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I have only just begun, as I met Dr. King today...

I have only just begun, as I met Dr. King today and have preop may 10th and surgery May 23rd. This doctor rocked and so did the staff they all did their best to work me in from the get go. I started here asking for a consult which was free after I mentioned real self. They were able to get me in in a day! They worked with me via email whivhis the best way for me during the day. Dr. King listened and explained everything. I was so excited after walking outta there after 3 months of looking, that I had a permagrin for about 4 hours. I will keep you posted. Pictures? Hmmm maybe.

Ok well I already started this wrong I see. Title...

Ok well I already started this wrong I see. Title is supposed to be hard WORK but I guess this works. Freudian slip I suppose. My trainer always tells me how strong I am, and I always say to her and others, “I’m telling you underneath all this fat is a rock hard body” So I guess the title fits.
This is the first time I have written my story or blogged, and never have I taken, much less posted pictures of myself, but since I have been a stalker of this site for a couple months and have seen other stories I feel it is only fair. Pay it Forward
My story isn’t much different than most. I am 44, 45 at the end of the month. I am 180 pounds and 5’4”.
I married my first real boyfriend. I meet him when I was 16; I got on the pill, gave him my virginity, and gained 40 pounds in the first year and half, putting me 180. I was married at 21, and I was 180. Through my 20s I stayed around that weight. Late 20s I get off the pill gained a ton. Go back on the pill because I couldn’t seem to get pregnant anyway but I could sure look it!! I diet, exercise, lose weight very slowly get to 180 and can’t get beyond it. Go back off the pill a few years later, same thing. Except I am working out all the time and cant loose, I gain no matter what. Oh and to top it off my hair gets super thin and I have really bad cystic acne, damn I was pretty! Thank god for the internet. Did some research, figured I had poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, PCOS. I went to an endocrinologist, walked in and said “I am pretty sure I have PCOS”. Well I didn’t have the cysts but I had 4 other symptoms, weight gain, acne, hair loss, and skin tags. It turned out my testosterone and DHES was really high. Both of these were causing my symptoms. I went on medications and got those to normal levels. Did more research and found that insulin helps regulate your other hormones and decided to change my diet to high protein, limited carbs diet for life. I have been doing that for years, but the weight wasn’t coming off. Once I had everything under control I decided to try Dean Cares’ Low calorie weight loss program. I seriously considered getting my stomach banded but knew I had the will power to do this. Started at 240 got to 175 and guess what? Yeah couldn’t get beyond it. That was 3 years ago. I had knee surgery and that set me back a little but basically I have stayed around 180. I am doing nutrisystem (even though I hate eating that much processed for the thing that will kill us all) now. It’s been 2 months, I’ve lost 4 pounds I am at yep you know it, 180. I have had 2 cheat meals on this diet and I can tell you I remember them both they were delicious! I am not a small person and never will be, I know that. You can’t be with a rack like mine, and I am ok with that. I am solid, pretty muscular, I eat healthy, I exercise, I take all kinds of vitamins and fish oil and herbs, but I will always have my pouch. I know this. It’s been there since I was 10 years old. I know that because I distinctly remember a picture that was taken on the 1 family trip we did to California in 1978 it was a left side view of me at the San Diego zoo. My mom had it in her hand with a scissors and she said, as she was cutting it out, “Oh my God you look like you are six months pregnant” snip snip snip. I am sure she was trying to be funny and when I mention it she is mortified and in denial but hey you don’t forget things that. My friend says I am obsessed because I am always trying to diet and exercise, and try whatever the latest and great new thing is. I read every new research I can find on the subjects. Yes, I admit I am. I can’t just let it go and be happy with my self. I have so much respect and admiration for those who can, those who say FU you to the world and love themselves, those are my heroes. But what can I say my whole adult life I just wanted to be able to wear jeans, with a shirt tucked in and a super cute belt!! Seriously is that too much to ask? If I couldn’t have children the least I deserve is that right? I figure I am this way (obsessed) because I never had it. My new Endo says I am just one of those people, the ones that have crap metabolism, due to crap hormones, genetics or whatever. And obviously there is a certain weight my body likes to be at, well I respectfully disagree (stupid body!)
Anyway that’s the weight part of my story. Oh and I should mention that my hubby had an aortic aneurysm in 2006 and then they had to go back in in 2012 and found he was filled with an infection from the 1st emergency open heart surgery. But he just had his 1st scan last week and it’s still all clear. (whew). He is also supportive in whatever I do. (He doesn’t have much choice though and we both know it. ;)
So last year my job changed and my work load double. I am in an office and process orders. Well I had to start doing that really fast and work longer hours to be able to get it done, and I started having pain in my shoulder near the shoulder blade. I started seeing the PT here and he said I really should think about a breast reduction. I am a 38DDD. I have never really thought about my boobs being big. I look down and just see my boobs. I remember trying on swimsuits with my BFF once and I looked at her and said” Why the hell didn’t you tell me boobs were so big?” But they never really bothered me; I mean I wasn’t embarrassed like I am with my gut. I always said they were my only asset, that, and my sparkling personality. Also I am really partial to my nipples , let’s face it they only serve one purpose now and they serve me well so I really don’t want to lose that! Then I see my sister in law and find she has had it done. She had 4 or more different complications, lost her nipple, no sensation and over sensitive in the other. Um yeah right there is the reason I not jumping to have this done! BUT she is STILL happy she did it and loved her doc. Said he was the best.
