Sciton Laser Resurfacing to the Perioral and Glabella Areas - Middleton, WI

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At 61, this procedure was done when I had...

At 61, this procedure was done when I had blephroplasty and soof lift surgery so I was sedated. The discomfort afterwards was minimal even though it was done fairly deep. After a week the weeping had mostly ceased and by 2 weeks I could apply makeup. The healing was uneventful and I had instructional care sheets to refer to. If there had been an issue I could have called or emailed to get looked at or additional suggested care. It did take 6 months to see the results which really did help the lines and wrinkles that were targeted.

Happy with results!

As I stated before it took 6 full months to really see the results. I had expected this from all I had read on RealSelf. I can say that it seemed like all at once you saw a difference. I had the perioral, mouth, area done and the gabella, between the eyes.

I am very light skinned, Irish/Dutch, so I did have redness for several months and was challenged to get it covered evenly as, if I used a regular foundation, it stuck in my pores and looked bad. I finally came up with a routine. Jane Iredale cover up, then a blotting powder, Laura Geller was my fav but Neutorgena makes a fair one and a lot less expensive. It is clear, not translucent and is great for mature skin as it conceals creases and pores, doesn't settle in them. You need to blot it on, don't rub it in as most powders.

I still have a little wrinkling in those areas yet so will be having Dr Marcus touch up those areas again in early January. Yes, just as deep to really be effective but probably not as wide an area. Hopefully it will not be quite as challenging to cover, but if it is I know what to do, again.

I have a friend that had sun damaged crepey skin. She had Dr Marcus also. After her first treatment it was as if a mask had been removed form her face. It was smooth and clear! She did still have some deep wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and had a couple more treatments that really did address them a lot.

Dr Marcus has done a lot of treatments with the laser and is well versed in what needs to be done to get the outcome you want. I highly recommend him.

Jan 8 2014 for round 2! Laser and fat grafting

I will be having Dr. Marcus do the proceedures again as I was very happy with him personally and the outcome I had. I am going to have more laser done to the glabella area, and marionette lines, plus the forehead this time. The rest of the perioral area looks pretty good except for that one pesty lip line, which is better, but, still there. I am going to get more fat grafting done also. Forehead, temples, glabella, cheeks, under eyes, maybe under the eyebrow just a bit,around the mouth, and buccual areas. I had some done last time and it has helped. I just need a bit more now that a year has passed since that last time it was done. I will take pics again to journal the events and healing. Kinda fun to look at them later. I had upper and lower bleph surgery last time also and they do look really nice. I enjoyed the residual swelling for about 6 months there, but after that was gone, I could tell I would need a bit of fill there. So I will be here updating on the outcome. Thanks for reading.

Laser and fat transfer done!!

The week previous I stopped taking all vitamins and supplements to hold down on bruising. I also stopped using the retin A and hydoquionone during that week.Day one, got to the clinic 45 minutes early to get numbed up. Then went to the room where the magic happens, haha. Dr Marcus got busy numbing up all the areas for collecting the fat and then the face. The collection wasn't a big deal, just an odd feelling. Stubborn upper belly fat that has been there way too long, I can only hope it stays in my face as long, haha Then came the injecting of the fat. For the most part it was fine, a couple of times there was a bit of pressure that surprised me more than anything. All the time Dr Marcus mad sure all was fine with me and that I was comfortable. After that was done came the laser to the forehead, glabella, periocular, and upper lip. That didn't take long at all. A couple of times it got a bit hot but otherwise was fine. And that was that. Of course my face felt like it vas on fire for several hours, but I didn't want to use ice as that isn't good for the survival of the fat. By night it felt ok, or the pain pills helped, haha On day 2. Because of the added surgeries last time the laser and fat transfer was minor. So now I just sit here with a red puffy face for several days, wash it several times a day and apply the moisture barrier. Took pain pills for sleeping only last night, tylenol during the day, All of a sudden late this morning, I was so tired. I took a 3 hour nap! And I slept well last night. Guess it took more out of me than I thought. I was a bit more swollen today of course, the third day will probably be the worse, it was last time. I haven't had much itching today. Hubby is a good sport about all this, just doesn't get it really but is good about it. After last time and how I looked right after surgery, this is a walk in the park for him. So I'll check in tomorrow or in a couple of days with an update.

