43 W Kids and 2 C Section Scars. Midland, MI

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I have wanted this for a few years but was too...

I have wanted this for a few years but was too scared. A lot of the time in my life I have been too scared to do a lot of things. I am working g on getting g over that. I have been let down by the closest people in my life and I am so ready for a new me!!!!! I am having a tt, lipo, muscle repair Nov. 19th!

Pre Op appt

Had my pre op appt on Thursday. Now the countdown is on. Surgery is in 12 days. Going to my blood owed and make final payments on Monday. OMG!

Surgery is done!

Surgery done about 12 hours ago. In the hospital for overnight stay and I am so glad to be here with the nurses. Feeling very tight from the mr. Will post pics when I'm moving better.

6 days post op.

Every day I feel a little bit better.

3 weeks ago today.

It's been three weeks today. So far it has been everything everyone said it would be. Every emotion, thought, pain, swelling, highs, and lows. I have reminded myself that this is my gift to me....there have been moments that I'd wished I'd not done it. But those leave when I see my new self.
I don't have any pain, it's just uncomfortable. I'm wearing my cg most of the day and all night. It helps me stand taller, I'm only standing about 85% upright. That's what gets me down the most. And I don't have a ton of energy. But I do what I can and have learned it's ok to ask people for help.

One month post op.

My husband always says...it gets worse before it gets better. I hope this is the "worse" he talks about. My pictures look worse than all the weeks prior. I'm still not standing all the way up. I'm tired of getting tired. And to top it off my entire abdomen is covered in a huge rash that the PS says is from the binder. I liked wearing the binder as it helped me stand up straighter and allowed me to move better. I will keep updating. Here's to hoping next week is better!

5 weeks

I'm one more week down. This past week has had ups n downs. Ups were that my rash has been mostly gone thanks to meds. I have been very busy shopping and some cleaning. Down side is that all of this activity wears me out. Oh well. Each week it definitely gets better. I'm still not standing all the way up and that bothers me. Still dealing with swelling and that tight/hard/crampy feeling. I just try to breath deep and relax.

6 weeks update

Feeling better every day. I'm about 99% upright. I get tired from doing a whole lot and that gets frustrating, but I'm trying to remember this will be better in time.

8 week update /progress

8 weeks today. Still swollen with some tightness. I'm sleeping almost flat in the bed and have resumed most activities. I tried working out and realized the rash I had at 3 weeks was due to heat rash
So after my workout it came back. I just chalk it up to all the trauma my abdomen has been thru and know it will take time. I can really see a changeneral from 6 weeks to 8 weeks. I'm excited for the 3 month post op photos. Yay!

9 weeks

Just updating. I feel great, but not 100% This sx is a process for sure. But I can see I get better every week!!!!

11 weeks of the new me.

I can honestly say that this has been a huge journey. I can't believe it was 11 weeks ago. I have made huge progress but I am ready for so much more. My biggest obstacle is that I can't really workout. I'm just not ready. I think another month to be able to work up a sweat. I can do some light hand weights and that's about all. But I'm ok with that. I have lost 11 pounds since my surgery and I want to drop another 7. I am still trying to stay away from salt. But sometimes I slip. If I overeat I'm miserable so I try not to do that either. I can not wait for a bathing suit!

11 weeks Side view pic

6 month update.....I need answers

My tt w mr is great, no complaints there. The problem is on the sides of my bottom. I honestly believe the Dr did liposuction down on the sides. After sx I had bruises there for about 3 months. Now right where the bruises were it is indented and the skin is wrinkled. That was NOT there before the surgery. I had liposuction of the hips and flanks. These are not much hips or my flanks. I am so upset. I went to see him about this. He offered to for me to do Smooth Shapes treatment at half off. I am frustrated because I think he messed up and of course won't admit it.
Midland Plastic Surgeon

Great doctor and great staff so far. Pre op is Nov 5th.,

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