So I decide yep I am gonna have to look into this, but no way am I going to make my boobs smaller and not my gut! One without the other will just make the other stand out even more. I check with my insurance and it turns out her doc (Dr. Manning) is on my list of “in network doctors”. There is only like 3. I go see him and tell him I want him to take out the least amount he can that will still be covered. I find out later that I think he must misunderstand. I just didn’t want to be smaller than a D I am like I said big and didn’t want to be outta proportion. So after talking with others and asking how big they were and how big they are now and how much was removed I better understand that 800 grams (the min for insurance) would be fine.
The next Doc I saw explained it better. I won’t get into him too much but I wanted to find out how much a TT would be, and since Dr. Manning did not do those I had to go somewhere else. I was hoping that I could have the same for both. So I see this Dr. at Transitions. He just kept talking about my boobs, how big they were and that I was the perfect candidate. And I said well I have to go to someone on my network and he says that he is. He talks over me, and doesn’t listen, but he did at least say all I needed to know is when he got done I would be a D. Hmm ok that I understand. He looks at my gut… yeah I can do that. I cut here, blah blah blah, you will still have that fat up there blah blah blah and that was it. Do you have any questions, he asks. Um no I’m good, get me outta here! I left thinking he either doesn’t like me or doesn’t like woman or he is just a social moron. BUT after thinking about it I am pretty sure I have to go to him. He can do both and the TT is only 6300. So I go to my Credit Union, tell my girl there I need a loan, I’m doing it! Then she tells me about her friend (Kimmers25). Says she loved her Doc. And can get me some info, she will call and let me know. The next day I am told about real self (I had actually been snooping the site already) I start talking to Kimmers . I ask for a consult from Dr. King on Sunday night via email (it’s really hard to use my cell at work and don’t want to have this conversation at my desk) Monday morning a Suzanne contacts me and I explain that I need to see him asap as my window to get this done is closing fast. June 21 is my first Dave Matthew band concert; yep I’m a Dave Head. So I need to get it done by the last week in May. She works her magic gets me in at another clinic the next day. I email her before to see if she can check his schedule because I didn’t want to get my hopes up. She says he has a couple openings that would work.
So now meet Dr. King…… I have a friend that I go to DMB shows with and when we are there we just say back and forth with each other, after Dave does something particular Dave,” I love him!” It’s a running joke; because we just tell each other that but don’t scream it at the top of our lungs to Dave like the younglings do. Kids! Well Dr. King? I love him! He is the coolest Doc I have ever had! He listened, He explained. While he was examining me he was like oooing and ahhing and saying yeah, yeah, like he was envisioning his finished work of art, he seemed excited!? That’s when I started to fall. ;) It was awesome, he didn’t say I had to lose weight, he said I am doing all the right things and that I had been through a lot, which I don’t feel I have. There are people out there struggling with heavy stuff, but I didn’t say that. He said I was the perfect candidate, not good, not great, but perfect, I fell a little more then. He laughed at my G-spot joke I told my Family Doc when she was doing my annual (she didn’t get it when I asked if she could find it because my husband can’t). Fell even more. He has seen DMB, still falling. And then when we are done and I am super excited and we are making plans and I want to do it that day, he says something like lets rock n roll or let’s do this (I was so happy by then I forget and don’t want to misquote) And Said ok its official you are the best doc ever ! Yep all the way in love with this doc. They were able to get me in on May 23rd.He is 1700 more and I DON’T CARE!! Why? Because I LOVE HIM!
Ok there is my story, never thought I could write it, don’t know why, God knows I can sure talk about it. I will probably go back to Dr. Manning in 6 months for the Breast reduction. I wish I could have Dr. King but he is not “in my network” SUCKS!! He agreed with my choice to do the TT first. So now comes the hard part, for me it’s the wait. I am pretty much a “want it now” person. Never had kids so really why do I need to learn patience? Once I decide on something (which can take a while) I want it now.
Post Op is May 10th Guess I will update then. If anyone had advice I will take it. I doubt I will get emotional, don’t know why, I can cry at commercials with the best of them, but this? Who knows, not worried about the pain, again not sure why, pain is pain, in a few months I won’t remember it, just that it hurt. So no fears really, just want it done. Want a list to work on what I should buy and have at the ready like MOM. I have saved 3 books that finally came out after a year wait, to read during my down time. They hardest part I think will be giving up golf and my trainer for at least 6 weeks, which is why I saved the books so I have something to look forward to. So send me your list ladies. Best scare care, Best diet post and preop, although I eat pretty healthy, just added a kale, mixed berries, flax seed, protein powder with probiotics shake in the morning. Best healing and swelling herbs or remedies. Whatever you got bring it! I am ready for all to see the Rock Hard body under all this fat!!

