don't need the hydrocodone but I still take it just in case. Feels like I had a great workout . I had no nausea whatsoever yay for me . I can't wait foe them to start to drop. Been rubbing my skin with vitamin E Palmers cocoa butter oil feels really good. I had my husband help with that and lets just say that's all it took ;). Well here's a photo of me right after surgery.my doctor will be here at my hotel room tomorrow morning to check up on me and then I can go home .

1 day post op

I feel very bad that I have to keep waking up my dear husband to help me out of bed to use the bathroom I was trying to do it myself but he woke up and insisted I ask for help. Its 240 am and I'm wide awake in my hotel room I am loving the new girls hopefully we will go shopping today and I get to show them off. The look on my husbands face when I first took off my bra and asked him to help rub vit E oil he was smiling that was priceless I don't know why I didn't do this sooner I feel so much confidence and sexier!!

2 days post op

Today was the worst I feel very stiff and sore I have been trying to rest as much as possible I am finally back home we went to the mall and stupid me thought I could handle it 10 min into walking my chest started to feel very achy and sore I went to the bathroom and took off my surgical bra to let the girls breathe I almost cried but I told my husband I couldn't handle it so we left hopefully tomorrow is better

1 week post op feeling small

I went back to work today not so bad I can't help but feel like for 500cc they're pretty small to me I keep telling myself to let them drop and fluff out and they'll seem bigger I do love them I finally have boobs but I am a a tall and wide girl I was hoping for something bigger when I put on a tank that shows off my chest I see a lot of clevage I'm hoping this doesn't fade as the swelling goes down but when I wore my scrubs today I couldn't tell I had work done I look the same as when I did before with my padded bras that were C anywho anybody have experience with revisions how much more are they and how does it work?
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