4 months postop

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I'm 25 and have always been bothered by my nose....

I'm 25 and have always been bothered by my nose. It has a hump and a wide bridge. In some pictures it looks like Mr. Potato Head, where it's like a triangle from head-on. Not good. I always am self-conscious with pictures too because I have to try and angle my head at a way where my nose doesn't look gigantic. I finally researched and found a doctor I really trust so schedule the surgery for March! Wish it was sooner but I needed more time to save up for it. My husband is really supportive, saying he doesn't think I need it but if it will make me feel better and if I want to do it then I should. I've only told my parents, sister and a couple friends. I think my mom is a little nervous that I won't look like "me" anymore but I told her what the doctor told me: This sin't a way to completely change your looks, it's just an improvement of the nose you already have. Also, I've read that a lot of times people who don't know what you had done sometimes don't even notice. One friend said I shouldn't do it, but everyone else has been supportive. The countdown has begun!

Feeling guilty about the cost I'm paying for...

Feeling guilty about the cost I'm paying for something I don't need, thinking about all the bills we could get paid off with the money. Feeling down about it

Only one more week! I'm getting really excited,...

Only one more week! I'm getting really excited, gotta make a list of things I still need...frozen peas, ziploc bags, Tylenol PM, one of those round neck pillows, and straws. In my pre-op instructions it said to eat soft foods for a while, any suggestions? I'm thinking yogurt and mashed potatoes will get old fast...also my doc said not to brush my upper teeth for a week with a toothbrush, rather to use my finger (gross) or a thin washcloth. What have other people used? I just want the day to finally be here!!!!

Had surgery this morning via IV sedation. Got to...

Had surgery this morning via IV sedation. Got to the surgery center, dr parfitt took some more pictures, we went over the final decision and then headed to the OR. They started me on sedation meds and after a couple of minutes I could feel my whole body drifting off. Then he started injecting neerles to numb the area. I could feel them but by then was sedated enough to not care. I was awake for part of the procedure, like I would be dreaming then wake up and say "who is this guy in my face?" Lol then realized where I was and drifted off again. I felt some hammering (felt like it anyway), not sure if that was them breaking the nose? Anyway, afterwards they walked me back to my room and helped me cover eyes with peas and put on a drip pad. They sent me home with bacitracin, q tips, hydrogen peroxide and all supplies ill need. I have no pain! Took Tylenol at around 3-ish and going to take some Tylenol PM in a little bit to sleep better. They gave me pain meds but I don't want to use them unless absolutely necessary. I love the profile so far, too soon to tell obviously but there's no more bump!

Got my sutures out today, I can barely tell they...

Got my sutures out today, I can barely tell they were even there except for one spot! Little by little closer to getting the cast off. Bruising is going away, some yellowish and a little purple area below my eyes. Surprisingly I never had any pain, although the breathing out of my mouth was torture enough. It's hard to get to sleep at night because my mouth gets so dry and I'm used to sleeping on my stomach. I'm loving my side profile now, a little disappointed that the tip will drop as it continues to heal as I love its position right now!

Just got my cast off and I LOVE IT! Even with the...

Just got my cast off and I LOVE IT! Even with the swelling (and the doc said there is more of that to come lol). The cast removal didnt hurt, but I was tense anticipating that it WOULD hurt. Off to lunch with my husband to celebrate!!

I'm 3.5 weeks post op and still feeling good! I am...

I'm 3.5 weeks post op and still feeling good! I am pressing and holding certain parts of my nose every day like the surgeon said. The biggest annoyance is my skin! At first my nose was peeling when I got the cast off so I washed it with some scrub for oily skin but then it over-dried it so now my nose and cheeks are super dry and gross. My nose only hurts when I do the pressing but otherwise is fine. The skin where he cut in between the nostrils is still a little numb but from what I've read it sounds like that gradually goes away. I'm really happy with my surgeon, he did exactly what he said he was going to do. I still have some swelling in the tip and on the sides I can see some days my nose looks crooked from the front view but after I do the pressing and contouring it looks straight again, and the bone is straight but as the swelling changes so does the appearance. All in all very happy with the results!

4 months post op

4 months post op and still loving it! I can notice subtle changes that I'm sure nobody else can, like sometimes from the front it looks more refined than other times. The part of skin in between the nostrils (where he cut) still feels weird if I touch it but not much and it's slowly going away.

One more pic 4 monts PO

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