Crikey who stuck a quater in me?

Crikey who stuck a quater in me?

I caanot stop reading all I can on this. I think...

I caanot stop reading all I can on this. I think im becoming obsessed! Everyday i ask someone if its May 23rd yet. Waiting sucks! I wish i could get a thigh lift i hate that extra skin too, but unless I win the lottery I dont see that in my future. Oh well the gut is what I loose sleep over. It is the reason for personal trainer, and my diet. Oh well 18 more days.....

T-minus 2 weeks! Pre op appointment tomorrow,...

T-minus 2 weeks! Pre op appointment tomorrow, super excited! I hope you all are well. Ciao Bellas :-)

Chicgomom is totally my hero! So after reading how...

Chicgomom is totally my hero! So after reading how she is doing I am even more anxious than ever! So ready! Not scared. Not nervous! Not second guessing my decision. I AM READY. I went to my health club to meet my trainer as I do every Monday. I walk in and she is at the front desk, she generally is not there. I tap my water bottle down cuz my I'd tag is on there that needs to get scanned. The girl there laughs n says watch out for bottle girl, I look at my trainer and say tell her I have a name and Let's Go! I'm ready. I'm clapping my hands and jumping up and down. So she says fine carry my up the stairs to start your warm up. I pick her up, and all ladies behind the front desk start hooting and hollering and I proceeded to carry her up the flight of Hmmmm about 20 steps. It was funny. We get to the free motion room start doing our thing. I'm the usual chatty Cathy telling her about me preop appointment and what my pt said about my knee pain. After a while of her kicking my ass she says man you seem really happy lately. Well happier than usual. I said well yeah I am about to get rid of this bane of me exsustance, my obsession, the one thing that makes me feel less than I am, the thing I have been trying to rid myself of for 25 years! You would be happy too! I will have permagrin for sure! I already told my husband I will be walking around naked all the time and that I expect him to touch my stomach everyday!!! Things btw I have never ever done. Hell I've never bought a bikini like ever! Granted I still will have these 38DDDs (or 38long as I call them now) to deal with for a while but they never made me feel less attractive. In fact they saved me from having nothing except my sparkling personality to offer. Lol of anyone I'm done rambling bet you can't wait till I get the perc in me! Ciao bellas

I just got back from golf. Got a 10 on a hole I...

I just got back from golf. Got a 10 on a hole I had to chip in to get that. And hit my best 3 wood ever! 180 yards right at the pin! Shot a 52 which is average for me. It sucks I will have to give that up for 6 weeks. Oh well how hot will I look when I get back? I also had a thought tonight. I guess I am lucky because I have not had one person who was not happy for me and this TT plan. I was thinking either I have great friends or maybe I would never be friends with someone who would say negative shit to me about this or they're all just too scared to say anything negative about this topic to me! Everyone has been super supportive and genuinely happy for me. I think it's because they have seen my journey, they know I have struggled for the last 4 years trying to loose this last 20–30 pounds. They know how obsessed I have been and ultimately how extremely frustrated I am with the lack of any result. Everyone who knows me is excited for me. Those who are not would never say anything to my face that's for sure. They know.... I'm not a confrontational person but in this case if you have negative thoughts you want to share with me? Um yeah we are gonna go! MY BODY. MY MIND. MY MONEY. MY BUSINESS! Mind your own bi**h! Lol well that's what I would say IF anyone had the balls to say something to my face. I'm sorry for all of you who have had to deal with people that think other peoples business is their own. WTF. Seously get a life!! Ciao belles!

Almost time

Well after about 300 bucks spent at walgreens, target, bed bath n beyond, and finally the grocery store, I think I have everything I need. Went to the spa and had my waxing and a pedi. Laundry done cep for the bedding. Just need to make my steel cut oats tomorrow. Have pizza just cuz I can.(of course I won't eat anything except that) Start my bromelain and arnica Montana tomorrow as well I think. Then I'm doing mostly protein shakes n one meal Mon and Tues. Just liquid wed. Start stool softener Mon. Trainer Mon night and maybe Wed ? Can't decide on that one. Relax or let her kick my ass one more time before I get hit by that bus on Thursday! Oh and more naked pictures and measurements Wed night. So ready. 3 days of work. 2 workouts and my last 9 holes for 6 weeks. I'm so ready! Not nervous at all just ready. Ciao for now bellas.

Ready as I will ever be I guess

Ok nails done, oatmeal made which I know I F'd up because I thought adding flax seed now would be a good idea, stupid I know it's going to clump and stick together now. Arrgg oh well I have enough for 12 days. Jewelery orders done. Extra ones in the kiln now. Vacuumed again. List of scripts and directions made so I can make a spreadsheet at work tomorrow. Started bromelain. Hmmmm I guess that's it. I think for someone who never got to have children I got this nesting stuff down!