Day 1-10 update on healing

I should say that this was the Sciton Contour laser so it is quite invasive. After the first day of treatment it was just a matter of taking benadryl for the itching, tylenol for the discomfort, washing gently at least 2 times a day, and always keeping the treated skin covered with a nice layer of Aquaphor. Because of the fat transfer I didn't want to use ice packs as the cold might jeopordize the taking of the fat by slowing down the blood circulation. I actually slept fairly flat so there would be good circulation to my face. If I had some extra swelling it would go away after being up a few hours. By the 5th day you could see a very small amount of bruising on one side but the redness was disappearing a lot faster than my previous laser proceedure. When you go to wash your face, gently wipe off the excess Aquaphor with a tissue. I tried a couple of cleansers I thought were mild but burned so switched to a clear facial bar, sooo much better. After sudsing hands gently apply suds to face and gently massage to all areas. Add water if it dries out. After several minutes of sudsing, turn faucet to tepid temp and gentle water flow. Get your face right down near the faucet so the water can actually run over the skin. It might sting a bit as the PH is different than your skin but, you really need to rinse and rehydrate your skin. Gently massage the soap off the skin while the water is flowing over the skin. Do this to your skin for about 5 minutes total at least. When you stop have a towel close by to catch the big drips but do not blot you face dry. While it is still wet(damp) apply the Aquaphor. By doing this you will seal in the water to your skin as the laser has removed the protective layer of skin and you are losing moisture faster than you skin can deliver it. I did this for the first 3 days following the proceedure before adding a product I hadn't used last time. Starting on the third day I would first apply Skin Medica TNS Recovery Complex after washing to the lasered areas. It did sting for a minute. Use a patting (stippling) finger motion to apply, no real rubbing. After air dry, pat on a bit of water to the area and then apply the Aquaphor. The TNS came highly reccomended from Tranformations in Middleton to help with the redness after laser. It is expensive but, figure it as part of the treatment. I used it 2 times a day. By the second day of using it, which was then day 5 after treatment, you could see the redness fading. I had a follow up appt with Dr Marcus on day 7 and he and his associate were amazed at how good my skin looked for so soon after laser. So was I! I feel it was a combination of the way I was cleaning the skin and using the Skin Medica TNS that has made such a difference from last time. I will say as it healed more and didn't sting anymore when cleaning I would use my finger tips a bit more vigorously to loosen the dead skin while rinsing. It is like a bad sun burn, when the skin starts to come loose it gets itchy, once you are able to get it loosened and off your skin feels better. But only do this while the water is running over it. By day 8 I didn't need the Aquaphor anymore, I used a real good moisterizer in it's place and by day 9 I wore cover makeup and it felt fine. I still use the TNS 2 times a day and will until it is gone or the redness is gone, or might keep using it. This is a lot faster recovery than the first time, last year, when I had the same laser, just as deep. I feel that this combination has really been beneficial to a much faster recovery. Hopefully, this will help someone else.

4 Week Update!

I can say that I am a lot further along in healing then when I had this done last year. I am still using the TNS after washing my face, then apply Vit C for moisture for daytime wear. There is a small amount of discoloration around my eyes, in a few spots on my forehead, and slightly on my entire upper lip, but, I can cover it with makeup and look normal, haha. I am using the Jane Iredale corrective color palette and it really does a great job of covering and staying put all day. After it sets for a few minutes, I apply Skin Medica 35 spf full coverage makeup for color tone to blend to the rest of my untreated skin. After applying all the layers, I looked a little shiny, so I pat on Laura Geller blotting powder. At 62, I cannot use any kind of powder as it settles in every line! The blotting powder does NOT do this! It is wonderful and the shine is gone all day. You can use an extra sunscreen product before the makeup if you feel you need some extra protection. I am indoors all day at work, but for my drive home I apply a face powder that has a physical block in it for that ride home. I don't care if it settles into my lines by that time of day. Remember, it is very important that you keep the sun off the skin that was lasered for at least a couple of months or you may have some permanent discoloration. But, we should be using sunscreen each and every day so we don't get the damage that has led to the reason we are having laser done. My evening proceedure is again wash and this time I either use my Clarsonic, or a small facial Loofah disk to really clean and exfoliate my skin. Both are used very gently, remember the fat grafting is still taking hold so no rubbing, which isn't real good for our skin anyway. I don't do it in the morning so the discoloration is not stimulated making it brighter. I again use the TNS, then a real good moisterizer. I have not gone back to my full use of Obagi NuDerm yet except for the cleanser, Vit C, and Hydrate. No hydroquinone, or retin A yet. Every morning I can see the discoloration fading little by little. I will check back in after my next visit with Dr Marcus which will be my last, until next time. The fat grafting has helped but again, it is something that takes time to see the full results. If you want instant results you need to use fillers. If you want long term results, do fat grafting. You can use fillers after fat grafting as it is short term and when gone you can then add more fat from grafting. Hope this has helped someone along the way.
Madison Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Marcus has had a lot of experience with the laser for line and wrinkle removal and skin resurfacing. If he doesn't think it is an appropriate treatment he will tell you. He doesn't sell you something that will not deliver the outcome you are hoping for. Lasers are good, but they can't fix all lines and wrinkles. He also said it can take several treatments to get the outcome you want. Mine are better than the first time, but I do need it done again and I'm going back to Dr Marcus because I trust him. Update two years later, I am still very happy with Dr. Marcus and have had a couple more procedures with him and would highly recommend him and the Transformation clinic in Middleton, Wi. to everyone wanting to have expert care and treatment for any procedure to enhance their physical appearance.

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