Oh guess what I DIDNT do this week?

LOOSE WIEGHT? I know I was shocked, after week of salads and nutra system and my usual work outs I got nothing for the 4th week in a row. I think my mind told my body what I am planning to do to it in 4 days and my body is scared shitless and pissed! Thus the rebelling it is obviously doing. Well guess what body? F you! this is what you get for being so frisked stubborn! Don't mess with me. I gave you 4 year to loose that last 20-30 pounds. You had your chance time for the mind and heart that take over! I'll see YOU, rebellious body on mine..... Wait for it.......... On the flat side! (flipping my body the bird) ahhh that felt good. Ciao!

The next 3 days....

Are going to be filled with things I can't do, or in the case of the real, yeah real, chocolate chip cookie I ate tonight, haven't done, for months! Had my last workout with my trainer. Had sex. Had that cookie. Which btw was better then the sex. Cuz let's face it I can have boring sex anytime, but a fricken real (not diet, not nutrisystem) chocolate chip cookie? Bliss ladies! ...................
.............................................. Sorry got lost in the memory there, of the cookie of course, not the sex. Tomorrow will be my last night of golf. And it's with a friend I've had since I was 16 (he's an ass but I love him) and a coworker I found out was let go last Fri. So it will be..... I don't even know. I can't think about my friend loosing his job or I might loose it. I think I have become so used to it by now. GE! Arrgg greedy battery's! Ok off that sad situation, I am staying positive! (btw really hard to do when you work for them) Back to the subject at hand........ That glorious cookie! Lol. I am very curious why my doc said I didn't need lipo. Isn't that odd? Seems everyone gets it, but I asked at my 1st consult and he said "you don't need lipo" strange huh? I mean it doesn't matter now the funds are depleted anyway but I was wondering about that. Also I can't wait to find out how much muscle repair he has to do. I never had kids but did carry an extra 50–80 pounds around for 20 years. I just can't tell. I don't have any obvious separation that I can see. But who knows. No one really talks about degrees of muscle repair so I don't have much to go on. I told the hubby that was the only question I wanted him to ask Dr King when he comes to find him and tell him that I did great and that he rocked that tummy tuck! Lol that's all for now bellas. Ciao!

(sigh) goodbye golf course.....

Yep the last night for a while, sad.... But wow the support I get from my friends is something else. Even my oldest (the ass) wished me well and thinks I should put my extra skin and fat they take off in mason jars. God boys or not only dumb but gross! But he did wish me good luck as did everyone else. I had my last meal oh and 2 yeah I said 2 chocolate cookies! Yum! Now liquids tomorrow. The surgery center Called today! 6 am I need to be there ya! Sooner I am in, the sooner I'm back on the course and back to the club. Gotta a little cough right now WTF that is idk. But seriously that would be my luck. I literally have not been sick for a year. Didn't get my one winter cold even. This better just be my throat freaking out on the cookies n milk! Ok one more day. No doubt I will be at work forever just to get as much done as I can. Not for GE but for my boss who will have to cover my job while I'm gone. All for now Ciao bellas!

Night before....

Well as ready as I can be. I got so many emails and people stopping by to, as my friend put it so aptly, say "good luck on your tuck" lol love that! Work was brutal, I need a message so bad. 13 hours. But at least it was easy not to eat. I did liquid all day and I am all cleaned out I hope. Gotta a little headache from lack of food but I will live. I took my measurements and more pictures. (blachhhh) drinking some G2 and hoping I will be able to sleep. It's almost 11 and I need to be up by 5. I will try and touch base in the am while I'm waiting. If not? Well I will see you on the flat side!

Damn I'm sexy

In my track pants from 60 pounds ago. My snap up man's shirt from old Navy. Hair up in a bun. No makeup. No lotions. Lookout boys! On my way still super excited! Just thirsty as hell! Oh and I thought it was very appropriate and ironic that today on the scale I was exactly 180.0 pounds! Even after 36 hours of fasting my stupid body will not go past 180

Damn I'm sexy.....

In my track pants from 60 pounds ago. My snap up man's shirt from old Navy. Hair up in a bun. No makeup. No lotions. Lookout boys! On my way still super excited! Just thirsty as hell! Oh and I thought it was very appropriate and ironic that today on the scale I was exactly 180.0 pounds! Even after 36 hours of fasting my stupid body will not go past 180. Keep it up body. Boy I am about to show you! We are here. Got rockstar parking in the ramp right next to the door. Oh yeah I'm ready let's do this!

Short update - ON THE FLAT DIDE

Burning by drain. MR feels like a thousand crunches. And that I have a binder on waaayyyyy too tight. Very sleepy other wise not to bad. So happy it's done! I will post as soon as I can. Flat the side belles!

Wow um ouch

I have only seen pic but it all looks awesome. I'm in a lot of pain like I did 50 thousands crushes an. Like iI have a binder on waaayyyyy too tight fun but I don't. 2 percs next time. No regrets though.

Hmm here is what else I know

Peeing and burping are hard. Like my body forgot hoe to do it! Eating enything bready is hard cuz your moth is so dry. Being a awake fonda sucks. Ciao for now bellas

I admit this move

Made me tear up some. I gave no recollection of every doing this. Like ever. Right to the promise land. Not mountains, hills, over Vally to travel over just a straight shot. Later when can stand I will no doubt ball like a baby!

POD 1 am

I assume that it what this is. Well ask night was tough. It felt like I had the underwrite bra from hell on way too tight. But think I figured it out. One I was late taking my perc. Two I moved around way too much. So my advice is Dont do that. It's hard to catch up. Staring in the bed and had move to the recliner after that. And it took a while to relive the pain enough to sleep. But tell you what girls if that's the worst? I got this. I can feel the muscles in my stomach! It's Fricken awesome I can't even tell you. They said I could take a shower but I would rather wait until the drains are out. Hubby has been great taking care of them for me. He likes it because he can see my goods close up. It's one of his favorite features on me lol.
Getting up is bad but wow the move of laying down is the hardest. So being is better. Poop won't happen for a bit as I had gone 36 hours with no food. No gas yet on that end. But wow I never burped so much in my life then the last 20 hours. No matter what I drank even water and they were weird like I never burped before. Oh last night was so bad I texted Dr. King to see if I could put ice or heat under my rib cage. No on that but he answered rather quickly and he had called earlier and talked to the hubby. They had me scheduled for PO appointment today but we all agreed it was too soon so he said he would might just do an off site visit. God he rocks! Oh a very happy my drains were on the side.The surgery center just called to check on me. Well my only complaint is this tightnees/pain right under my boobs. I better get back to not moving at all. Over and out

Oh yeah another thing I found funny last night.

Last night when I was trying too pee I realize why my usually trick I do when I can't go wad never going to work. Usually I would bend at the waist and push my belly fat into my badder. Ha! Yeah that doesn't work anymore.


Not much to report but here are some close ups of incision

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Come on belles you know you want to.

Oh god kill me now!

Sorry for the delay in posting. That's what I get for saying I could take this. Well fact is that I probably would have if it wasn't for one thing. Throwing up! I am pretty sure it's the perc. It happened last time I had it too. But I thought that it was from taking it with dairy before. Um nope my body only likes it for so long then it must go. So at 1:30 am on sat, my hell began.
I have never given birth but it sure felt like I was! OMG I was puking every hour. I can't even begin to tell you how much that hurt. Worst pain in my life. God bless my husband who stood behind me trying to hold my muscles in. I could actually feel those. If you have ever prayed to the porcelain god you know how hard that can be. Added the muscle repair with that? I just wanted it over. I almost cried it was so bad and I don't remember that ever happening. Holy hell Hannah! You really use those muscles to puke. Made the hubby call doc in the morning. He put me on different pain medication. Also 2 other anti nausea medicine. Well the throwing up stopped but sweet mother of God did my lower abs muscles still hurt. They stared spasming. It was like a wave. It got up to its peek and then give me a 5 mind or so to brace again. So hubby called the doc. This time I talked to him we decided on vicodin. Thank you baby Jesus!! Finally some relief. So yes I suffered through the worst pain my life. Simply because perc makes me sick
That sucks because I really wanted to give a good review an feel I can't because most people won't, thank god, have to deal with this. It was a very long 12 hours but I made it. Even when I was standing over the sink I asked myself would I this again! Um @the time I wasn't real sure, then I reminded my self it won't last forever. Needless to say but don't think about taking anything that might make you throwing up. I won't go into any more detail. It's was pure fricken hell ! I really wish I would have had a chance to really tell you about my recovery but that isn't possible. Sense most of you will not go through this. Just know ladies that it's not likely you will get sick like me. And yep I would do it all over. A am a little worried about the damage I may have done. But I will worry about that later. Hubby and the Doc are taking care of me. Right now I am so F'd up. Stoned outta my mind. So... I think it's time for a nappy poo. Ciao

Night and day

Well that was pure hell. No reason to sugar coat it. But made through. I think this procedure would have been not too bad so long as you take your meds on time and don't try to lift your self . and the absolute last thing you want to do is throw up. It's ten times worse than coughing! Feeling so much better, so I sent a text to Dr. King that I was good and I would be see him on Friday my first PO. Drains are started to get some yellow stuff n there. Yum,! Highly recommend ice chips. My days are all running together. I have to keeping asking hubby what day it is. Thank god the painful cramps are gone. Now I an hoping no real damage was done. Now today I am in a drug induce haze and I have to say I love it! I prefer this much more then crippling cramps I had last night,! Suppositories for nausea.?? Who knew. I have so many pill bottles on my table I look like I'm 80 years old. The 3 different pills for nausea, 3 for pain, an antibodies, stoll softener still nothing going on in that department, despite the all drugs I have taking. Well I some new pix I will post. The are on my phone not my tablet.

Picture from POD

Here are a few pictures. My feet are swollen,my mouth is as dry as the Fricken Mojave desert. Ok enough updating . I'm so stoned! That is better than pain any day ciao bellas


Had a bm. Much to my hubbies relief. Everything is progressing as it should. Here are some hunched over pictures. I think I could be standing more if I hadn't puked, now my lower abs feel like I pulled them. It doesn't hurt too mach
Ok. Better take my nap.

Tony Kansas!

Bout time he won indy!

To sleep or not to sleep

I really feel like my body needs the break after that 12 hour puking stint. Between that and trying to poop I think I got a hemorrhoid! Nice huh? Never had one of those. I think if it wasn't for all the drugs I could have made it through this so much better. Nothing can compare to the pain of puking after muscle repair. Holy hell does that hurt. So my last dose I took 1 of the pain pills doc prescribed, tramadol, that would not make me so sick and 2 Tylenol . Maybe a valium at bed time. Anyway I feel much better now that's for sure. Only the puking made this almost unbearable. Here are some pictures as you can see swell has stared. Oh and so has my period YAY!

Not much new

But I will tell you ladies do not strain on that toilet too long or even sit there too long or you will get a hemorrhoid. That is where most of my pain is coming from now. Boy I'm sure not a typical case am I? I am in swell hell and about to make it worse with the fileofish I'm gonna eat! Yep I am treating myself. I think it's been at least 10 months since I had one. Yummy! Then more drugs and then sleep until tomorrow probably. Hmm sometimes it's nice to have an excuse to be a total bum.

Not much new

Still living in swell hell! But I just keep going back to pod 1 and know it will look more like that then what it does now. Feeling pretty good. Not much pain anymore and I can get up and down by myself. Hubby and I are watching. scandal. A friend of mine called it "TV crack" so before my surgery we got all the episodes to watch. Next week I will start reading again. My pictures are from yesterday and pretty boring but I'm healing well I think. My first post op appointment is tomorrow. I should get my bb stitches out and it would be great if the drains came out too but I doubt it. Still a lot of draining going on and I would rather have them then risk a whatever that thing is called. I tried to sleep in my bed last night but after being on my back a few hours u couldn't stand it any more. The recliner is better. Ok back to Scandal

Happy birthday to me

First post op. All is well got one drain out and will get bb stitches out Mon. And see how the other drain is. Feel good had to have an afternoon nap. Just on Tylenol during the day. Back aches but that's about it other that the constant bloated feeling I always have. Will try and get pictures tomorrow. Since I can't go out and get hammered I guess I will watch some more scandal. Next week I'm back to reading. I have my latest black dagger brotherhood series. And the crossfire series and 2 others I gave been saving. Ciao for now bellas!

Swell hell

Seriously!? My Hoohaa now sticks out more then my stomach! WTF? LOL am I gonna have to lipo my mons? Don't get me wrong still very happy and despite the day 2 hell I went through I would do it again. I just can't wait for the boating feeling I have to go away. Blachhhh.

Hey guess what I weighed today?

Hell yeah you know it. I have not gotten on the scale since my surgery. Lol yeah you guessed it....... 180.2! Too funny. Saw my awesome doc today he took out some stitches in my bb and put in some super glue. Hehehe. I love that they use that. We both agreed to keep my last drain since I'm still putting out 90 a day. I'm feeling great. Had lunch with a friend, seen doc, cleaned a bit, did some laundry and started another book. (read my new Jeannie frost book yesterday). Then the pain hit. Not bad or anything just enough to remind me to still take it easy. I think my doc us worried I will work out to soon cuz I'm always so up when I see him. Plus I said I was thinking today I couldn't wait to do mountain climbers. It's an exercise my trainer would make me do that I hated because my fat in my belly would slap me and I fricken Hated that damn sound. It's gone now! Ahhhhh even wore these low sweats right where they were meant to go today. Right below my bb. Hubby went back to work and of course everyone is asking about me. Excited to see my results. I am too! I told my doc that now my Hoohaa stuck out farther than my stomach he looks and says nah that's just swollen it will go down. I said good it's one of the hubby's favorite parts! I need it looking good and sexy like tummy does! Ciao for now bellas

Worked from home today

So I was sitting up most of the day working on my pc. I didn't have my feet up much. Wow did I pay for that. By 4pm when I got up my abs felt so tight I couldn't stand up straight again. Lesson learned. Cuz I'm sure it wasn't the steel cut oats or spinach salad I ate today. Good to know.....

Hmm POD 18!?

Time flies when you have a flat tummy I guess! Lol. Well I finally got my last drain out today. I put out 35ml.but the doc let me finally get it gone. The site was really starting to hurt. He also said I can start rubbing coco butter or vasaline or something like that on my incision to work the glue off. So I've been doing that. Found a stitch out I will have to have him cut out Friday. Asked him how much he took off me. He thought about 5 pounds. I knew weight wise it wouldn't be much but what a hell of a difference. Everyone at the doc office says I am doing awesome. Ok cool I guess. It seemed pretty easy to me. Some pain but whatever I had that everyday some where. Knees or back from all the workouts I suppose. I am driving my doc nuts. I keep asking when I can start lifting again. He is so worried I am going to F up the MR. I am just giving you shit I told him. I won't do anything heavy for 3 months. Jeezzz. Got my reading mojo back! 4 books this week. Loving the crossfire series by Sylvia Day. Total 50 shades rip off. But better in my opinion. One more day off work then back on wed for a couple days. Doc wants to see me Friday just to check & make sure I don't get a seroma. Oh when I was rubbing the coco butter on I would feel it like 2 inches above were I was rubbing too fricken freaky! On both sides! Can't feel my bb area yet. Hmmmm what else? I think that's all I have to report. I will try and get some pictures soon. Happy healing everyone!

Ok here are some pictures

This was all I had the patience for. Pretty swollen. They say to get a good idea what your end results will look like, look at what you looked like just after or within a day of surgery. So I am holding on to those on my head, PRE SWELL HELL! But here you are none the less.

Good news bad news

Bed news.... Seroma YAY. Can't say I'm surprised since I had that drain for 18 days and I was still at 35 ml s that last 24 hour period. I noticed it on Friday night. Drain was removed Mon. I looked lop sided and then when I would push on the side of my belly I could see the waves. I had seen the doc that day he thought every thing looked good. He was going on about my before pictures and how skinning I looked after I told him he Urkel, d me. He was like huh? I explained that I have discovered I'm short wasted. Now that my whoha/ vahjayjay bumper is gone all my shorts fit funny. I have to pull them up over my bb now or they hang low in my crotch. He said well you are going to be even more Urkel, d in a few months as long as I watch my diet and exercise. I said you don't have to worry about that I'm gonna be you poster girl for tummy tucks. He says you already are and high fives me! Too funny. Anyway back in a binder. A smaller one. Hopefully I won't have to get drained by that big ass needle too many times! 2 things I think 1 should have kept the drain a few more days even though the site was getting pretty sore. 2 should have worn my binder more. Doc wanted me out of it. So I did. Just thinking those things May have prevented the fluid. But maybe not. Good news? Scale did not say 180 it said 173. Yep permagrin is still going! Ciao Bellas!

Funny I just went back & read my POD 1-5 updates

LOL! I don't remember most of that. But I was thinking that what made my getting sick worse was that I thought I had to poop. I had cramps and was thinking I was constipated. Stupid! It was too early for that considering I had had solid foods for almost 2 days. But I felt that and started taking mom then dolcolax then idk something else. That's why I bet I puked for so long. Last time on perc it was one n done. Anyway thought I would share that. Went through and tried on all my shorts today. 3 categories 1-still don't fit (only a few of these) . 2-fit and look sooooo much better without the vahjayjay bumper. 3-too big but good for swell hell days for now. The absolute coolest thing? Picking ANY shirt out of my closet knowing it won't be too small around my stomach. Fricken awesome feeling! I can't even describe what that feeling is like. It's been...... Mmmm 35 years I had that damn pooch! "I'M THE KING OF THE WORLD! " lol that's how I feel anyway. Pix tomorrow almost 1 month PO. Ciao bellas


Swell hell. Jeezzz seems like it's getting worse. By the end of the work day I can't stand up straight! Maybe it's my period that I seem to have scared into submission or maybe I should say hiding. I had to look back and see when I had it and that was 4 weeks last Sat. WTF? Even last time I swear I had my period for like 5 mins. It showed up, took a look around at the carnage that was me and high tailed it outta here and I have not seen it since. Anyone one else have that problem? No sign of the seroma returning so that's good. But jeez I feel like how they describe what a person sometimes feel when they loose a limb. I swear I feel that vahjayjay bumper still there and I look down and nope still gone. I find I have my hand on my stomach all the time for several reasons. 1 can't belive it's gone. 2 I feel jiggley 3 swell hell. 4 feels so tight and like I'm falling out all at the same time. 5 my shorts hang different and because I'm still numb it's hard to tell where they are other then the sagging feeling in the crotch. 6 well let's face it its mostly because it's the coolest feeling I've ever had in my whole life, a flat tummy wow.
Scale is going up when it should not be. I'm still intermediately fasting (only eat between 5 and 9 at night) but I miss my hard workouts sometimes. I'm back walking with my weights on for a half hour, but wow I am so swollen and stiff after it sucks. This better be because of my period the swelling a weight gain would make sense then. Well that's all for now I hope you all are welcome. Ciao bellas!

Yep that was it!

My period did in fact show up that night ! Holy hell, it was like the 4th day outta surgery so swollen I couldn't stand up straight! I hope that doesn't happen every month! Sucky!! Better after 3-4 days, but wow. Anyway.... I am getting anxious to work out hard and I know that's not a good thing for me because my lower ab muscles still hurt. Doc said that may be from the puking ( that's where all the pain from the contracting was) but that even with out that they would probably still hurt. The scale isnt really moving other then up a couple pounds last week, but going back to where it was, and I know its because I need to sweat! Saw my trainer last night. I have to say watching peoples reactions is fricken fun as hell!!!!! Her eyes bugged outta her head! And I got the " OMG you look awesome!" yeah that was sweet. We talked about how we will working going forward. Starting July 29th ( lots of DMB shows for me in July, well 5 anyway so I am gone a lot) I want to HIT High intensity training mixed with my weight training. I will have to start out slow no doubt after 2 months of nothing. Well I walk with weights on but that doesn't do anything for me. So we will see. Tonight is my debut back to golf we will see how that goes and how I feel tomorrow I guess. Ciao for now bellas!

Wow almost 3 months PO

I feel so bad I haven't been in here. July was busy for me. I had a few trips. Well quick recap. All my shows and traveling went good. I gained 7 pounds in that 2-3 weeks of crap food. I have lost almost 5 of it. So still 5 pounds less then my day of surgery weight of 180. Of course having done that I couldn't bring my self to take pictures. And now idk I am swollen again. Yep period showed up Tuesday which explained the pain golfing and working out last week. Because I couldn't really SEE it but feel it . now I fricken SEE it. I look pregnant. I don't get it. Not sure if I hurt my self exercising, it's just period weight, it's from laying out in the sun this weekend, or what but wow. My belly button sticks out now. Arrgg. Thinking I should keep a diary. Keep track of when this happens n how bad it gets. I feel good otherwise. Just tingling random itchy pain sometimes. Can't feel the center of my belly yet. Scar still is very red. Even though I weigh less I look bigger then I did right after surgery. Oh and I'm sure I have mentioned this but my whoha and my belly button don't line up any more. But would I do it all over again? You bet. I'm back to working out with my trainer. No core work yet but weights, and HIT 3times a week. Plus I walk at lunch every day. Body does not like anything too jarring but other then that it's Ok. I do my cardio / HIT training on the stair master. The one that's like actual stairs and it's works great. Doesn't hurt my knees or my tummy. Well I may post my picture I may not. I hope you are all healing well. I am off to see my Canadian friends at the gorge in the great state of Washington next week for our annual DMB trek there. Really hope I'm smaller by then. But either way it's better then it was. Ciao bellas!

Ok some pictures.

17ish Months PO

Yeah I really need to get pictures up so I am just going to bite the bullet. I guess I was hoping I could loose some weight before I did, but alas.... I had some success but a car accident a few months ago set me back again! Argg. So yeah you guessed it I am almost at 180 again.Anyway here what you should know. I am very happy I did this with the exception of a couple things. um my belly button is not straight. It is a little off center, something I gave the doc crap about. I never saw him again after I think my 3 month or 6 month check up. I found it annoying that HE never bothered to check in with me but whatever he was done with me I guess. The other thing is I still cannot feel anything in my mid stomach area. Really annoying. I went my whole adult life not letting my husband touch me there and now I will let him, but I cant feel it anyway!! Also the bloating still happens everyday, end of the day I am so much more bloated, I feel it and I see it, others? Not so much. And I still have about 10 days before my period that I can actually feel the bloating and I couldnt before, something else I didnt have before, my belly button has a nice aroma around that time too ! Seriously I have to use vagisil in it! Fricken gross!!! But my biggest complain is I wish he would have done my flanks. I asked the Doc at the time, and said Nooooo you don't need your flanks done. Well guess what?? Total BS because now the only thing I am self conscious about is my muffin top, (well and the loose skin on my thighs I will spare you from seeing in the pictures) I tell people that basically I was a muffin and now I am a muffin that was cut in half. So I am flat in the front but still hang out the sides of my jeans. But that all being said, would I do it again?? YES!! I simply would get lipo on my flanks and remind the doc to look at my whoha when he was lining me back up!! lol I hope that helps. I wish someone would have told me this. BTW I never really did much with my scar. some days look better then others. If I every loose 20 pounds I will post again. Ciao bellas!!

addition to my 17ish Mo PO Update

Trying to edit my update but this forum is not going to let me I guess ( Stupid!!!! ) and NOT user friendly, so you will have to forgive the typos and the other picture I need to add back. You would think it would let you preview your post like most forums but um NO
Middleton Plastic Surgeon

Just met Dr. King today and I have to say.... I love him! I must also say I never do reviews. But I always read them. I am a review stalker I guess. Dr. King so far is the best doc I think I ever had for anything! *update may 31st. I was right. I Love him! Best doc ever. I do not have one bad thing to say about Dr King. Not one!

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